YOP Year 2 Update


Morning Bloggers,

Was so tired last Sunday after the funeral and christening that I just vegetated on the couch with the children, tv, and my crochet last week and I don’t think I even turned on the computer so bang went the updating and I’m afraid I continued that all week. It’s been busy busy here. Well a little more than usual with piano exams and playdates and the normal running about that I’ve not got any blog reading done. Oh we did get the sitting room re-painted in the middle of it all, who knew one room could cause so much upheavel !

Anyway what has been going on with the knitting..mmm well not a whole lot as I’ve been crocheting.

I have two-thirds of the Stormy Sky sock done and I’ve started a little Milo vest for Lady Evelyn with the intention of doing one for each of the girls. I think even Caoimhe will sneak in at the biggest size for one as she’s so tiny and slim. I don’t have any pictures of these but hang on I have others that are more pleasing to the eye.

So what have I been crocheting ?  Well I decided I need a cushion cover as I’m on a mission to add colour to the sitting room with crochet items !

I started with the idea of some small Granny Squares and I just went from there and made it up as I went along. The front is complete and I’m now working on the back. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK yarn with a 4mm hook.


The back I played around with ideas, which in turn has given me other ideas for other cushions but I eventually settled on a dc stripe back using the same rainbow of colours. This should add interest to the back. I know what I want the eventual cushion to look like in my head and that’s what I’m going by, I don’t have a pattern just the basic stitches in different forms.  I figure I can frog and start again to get what I want so we shall see how that goes but I must admit I’m loving crochet and I’m wondering what else I can do !


I’m also making a market bag again in crochet for my cousin’s birthday. I think this will make a pretty cool beach bag for the summer for her. I’m using a variegated purple cotton that I picked up in Aldi some time ago and I’m using a 4mm hook. I only started this last night but you can see enough of it to get the idea. I have folded over the base to show you its a dc base and the sides have just been started. Once I get the hang of the makeup of bags I’ll most likely experiment with some bags, well hopefully. I am using a pattern for this, it’s this Market Bag .


Now I do have some Christening photos from last weekend, just a few as Lady Evelyn was under the weather with a dreadful cold and ended up being sick everywhere poor pet. She’s on the mend now but she sure did feel rotten for her special day and just needed lots and lots of cuddles and that was no hardship to give. I did get one shot of her, a close up which I just love !


Isn’t she just gorgeous !, here are some of the other shots from the day, oh and I do have loads of recipes now to share which will start this coming Saturday with either a sweet or savoury recipe share !

IMG_2712 IMG_2711 IMG_2716 IMG_2718 IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2736

Upcoming posts this week will be:- Monday – what am I reading, Tuesday – stitching update, Wednesday WIP’s…perhaps a FO on Friday all going well and on Saturday the start of Sweet or Savoury !.

I hope all my regular  YOP’s are able to keep up with the posts here and you can follow in the right hand side by email or by the follow button for wordpress at the top. I say this again as I’m now at the stage of deleting the other blog with blogger as I’ve found my new home here on wordpress and I figure after the month most have found me here.


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8 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Sandy says:

    Never understand why people switch to wordpress, they seem less user friendly. Long ago I tried to do one…no clue what happened to it. Blogger just seems so much easier. Anyway, glad to have you new link, switched it on my blog log. Love the colors in your cushions. Do you mean your making pillows, or you’re covering something in your living room?

    • Ruth says:

      Covering cushions in the living room is the eventual idea and if the shop bought pads don’t fit I’ll just have to make cushion pads.

  2. Lady Evelyn looks like an angel in that picture! How sweet!

    I think crochet cushion covers are just the thing to brighten up a room. And I really like grannies on one side and stripes on the other. Just flip ’em back and forth to suit your mood!

  3. OH! I’m so glad you’re okay! Whew! I thought you weren’t going to blog anymore and I was “bereft”! LOL! I would miss you so and your family and all your wonderful projects! I will sleep better tonight and Happy Mother’s Day to you!
    I love the cushion cover….love your colors! I just got a Stylecraft order yesterday and that was my Mother’s Day present to me! I also love the market bag you’re making. I’m surprised you like the granny squares as most complain about weaving in all the ends from the color changes. Great minds think alike because I am working on a chair pad and there’s a Granny Square project in my future since I ordered extra yarn.
    I wish I would have ordered some blues like the turquoise you have in your cushion….gorgeous color! I can’t wait for the recipes too.
    Your family is just so precious and what a big day for Lady Evelyn! Poor baby, not feeling well but look at that smile….she IS beautiful but then all your children are. Who’s the woman with the short dark hair? She looks like Ellen Degeneris except with dark hair. (Do you know who Ellen Degeneris is? She’s a talk show host and famous comedian here in the U.S. She’s also very pretty and does lots of makeup commercials) I’m sorry you had a funeral to attend. To me emotions are more draining than anything….I’m sure you were exhausted!
    I think I will make a schedule for my blog too as it would probably help me blog more consistently and I am a “schedule” person as I make lists and plans. So happy to see you back! TTYL!

  4. Linda S says:

    Love your granny square cushion Ruth. Evelyn is gorgeous as is the rest of the family.


  5. mary says:

    hmm..you seem to be grasping crochet very well..I’m still struggling with long chain rows..but I don’t practice enough…the cushion cover are really pretty..great, bright colors…are those lots of ends peeking out there…? ugh.. I’m not sure which boy is in the dark blue striped shirt, but he looks very much like lady Evelyn!

  6. Kim says:

    Oh what a lovely family you have Ruth! And baby Evelyn is simply beautiful–so sorry she was sick for her big day–isn’t that the way it goes though?
    I so love your crochet project. It will go a long way to cheering up a room. My best knitting friend is learning to crochet so maybe me learning too will not be too far behind/ 🙂 I have missed stopping by your spot as life for me whirled a bit out of control, but I am back and have updated my sidebar with your new link!
    Have a wonderful week dear one–I am going to read your book post next!

  7. Kepanie says:

    WHat a proud ohana! Baby looked beautiful for her Christening. I really like the array of colors for your pillow.

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