A start ! is a start ! is a start !

Last night I got some much needed stitching time in and have started my Elizabeth Simon Sampler by the Scarlet Letter.

Elizabeth Simon

I started on the very outside sawtooth edge barely visible in this picture but its started and as the title says a start, is a start, is a start no matter how small.

Some close ups,

Elizabeth Simon

Elizabeth Simon

I’m stitching this on 32ct Raw Belfast Linen using DMC threads. Its not much but I’m enjoying it and that’s what matters, this is what I’ll be working on for the next few weeks until the need to change hits. That was a resolution for this year to work on what caught my fancy.


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8 Responses to A start ! is a start ! is a start !

  1. Thoeria says:

    Oh I totally agree Ruth…a start is a start….and two stitches is still progress! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to watching this one grow!

  2. Laura says:

    This will be a lovely project and I look forward to watching your progress.

  3. You do such beautiful work! I'm not sure if I just need to practice more or maybe get a book…I may not know what I'm doing! LOL! It wouldn't be the first time! Ha! Ha!You're right about starting! It's true of any project, big or small….if you at least start it gets the momentum going! Beautiful sampler in the picture so it will be even prettier when you're done.I'm almost done with my rose purse..the cross stitch part and then I get to pick a new project or one that I started years ago when I used to do cross stitch. You've introduced me to so many neat projects and motivated me to "get'er done"! Thanks!

  4. Linda says:

    What a great new start Ruth. It is a beautiful design. Something I wouldn't tackle but am looking forward to seeing your progress.Linda

  5. Nicola says:

    A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

  6. SoCal Debbie says:

    Such nice and even stitches from a real stitching pro! It's nice that you can stitch "until the need to change hits." Have fun!

  7. Kepanie says:

    I love the "Old World" vibe this has. I think of my romance novels.

  8. gorgeous start πŸ™‚

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