Ornament SAL

SilverLotus is hosting an ornament SAL each month, click on the link to check out the details.

For this months ornament I did a Prairie Schooler Kris Kringle, this also ties in with my ornament for theme-a-licious (but more on that tomorrow)

I’ve just completed the stitching on this but not finished it off as I debating a few different finishes on it. It’s been stitched on 28 ct antique cream (I think) with DMC threads.

Prairie Schooler Kris Kringle

For other posts taking part in the ornament sal check out the link at the top of the post.


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13 Responses to Ornament SAL

  1. Linda says:

    Great ornament Ruth. I have all of the Prairie Schooler Santa charts plus.Linda

  2. Angela says:

    I love the PS Santas! Great finish 🙂

  3. Virpi says:

    I did also only the stitching part. I'm not very talented in finishing =(

  4. Thoeria says:

    I'm distracted by your needle minder Ruth 🙂 Lovely first ornie….can't wait to see what you do with it to finish it off 🙂

  5. Loubie69 says:

    A wonderful finish, I also did a PS design for January. Love your Kris Kringle 🙂

  6. Loretta says:

    Looks great. Congratulations on the finish!!!!

  7. Diane Meyer says:

    Very nice ornament. I love Prairie Schooler designs.

  8. Nicola says:

    I adore Prairie Schooler santas.

  9. Silverlotus says:

    I like that little Santa. He is very cute.

  10. Kepanie says:

    Wonderful, classic Santa. You always make ms wanna st. I was all eye-ballin' the cross st kits at Beverly's.

  11. Great idea for an ornament SAL and love the Kris Kringle you did. I would love to join but maybe next year as I have too much going on now.I will live through yours for now!

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