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I have two book reports to write up as I had finished Fire Ice by Clive Cussler and started my next book which I finished yesterday also.

First up is Fire Ice by Clive Cussler this book is going to be counted towards my Whats in a Name 6 for the category “a book with fire (or equivalent) in the title and it’s also counted towards the To Be Read Challenge…books for this challenge are picked from my to be read pile and it is also counted towards my total of reading 12 books for the year, totals for challenges later.

Fire Ice is the third book in which we are introduced to Kurt Austin as the hero character. He’s a good enigmatic character and I like the humour that goes on between him and his fellow agent Joe Zavala. We still get to see the other characters from the NUMA Agency so if you like following a series or characters you won’t be disappointed and with us being introduced to new characters we get to carry on reading about and enjoying them all.

Fire Ice involves the Russians and the old legends surrounding the Tzar’s add into that them wanting to destroy the USA with man made tsunami’s and you can now see what the NUMA agents are up against. The story hops from Russia to the US to England which helps the story move along at a good pace. It also pops back and forth from the Cossacks to Kurt Austin so we can see what both sides are up to. The book has a good story with lots of adventure right up to the last page and keeps you guessing on some parts until the end, always a good point I think. Overall a good and enjoyable read and since this is my second time to read this book it can’t be half bad, they’re are not many books which I re-read.

The second book up for review today is Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates. This book is going to be counted towards my Whats in a Name 6 for the category “a book with something you’d find in your kitchen in the title” and goes towards my overall book total to read for this coming year.

This book is perfect for the something you’d find in your kitchen in the title category, not only do you find brownies in your kitchen…well in mine you do but the story also revolves around Katie Lightfoot who is a baker and so she spends a lot of time in her kitchen baking up wonderful goodies, enough to make your mouth water while reading the story to sell in her aunt and uncles new bakery he Honeybee in Savannah. Katie has just moved to Savannah to help her aunt and uncle after yes you guessed it a breakup with her fiancee and here enters two devilishly handsome a reporter and one a fireman. We also have a murder which Katie dons her Jessica Fletcher hat to solve and she discovers she is then a witch and her aunts coven opens up a delightful amount of interesting and quirky characters.

This book is as far from my normal reading genre as you can get but I found it to be a pleasure to read and was quickly absorbed. The author kept the story moving and yes it may have been very predictable, or perhaps I’ve just read to many crime books, and with the main character having a name like Lightfoot you can’t really take her seriously but then its a light hearted book and when read as such is a great read. If your after a crime with a different slant keep going but if you want something light and quirky its well worth the read. I’ll certainly be reading the authors second book as and when I need something light to read in amongst my crime and adventure I’m interested to see who the author is going to pair the main character up with ….the reporter or the fireman..I know which I’d choose lol

Book Count totals:

Whats in a Name 6 challenge : 2/6
To Be Read Challenge : 1/12
Library Book Reading Challenge : 0/12
Total Books Read Personal Challenge 2013 : 2/12

I’ve now moved onto The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

Book review when its done…this book will go towards the Whats in a Name 6 challenge for the category “a book with an emotion in the title”, the Library Book Reading Challenge as I’ve just borrowed it from the library and will count towards my Total Books Read Personal Challenge.


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3 Responses to Bookworm Corner

  1. I love all your challenges and the one with certain things in the title sounds fun and it would get one out of a "reading rut" for sure! The Clive Cussler book does sound exciting. I always though he was a horror writer.The baking mystery book would be great but I bet I would be baking more and eating it in bed while I read! LOL! Those types of books are so fun. You're doing good on all your challenges. I have to go do the EBR book challenge update. I was gone most of the weekend and here it is February already! Where did January go???? TTYL!

  2. Kepanie says:

    I like the looks of that baking book. I've read this Nora Roberts trilogy. I won't say much since you've yet to embark on the final one.

  3. Hi! I popped over from the What's In a Name Challenge. Cool that you have two books done for the challenge in one post. These both sound good!

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