YOP Year 2 Update

2YoppostheaderWelcome everyone to the first yop weekly post to the new blog. I’ve been thinking of moving to wordpress for sometime and decided to take the plunge during the week and apart from some tweaking on setting up the blog I’m really happy with the outcome. I hope you will follow me here now. Button on the right allows for following by email and I’m looking into other options for that as I’m not sure what is available.

Whats been happening here, well James had his quiz yesterday in Dublin, I was saved a drive in the city as a bus was gotten last-minute so we could sit back and enjoy the day. Out of the 50 teams in his category they came a very respectful 8th and did a wonderful job representing themselves and their school. They enjoyed the experience no end.

Knitting wise I’ve done very little as most days and evenings were spent in setting up the blog.

I did finish the Hermione Hearts Ron beanie and in case you missed the post on Friday here’s a peek at it


I did get a couple or rows done on the Basic Beanie, not much but a few.


The dishcloth group I was in two years ago has started up again with themed monthly knits. I don’t know how I missed it starting up again and only saw it the other day so I’m a couple of months behind. My intention is to catch up. I’m hoping to make gift baskets of 6 or so of the cloths for Christmas as those they get gifted to have told me how much they love getting them. I’m using a mixture of King Cole Bamboo Cotton, this is for my mum as she has a preference for this yarn in her cloths and I have some Rico cotton in an aran weight.



That’s it all for this week, the above two projects is likely what I’ll be working on this week and I’ve moved and updated my list which has its own page at the top of blog.


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15 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Lucie says:

    I so love the colour of the Hermione beanie, just gorgeous 🙂 Well done to James and the team and I bet you were so relieved not to have to drive it!

  2. Kepanie says:

    You are inspiring me to knit a dishcloth or two. I have found a use for them in our apt.
    Hooray for James’ team! In Chinese culture, 8 is the best, lucky number. How proud you must have felt.
    I love your Hermione Hearts Ron hat. I’ll have to put that in my queue as I need more beanies and socks.

    • Ruth says:

      Would you believe 8 is a very special Number I believe for James, he was born 8/8 and in numerology it is his number also so it’s a good number for him.You’ll love the Hermione Hearts Ron its such a great easy pattern to do.

  3. Kepanie says:

    Ruth, when you moved your blog, did you have to change the name of it?

    • Ruth says:

      No I just didn’t happen to look and see if Ruth’s Little Leprechauns was available, I thought new blog new name, I suppose though that made it harder for others followers to know it was me and follow over.

  4. Gorgeous hats! I recognise some of those Rico cotton colours too 🙂 Love the new blog!

  5. Linda S says:

    I so enjoy watching your knitting progress Ruth. I can knit, but I don’t like to. I prefer to crochet. Congrats to James.


  6. Angela Hockabout - Knit Luck says:

    I looooove the Hermione loves Ron hat. It’s so breezy and cool here where I am that a hat would be kind of nice. What’s that yarn you’re using on the basic beanie?

    • Ruth says:

      Thank the Hermione hearts Ron really is a wonderful knit. For the Basic Beanie I’m using a Stylecraft Life DK yarn, it’s a good yarn for a hat for everyday wear and tear.

  7. mary says:

    hmm..I’ve been debating switching to word press..but I’m am useless with computer stuff…Can simple minded folk like me do it or do you need to know lots of computer stuff… I do like the new look..now..I’ll try to figure out how to follow you! Have a great week..

    • Ruth says:

      Mary if I can do it you can, I am a complete computer numpty, they do have a tutorial which I used to get to grips with it and the posting is something similar. Anything I didn’t know I looked up in their help area, it really wasn’t as scary as I thought !

  8. Kim says:

    Love your new spot Ruth! I will need to update my sidebar and get the new name link in there! Well done to James and team–what a wonderful experience and so lucky you, not needing to drive into the city. I would have been doing a happy dance for sure! I always love the photos of your King Cole Cotton–I wish I could find a USA seller of it–the colors are so vibrant. I have missed dishcloth knitting this year–I just don’t have enough hours to do what I want! I do love the idea of baskets of cloths as gifts though…..hmmm…might need to think on that. 🙂
    Have a great week!

  9. DeliaKnits says:

    Lovely colors! The hat looks great!!

  10. I love the look of the new blog, and your beanie is wonderful. The orange is so vibrant!

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