YOP Year 2 Update

Well after last week’s see sawing between working on what was on the needles and casting on new projects I decided to press on with what was on the needles, so I finished off the In Threes cardigan for Evelyn. I knit this in a dk weight so it would fit her now, the pattern calls for what I’d call an aran weight but the pattern has got good age range sizes and this pattern knit in the aran will do all my girls even Caoimhe as she’s on the small size for her age. So I intend to return to this pattern for each of them.

In Threes

Also on the needles last week were the Stormy Sky socks. Well I finished the first one and cast on the second. I managed a couple of rows on the ribbing on the second but its on the needles and should prevent the dreaded second sock syndrome.

Stormy Sky

So what with finishing off the cardigan and the first sock and casting the second sock straight back on I had to cast on something new so I cast on the Hermione hearts Ron hat that’s on my list and I’ve the ribbing done and ready to start into the hat pattern itself.

Hermione hearts Ron

I’m looking forward to this mix of cables and lace, some of my favourite stitches. I’m knitting it on dpn’s and using some Manos yarn in a silk blend.

I also have  this basic beanie hat that I’m going to cast on for my Mum. I knit this pattern before Christmas in both the ordinary and sloucher version and both in a dk weight rather than the sock yarn called for and both came out great. I’m going to use this stylecraft dk yarn for it.

Basic Beanie

I’m looking forward to seeing the green work up with the flecks of red and blue through it.

I found the pattern for the flowers in last weeks post. I know a few of you were looking for them. The pattern I used was this Pinwheel Flowers one. I couldn’t find it as it fell down the side of my chair but the pattern was so easy that after the first one was made I didn’t need the pattern for the remaining ones, hence loosing it !

Just in case you missed Friday’s post with the cardigan, lets show Lady Evelyn modelling her new cardigan again, after all you can’t have enough photos of this yummy face now can you !


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15 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Evelyn looks great in the sweater…and I have also wanted to start all the things lately, but have refrained…

  2. Sandy says:

    LOVE the green you've chosen for the beanie…anxious to see that. The socks are coming along quickly…do you ever sleep? The sweater is adorable…I'd like one of those myself…does the pattern go as large as adult?

  3. Renee Anne says:

    I hate SSS (second sock syndrome). I'm having it right now on three different pairs. I just don't feel like working on any of them…though Little Man has been wanting his. And baby girl is adorable, of course 🙂

  4. Getting that second sock on the needles is good advice to avoid second-sock-syndrome. I find that I'm motivated to complete things on needles, just to get the needles back to start something new. Don't you love variegated blues? I do. They go so well with jeans around the house!Thanks for the link for the pinwheel flowers. I've favourited the pattern already thinking it might be a nice embellishment to an African Flowers hexagon blanket I have in my head.

  5. Linda says:

    All your knitting looks great Ruth. Evelyn is a cutie.Linda

  6. Kepanie says:

    Ooh, I just wanna pick up Evelyn and hold her close. I love seeing her little cardi. Baby knits are always cute and I never stop gushing over how small they are. I love that color for the Hermione beanie. The yarn for your mum's will be fun to see knit up.

  7. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And she looks so lovely in them:)

  8. Oh, I just want to kiss that sweet little Evelyn's rosy cheeks! She's so very precious and what a smile.You are SO right…one can't get enough of her picture. I break into a big grin when I see her…I'm still smiling…kids are a wonderful tonic for the aging! LOL! (Me not you!)The hat is a great pattern and you always pick out the prettiest yarns. I add lots of your patterns to my "favs" and make a note who was making it so if I ever get around to it I can show them mine or thank them and exchange notes on the pattern and what we thought.I was thinking of ordering from Deramores again as I love their Stylecraft DK. The yarn seems to be of a higher quality than some of the acrylic yarns here. Although Lion Brand is pretty good. Deramores gives me free shipping if it's over $50.00 which is really not hard to do! LOL! And they're fast getting to the middle of nowhere in the U.S……Me! I was amazed how fast they were. Plus, I REALLY love that yarn you're making your Mum's hat out of it. I've not seen anything quite like it before….really pretty.The sock looks great and like it could fit me and my foot….the ones I made are too small…I do have big feet! Ha! Ha! I'll measure this next time as that Ann Budd sock book tells you how to do it.The cardigan in purple is so lovely on Miss Evelyn and I think she's smiling because she realizes she just lucked out "big time" with a such a great knitting MOM!Thanks for the flower pattern too! Those are awesome and what a great gift to give someone for a special occasion and they don't wilt! TTYL!

  9. nauget bluff says:

    Thank you for the pattern…I love Frankies patterns. I tend to make notes on patterns, then loose my notes! Thankfully, I found an app for my phone that holds them now… Miss E looks lovely and happy!

  10. Oh what a beauty! Your knitting is lovely too, but I'm afraid that little smile made me forget everything else 😀

  11. DeliaKnits says:

    Lovely little cardigan .. and the kid is cute too 😉

  12. Holy moley! I wasn't prepared for this level of cuteness! First there was the adorable finished cardigan and now it's on the cute baby. I'm melting into a hormonal mess of babyness. Cute Cute Cute!!!!

  13. cleancup says:

    I love the colors of everything you have going on this week… and Lady E is absolutely adorable.

  14. aww that cardigan is super cute, and the baby is gorgeous too!! Have a creative monday xx

  15. I love the cardigan, and evelyn looks so cute in it, what a gorgeous smile! The sock is looking great, i agree you have to get something on the needles to prevent second sock syndrome!

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