WIP Wednesday

Wip’s this week are something similar to last week.

On the left we have the In Threes cardigan for Lady Evelyn, this is what I’m been working on this week so far.
On the top are the Right Twist Cable Rib socks I’m doing for Alan for his birthday, these are part of the SAL I’m doing with Sarah over at Crafts from the Cwtch
On the right hand side is a Ripple Dishcloth I’m crocheting as part of a gift set.
In the centre is The Perfect Hope the book I’ve just started to read.

For this post I’m checking in with Tami and Ginny


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8 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. collettakay says:

    I loved that whole series by Nora Roberts. They were the first books by her that I'd read. I now have about 5 more of her books on my TBR pile.Have fun creating!Colletta

  2. Natalie B. says:

    Your sock wool looks so very much like my shawl wool, wouldn't that be funny if we were using exactly the same wool for a project. Is your wool Drops?Your "In Threes" cardigan has a marvelous colour to it, look forward to the end result.x

  3. nauget bluff says:

    I followed this post down to the previous one and think that choosing your reading material in that manner is fun and unique…Not quite sure when you find the time to read..but it's a lovely relaxer!

  4. Linda says:

    Everything looks great Ruth.Linda

  5. Thoeria says:

    Looking good Ruth 🙂 So is the Nora Roberts any good? I admit I've never read any of her stuff….the blurps at the back just didn't grab!

  6. Jazz says:

    Love the color of the cardigan.

  7. Sarah says:

    Perfect Hope was my yarnalong book last week! I hope you enjoy it. Looks like you have lots of lovely projects to keep you busy!

  8. Kepanie says:

    Nora Roberts is a tremendous writer. If you have time later on after your challenge, read some of her recents. Her knack for incorporating interesting occupations for her heroine is terrific.I like how you have a variety of projects to work from and how each is a different time frame length.

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