YOP Year 2 Update

Morning Bloggers !

This YOP post sees finally the unveiling of “The Secret Project” All were completed on time and given and received and loved ! So without further ado

The Secret Project – version 1

The Secret Project – version 2

Version 1 are some knitted flowers I did for my Mum for Mothers Day last weekend. Her favourite flowers are pansy’s and she just adores the purple ones so I made this bouquet especially with her in mind. King Cole Bamboo cotton was used on this version and a 3.5mm needle.

Version 2 were the same flowers knitted for my dear friend Tricia who celebrated her birthday on Friday. I knit her a lovely bright cheery bouquet of flowers for her craft room and with these when she’s caught up in the crafting moment she won’t have to remember to water or feed these ! Rico cotton in an aran weight was used on this version and again the 3.5 mm needle.

I’ve misplaced the name of the pattern but will root around and find it and give it to you next week. I’ve noticed I’ve been extremely lax in keeping my projects folder on Ravelry updated, I need to correct this at some point but I fear I’ve tons of projects to update.

Also this week I cast on Twisted Drop Stitch Cowl a present for my Aunt’s upcoming birthday. It was extremely quick and easy, having been cast on on Wednesday and finished on Thursday lunchtime, now all projects should be that quick, lol, but of course using Rowan Big Wool on 10mm needles may have had something to do with it more than my quick needle speed!

Twisted Drop Stitch Cowl

I knit the longer version of this pattern and it easily doubles up as you can see here, even on me it does and as usual here is my wonderful model Caoimhe modelling it.

This cowl is not one of the ones I wanted to knit for myself this year but its a cowl and is being counted as the one I wanted to knit in this years list. I may before the end get another one done. This completes another section for me on this years list.

This week I’m going to finish up hopefully Evelyn’s cardigan that I started and some socks. I do have the yarn balled ready to start the Hermione hearts Ron hat and it is tempting so lets see which wins out this week, the projects on the go or the new start!

Year of Projects List 2012/2013

Hats :-  1/6
Harry Potter Hufflepuff Beanie – just one left to complete the collection
Strib Hat– I have yarn to knit three of these for the three younger children – COMPLETE 3/3
Spring Beret
Hermione Hearts Ron
Slouched Tuva Hat

Scarves :-  0/1
Strangling Vine Lace Scarf
Lace Ribbon Scarf
Scrunchable Scarf
Springtime Bandit
Stolen Moments Wrap
Branching Out – this is started and just needs finishing off

Cowls :-  1/1
These are a few of the patterns I like but I’ve not picked which one or indeed how many of them I will knit, that is to be decided when I start on a cowl.
Eirin Cowl – these also have a pattern for fingerless gloves which I love also
Rhosyn Cowl – these also come with a pair of matching fingerless gloves and a headband
Pendleton Cowl – I love the colourwork in this one

Twisted Drop Stitch Cowl     COMPLETE

Fingerless Gloves :-  1/1
I want to make one pair of fingerless gloves this year, more if I get the time. Again these are some of the patterns I have in mind but I’m undecided on which one.
Brontes Mitts
Victoria Fingerless Mittens
Susie’s Reading Mitts – COMPLETE 
Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Gloves

Socks :-  0/1
I would love to knit a good few pairs of socks but that not may be possible so I shall aim to knit this pair anyway and anything over that shall be a bonus.
Hermiones Everyday Socks – STARTED

Dishcloths :-  15/25
My aim is to continue knitting one a week until the end of December. This post I’m moving here to a Sunday and I’m making it part of the projects as it will be something I’m doing. – Weekly Challenge

Advent Garland :-  24/24
Smitten A Holiday Garland – this I fell in love with and as family who love an advent calendar I thought this might be different and fun this year, especially if I fill each mitten with a little piece of chocolate for each of the children. – COMPLETE

Items for Baby :-
Baby Kimono  1/1 COMPLETE
Demne Cardigan  1/1 COMPLETE
Sabine Jumper 1/1 COMPLETE
Christmas-y Baby Hat 1/1 – COMPLETE
Cute Noggin Baby Hat 1/1 COMPLETE
Owlie Sleep Sack 0/1 COMPLETE
Pinwheel Baby Blanket 0/1- COMPLETE
Burp Cloths 1/1 COMPLETE
Wash Cloths 4/4 – COMPLETE
Baby Mitts 1/1 COMPLETE

Items for the children :-
Childrens Mittens 3/3 COMPLETE 
Jacques Cousteau Hat 2/2 COMPLETE 
Basic Beanie 3/3 COMPLETE
Godric’s Hollow Hat 1/1 COMPLETE

Knitted Flowers 2/2 COMPLETE


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13 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. lanybleu says:

    The flowers are fantastic, clever…

  2. I totally never guessed the secret project. Those bouquets are GREAT! Glad I finally got to see them. I could definitely use some flowers that don't wilt or need my attention so I'll look forward to looking up the pattern when you find the link.Nice cowl too! 10+ mm needles and bulky wool are the best for instant gratification!

  3. Kepanie says:

    The cowl is wonderful! I love the st pattern and how smooshy ans cozy it looks. The flower bouquet is lovely! What a sweet gift.

  4. Great projects – those bouquets are so pretty!!!!

  5. Linda says:

    Oh I love your secret projects Ruth. What great flowers that never die. Great looking cowl.Linda

  6. Emma/Itzy says:

    The flowers are lovely! I love the colours you used too – very spring/summer! πŸ™‚

  7. Kim says:

    Gotta love chunky yarn and big needles!! Great cowl and your model is simply lovely. :)Ruth–I simply must get a copy of that pattern for the pansies! With the sadness in our family this past week, I would love to knit up a bouquet for my Mama who is feeling pretty blue after losing her Mama. I would also love to knit a set for my Aunt(sister-in-law to my mom) who came and help tend to my Grandma as if she was a true daughter too. She spent a week sleeping in a chair in Grandma's room at night, so my Uncle (her husband) could try to sleep on a hospital cot-this way someone was always keeping an eye on her-I truly. She was a saint. So please do post the pattern–I for one will be ever so grateful!Looking forward to see which project wins out this week…*smiles*

  8. Mouse says:

    ohhhhh if you ever want to stitch me a bunch of flowers I won't stop you … love both colourways πŸ˜‰ you certainly seem to be crossing off loads on your to do list … πŸ™‚ love mouse xxxxx

  9. Thoeria says:

    Oh those flowers are just so pretty!!! You clever woman! I absolutely love these πŸ™‚

  10. Well, that is not what I guessed at all! You really surprised me. They are gorgeous….are they knitted or crocheted? What a beautiful gift to give and to get! Lucky gals! I've never seen anything like those with stems and all.Love the cowl, especially how you can double it. Maybe I can do that with the one I bought a pattern for.It's crocheted. Your model is lovely!

  11. That cowl looks lovely!!! Suits your model very nicely! And those flowers are magnificent!

  12. nauget bluff says:

    oh Ruth, I wish I had seen this post before I started my flower project..I never thought of the idea for a bouquet..wish I did as I now want to start my flower project over! If you find the time, please post the pattern..

  13. DeliaKnits says:

    Those are some great looking flowers! Awesome cowl too! Once you find the pattern to the flowers please pass it along!

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