Stitch an Update

With setting up the new blog here on wordpress I’m a day late updating my stitching.

Last week I was working on the Prairie Schooler Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle

I got him finished and he’s now ready to be made into an ornament later in the year. I now have four of the eight of these ornaments done.

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle

With this complete I went back to my folders of projects and debated wip’s and new projects and finally settled on Rosey a wip I had from LHN.

This is where it was at.



After a little time working on it, I’m as far on as this now.



I am continuing to work on  Rosey for the this week.

I also got sent the Singing the blues chart by Debbie over at

I have to say a big thank you to her as it’s such a pretty picture and I have colours already chosen for it

Singing the blues


I’m hoping you are all enjoying the blog over here and bear with me while I get to grips with it and get it set up.

Ruth. xx

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3 Responses to Stitch an Update

  1. Lucie says:

    I am so loving the new blog, it looks totally gorgeous as does the Kris Kringle ornie.
    Can’t wait to see your progess on Rosey, I loved stitching her. L xx

  2. Loving your cross stitch! I like the idea of doing the Kris Kringles and the colors of your Rosey but not sure what it’s going to be. The SInging the Blues is my favorite….love birds and love cherries so it’s perfect! Love your new blog too BTW!

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