WIP Wednesday

This week I’m just working on “The Secret Project”

Here you can see at the top of the picture the colours I’m using and the green knitted piece is a glimpse at another part of the secret project, put with Sundays picture have you an idea what it is?

On my Kindle this week I’m reading In The Woods by Tana French, book review was done on Monday of last weeks book.

For today’s post I’m checking in with Tami’s and Ginny


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5 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. Oh, look at those ice cream colors!!! Yummy! Okay, why is it a secret? Is it an Easter basket with colored eggs or just colored eggs? I know I need to post my WIP's but it all the same old stuff. BORING!!! Maybe I need to start a few more projects? Yeah, that's it….new projects!!!! LOL! BTW, my yellow socks are too small…oh boy! Next pair I'll measure my feet as they are quite large! LOL! TTYL!

  2. I still haven't got even the foggiest idea of what it will be. I hope you'll have a finished picture for us soon!

  3. Linda says:

    Ok Ruth, still no idea. Maybe a critter.Linda

  4. Hege says:

    By the look of the colours, it's going to be a pretty secret project!

  5. Kepanie says:

    Still love the array of colors.

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