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Since I wasn’t getting much knitting and stitching time in I was getting some reading time in. I’ve finished The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts.

From Goodreads ;-
The Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother are breathing new life into the town of Boonsboro, Maryland, by restoring its historic hotel. And they’re finding their own lives revamped by love. This is Ryder’s story… Ryder is the hardest Montgomery brother to figure out — with a tough-as-nails outside and possibly nothing too soft underneath. He’s surly and unsociable, but when he straps on a tool belt, no woman can resist his sexy swagger. Except apparently Hope Beaumont, the innkeeper of his own Inn BoonsBoro. And though the Inn is running smoothly, thanks to Hope’s experience and unerring instincts, her big-city past is about to make an unwelcome — and embarrassing — appearance. Seeing Hope vulnerable stirs up Ryder’s emotions and makes him realize that while Hope may not be perfect, she just might be perfect for him…

From Me ;-
I am a big fan of Nora Roberts, she is what I call my break from crime and mystery , when I’ve read to many crime novels I find I need a break for a book or two and I happened upon Nora Roberts and found she was the best of light reading that I could manage (I really don’t like chick lit AT ALL! ) . I don’t think of her as chick lit, anyway needless to say at this stage I’ve read all of her books, I especially like her trilogy’s as I like to follow the same characters for awhile. This is the third book in the Boonsboro Trilogy. This and one other trilogy I’ve to read and I’ve started this one with the third book, very unlike me but it won’t make me stay away from the other two, I’d like to read the other characters stories which will be covered in the other two books. Although part of a trilogy I wasn’t lost having started with this the third in the series so in itself its a stand alone book. I liked the story and as always could picture it all, I could have done with less detail about rehabbing buildings so I guess I’ll have lots of that in the other two books and I would have liked a little more about Ryder. You got the impression he was gruff and a little surly and preferred his own company some but I was just left wanting to have known a little more about him and he stole the book for me. I liked Hope as a character and her friendship with Avery and Clare is what most of us women have with a friend or two so was very real. The Lizzie ghost  part of I kind of just read through as it didn’t really do anything for me but I can see how that might appeal with the upsurge of vampires, werewolves, ghosts thing that’s happening in books and film over the last couple of years. All in all though an enjoyable read.

This book was part of the Whats in a Name 6 for the category ” A book with an emotion in the title, it also counts towards my Library Book Reading Challenge as it was taken out last week from the library and is counted towards my overall goal of books to read for this year.

Book Count totals:

Whats in a Name 6 challenge : 3/6
To Be Read Challenge : 1/12
Library Book Reading Challenge : 1/12
Total Books Read Personal Challenge 2013 : 3/12

I am now reading The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet..and well its hmmm…have you ever started a book thinking this should be good and then its a hmmm well that’s where I am at the moment I may give it a few more chapters we shall see !


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4 Responses to Bookworm Corner

  1. Kim says:

    Oh I get that hmmm… feeling a lot. In fact my current book was like that but it is coming around for me which is good as it is one I have chosen for What's in a Name Challenge for a book with lost or found in title. I don't have any other books in my library that meets the qualification. Plus it is one I have had laying here for ages so it meet my to-be read challenge too. I I read a lot of Nora Roberts several years ago, along with Danielle Steele–I always liked Nora better~ I have a bride trilogy here that I picked up second hand–I lent it to my friend and she ate them up and promised me I would love them–so maybe I should go dig them out and give them a try when I am done with my current read. The problem is that I just received a whole bunch of free galleys for my Kindle which are calling my name too!Hope your Monday was super–morning here and night time I am sure for you right now! :)*smiles*

  2. I don't think I've ever read a Nora Roberts and my used book store guy says I'm the only woman on the planet who hasn't. I was drawn to the Boonesboro trilogy when the first book came out. I bought it but, alas, it sits on the shelf. Maybe I should give it a chance while reading seems to be the order of this day. thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. I used to read Nora Roberts. I read her Irish trilogy…but of course!I couldn't read the last one first though….I'm too anal! LOL!BTW, I found that metric conversion chart by Googling "metric conversion" I think. I'm going to look on my pc tonight and see if I saved it…if so I will email it to you. I know I looked at several but I can't remember the names of them.Your other book groups sound fun and interesting. I'll just stick with EBR for now.

  4. Kepanie says:

    I felt this book was a bit rushed, especially Lizzie's story. I loved all the brothers. Their banter is so realistic and the little boys were so fun and funny.

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