Theme-a-licious update

Afternoon bloggers!

Its hard to believe its the 15th already, this month is ticking by already.

January’s theme is gardens..

For this I chose to work on my Beds or Roses Sampler by Terry Loewen which is also one of my 13 projects in Turtle Trot SAL…

This is where I was at the start of the month…

Beds of Roses Sampler by Terry Loewen

This is where it is this morning…

Beds of Roses Sampler by Terry Loewen

 I am stitching this on 32ct raw linen with Belle Soie Strawberry shortcake silk.

I’ve just finished the second of the three page pattern so with this in mind I’m going to switch over to the ornament I want to do as part of theme-a-licious also.

The theme for this for January is trees and I’ve chosen a Prairie Schooler Santa with a tree for this.

Check back at the end of the month for progress on the ornament and to see if any more as gotten done on the sampler.

To take part in theme-a-licious check out Heathers blot at Its Geek To Me


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12 Responses to Theme-a-licious update

  1. Tricia says:

    Just wish my stitch bug would come back,after seeing your piece has made me begging for it come back. Hopefully I wont be waiting to long

  2. Kerryp77 says:

    Hi I've come over via Heather's blog. Beautiful sampler and great progress. You reminded me there was the ornie bit too, I'm sure i've got something somewhere to do!

  3. SoCal Debbie says:

    Great stitching, Ruth! It's wonderful how you always find something just right for the Theme-a-Licious!

  4. Linda says:

    Great progress Ruth. I'm still in awe at how you find the time to do everything. I love the color floss your using on this piece.Linda

  5. Tiki says:

    Excellent progress on your sampler. I look forward to seeing your ornament.

  6. I truly love your sampler. Is that one color of thread? Maybe it's the silk as it just looks beautiful with red and pink sometimes…I think it's the light on the silk thread…gorgeous!You're getting me to want to join all these groups but I doubt I could keep up! Is the theme gardens or trees or both and is there an ornament involved too? All to be finished by February for another themed project? I do have my rose cross stitch I've been working on which would qualify for the garden theme!Great work!

  7. Bea says:

    I've just found your blog through Heather's. What a lovely piece for Theme-a-licious! And it's progressing beautifully.

  8. Lori ann says:

    oh my this is gorgeous, i love the red and linen, stunning!

  9. Erin says:

    Wow, excellent progress! I love that Strawberry Shortcake silk, such a lovely color.

  10. Christine says:

    Amazing progress!Such a gorgeous color!Love to see your ornament when it's finished!

  11. I am seriously behind in commenting!! This sampler is just beautiful. I always think I want to do a single-color sampler, then I worry what will happen if I get bored with that one color, LOL!

  12. Kepanie says:

    The red looks good with the linen!

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