YOP Year 2 Update


Oh my this week sure has gone by in a blur so much so that after Monday’s post I never got back to blog or to read blogs lol.

In family news on Monday night my Princess Elizabeth who is the most adventerous of my little monkeys decided she needed an adventure to visit her sisters top bunk bed to see what it was like up there. Well I’m awful afraid to say she didn’t get to see it for to long as she fell off and broke her collarbone. After a nightmare visit to A + E which resulted in her waiting 7 hours in the middle of the night to be told we had to attend the clinic in Tullamore, the two hospitals are connected in so far as all bone breakages are sent onto Tullamore, but that is a rant for another time and it won’t go by without me doing something about it. Afterall we are our childrens advocates and if we don’t speak up for them when we need to who will ?

Throughout this ordeal Elizabeth was so brave as it needs to be noted she’s not yet 3 and was in a fair amount of pain, scared and didn’t know what was going on a lot of the time and was exhausted tired. We finally got to leave the hospital after 4.15am after being there from before 9.30pm got home managed to grab a few hours sleep as with the other small children and Evelyn the house  just can’t stop so we were all back up and doing our normal things by 7.30am. We had to then head to the Orthopedic Trauma Clinic in Tullamore with her where we have to return in 3 weeks to check on how the bone is healing. We have to keep it immobilised as much as we can, which I may add is near impossible in an active wee girl and just keep some pain medication in her to ease her pain and just wait it out !

As Elizabeth likes to say I’m her other hand as she broke her left collarbone and is left handed she is able to do little to nothing for herself so I need to be beside her most of the day to help with little things for her. Here is a picture of the patient who on Wednesday was  so tired told me she wanted a pj day and I being way to tired to argue agreed lol, of course by Thursday she was away again trying to do fairy dances for me !


I did eventually get to finish the market bag I was crocheting for my cousins birthday towards the end of last week. I’m going to just add a few flowers to the front for a bit of interest and wrap it up. I also got another couple of rows done on the back of the cushion cover I’m doing, not much as this was only last night I did this.

Market Bag

Market Bag

Cushion Cover Back

Cushion Cover Back

This week I am hoping to get more done on the cushion cover and finish off some knitting wip’s that are on my list but that will depend on Princess Elizabeth and any other family happenings. Never a dull moment lol.

I am also hoping to get the remainder of my posts for the week in this week so I’m hoping you’ll pop back to join me then.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.


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12 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Sandy says:

    Sorry to here about Princess Elizabeth. My younger brother broke his collar bone when he was 4 ish I think from memory. He wore a strap thing that was leather that went around the back,held the arm. It was nice in that you could take it off to bath…better then a cast; but he was super active so like you said trying to keep it still …not easy. Best of luck on all fronts. Your market bag looks awesome.

    Leaving you the link to Flat Stanley…might be something there to help pass the time while she’s less active.

  2. Renee Anne says:

    Poor kiddo! I can’t imagine trying to keep the arm still of a three year old. Little Man wouldn’t have it. At least she’s happy 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your poor wee one’s trouble! She is so lucky to have such an attentive and proactive mama–your experience at the hospital was not acceptable. Seven hours is too long for a child to be in pain with no treatment or pain meds! I would be all over that in a heartbeat but on the other hand, she is sure adorable. 🙂
    Even though you didn’t get as much done as you would have like too during the week, the market bag you did get done is brilliant and your cousin is lucky. I think the added flowers will be just the perfect touch for it. I will be back to read your weekly posts, and hope to stick to my new schedule of posting too. You are my inspiration. 🙂 My YOP will be up later today-Currently I am at the Grandy’s house again, helping mama out with some cleaning and laundry.

    • Ruth says:

      Oh how wonderful to be visiting the Grandy’s I sure would wait for your post when that is the reason for delay, you can’t miss the Grandy’s and from experience the best help with a new little one is someone to take care of the everyday mundane tasks that we as Mom’s know need to be done but until we get hands and time enough round new routines round new little ones is such a huge help. Enjoy your time with your precious Grandy’s I look forward to catching up with you later.

  4. Linda S says:

    So sorry to hear about Elizabeth Ruth. At least she’s young enough and should heal quickly. Love your new market bag.


  5. Oh, my heart goes out to Princess Elizabeth. It just breaks my heart to see little ones in pain and they don’t understand. She’s such a little trouper and SO brave! She’s so cute and smiling there through it all….how precious.
    I spent many hours in the ER with my children over the years and I would be like you over making her wait so long for treatment!
    I love your market bag and so will your sister. The flowers will certainly add to what is already a very pretty bag. You’re almost done with your back on your cushion! You’re simply amazing with all you have to do and you still get so much done! The cushion is just darling with all the colors! LOVE!!!! I’m still dreaming of that purse you made in the red and “biscuit” color…..I must make one as it is the prettiest I’ve seen and I’ve been looking at all kinds of purse patterns. I hope things slow down a bit this week for you and you are all able to catch your breath and little Elizabeth is out of pain and healing along. Take care!

  6. Oh I’d be entirely annoyed about your ER experience! Luckily I seem to get in and out whenever I’ve broken anything. You’d think they’d put a small child ahead just to get her home and away 🙂 Hope she manages to rest enough to heal!

  7. mary says:

    seems collarbones are quite a common break in kids..my son broke his. Keeping him medicated helped keep him still so we got a good heal…Not a very nice ER experience for anyone..but especially someone so young..and I do hope you go all “mama bear defending her cub” to whoever can make a difference to make sure no other child suffers…

    You have really progressed with your crochet..I’m a bit jealous and need to find more time to practice…

  8. babygreens says:

    Your poor brave bonny girl! I hope her recovery is straightforward and that the hospital redeems itself. Does it have a PALS unit – patient advice and liaison service – I have found them very helpful in the past when service has fallen short. Writing to your MP might help too. But yes, absolutely, stand up for your children and the care you have every right to expect.

  9. cleancup says:

    wow! sounds like you guys have had quite the week; glad to see that Elizabeth is on the mend, and that you might have some return to normalcy in your immediate future. I’m always surprised with clavicle breaks that “we” (meaning the medical establishment, and not me) haven’t come up with anything better than the sling for the necessary immobilization. I remember reading that the clavicle/collar bone is the most frequently broken bone in the body– saving toes and fingers, I would guess– and I hope it’s an easy break/fast to mend sort of thing!

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