WIP Wednesday

The best thing about winter ! staying indoors in the warmth and knitting now what a pity the start of the week has been lacking on the knitting bit lol…if I thought I was busy last week this week has started even crazier, I’m hoping the end of the week will be quieter…

On the needles this week.

In Threes  
No progress has been made on this from last week, it only has a couple of inches to go and I’m really hoping to get to it before the week is out but we shall see.

In Threes

Heart Garland.
I have gotten more hearts done and am now just working on the garland string so I’m hoping to finish this out this week. The hearts need stiffening up so they will sit straight and not flop around!

Crochet Hearts

I have made some progress on my socks also but check back tomorrow for their post as its part of the sock KAL.

 I’m near the very end of my book also and will have a book review next week on this.

For today’s post I’m joining in with Tami’s and Ginny


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7 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. collettakay says:

    Love the hearts. I'm thinking of making some also for a scarf/necklace thingy. Will you use starch to stiffen them up or something else ?Colletta

  2. Linda says:

    Love the hearts Ruth.Linda

  3. Lori ann says:

    everything looks great ruth! love the pink in threes, it will be so cute on your little one.

  4. Did you see on there today? I am so grateful to you for sharing these groups with me…I swear I'll get more done with all this accountability! LOL!I finished another book too. I should have saved the sock until tomorrow…I wasn't sure which day the KAL was…I need a schedule on the frig for all these! LOL!Great fun though! Thanks again!

  5. Oh! P.S. Your hearts are just precious and I can't wait to see the banner! There's one Attic24 has that I've been wanting to make.

  6. Nicola says:

    I am so behind with my blog reading Ruth I need some of your organisational skills and energy. Your knitting is looking good. I seem to be getting through a lot of audio books lately but have just hit the stage where I am having trouble selecting my next one. Any recommendations?

  7. Kepanie says:

    Great progress on these projects, Ruth. You put me to shame on productivity.

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