Theme-a-licious and more !!

Its been awhile since I updated my stitching, its not where I’ve not been stitching it is just going a little slower.

This past month I’ve been working on my theme-a-licious pieces. With the theme being Jardin January..I was working on the beds of roses sampler. No progress has been made from the the mid month update so its still here at this point…

Beds of Roses Sampler by Terry Loewen

The ornament for theme-a-licious was one with a tree or a wreath. I chose to work on Prairie Schooler’s Kris Kringle. I got all the stitching done and it remains to do the finishing touches on it when I decide which way I want to finish it.

Prairie Schooler Kris Kringle.

The themes for February are
Figural February

Who are the people in your neighborhood…your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

The ornament’s theme is snowman or snowlady…

I aim to combine both of these themes this month and work on more on the Prairie Schooler Kris Kringle Santa’s. He’s a man which covers the main theme and I’ve one with some snowmen so that covers the ornament side!! Ingenious !!

For more posts in the theme-a-licious event check out It’s Geek To Me

This then frees up some time to work on my Scarlet Letter Sampler..Elizabeth Simon.
I finally received my fabric for the chart. I’m going to be working on 32ct Raw Belfast Linen and using DMC threads..

Scarlet Letter Elizabeth Simon

I have also gotten the threads and fabric for the My Big Toe design Corinthians. This piece is in my turtle trot sal and I know its new but its big and needs time. I’m using 32ct Antique White  Belfast Linen. I’m using GAST threads in Pumpkin Patch and Raspberry Parfeit.

My Big Toe Corinthians

Before starting the My Big Toe piece I may finish off my beds of roses sampler as I really only have a small amount left to complete it.

I couldn’t go without just letting you see my new scissor keep…

Frog Scissor Keep

Isn’t he just so cute !


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5 Responses to Theme-a-licious and more !!

  1. SoCal Debbie says:

    Great update, Ruth! I'm sure your Beds of Roses will be done soon, then you can start Corinthians. Good idea to stitch a Santa ornament with snowman that covers both themes!

  2. gorgeous stitching 🙂

  3. Kepanie says:

    Awesome stitchin', Ruth. I love how you're such a diverse crafter.

  4. What beautiful projects you do. They are exquisite and not easy either! Your scissor keep is so cute! Did you make that too? I want one! LOL!

  5. That scissors keep is adorable…hopefully he will keep the frogs away from your stitching!! =) Bed of Roses looks great and so does the Santa.So which of those lovely kits will you start first??

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