YOP Year 2 Update

Morning bloggers,

This week seems to have gone by in a blur, with the return of the children to school and the running to and fro I’m surprised I have anything to report on this week lol. I’m pleased with the little I did get done as I suspected all along that once I got back to doing all my regular jobs (my hubby took on most of them up to now from when Evelyn was born) and a newborn time would be short. I don’t mind in the least and once I get doing some of them I’m pleased as they help me relax and unwind.

I took all your comments on board and agree with you all…no point in keeping on the list something I’m not totally crazy about so with this in mind I’m reducing the total of scarves from 6 to 1 and so if I complete 1 by the end of the year all well and good but if I don’t I won’t loose any sleep over it.

This now gives me the opportunity to see how I get on with some crochet. If you’ve been looking at my WIP Wednesday and FO Friday (I still don’t know why I’m only now starting to take part in these!) you’ll have seen I’ve started with a dishcloth (I still have a few to do to complete last years challenge of one a week). Any crochet I’ve done to this point (and that’s been very minimal) has been in the round so this is the first time going in straight lines and I’m pleased with the result, it looks like a cloth. It was a very easy pattern so ideal to begin with.

The pattern is Easy Crocheted Dishcloth and I used Lily’s Sugar N Cream and a 5 mm hook.

Easy Crocheted Dishcloth

Someone asked me during the week where in the UK I got this delivered from and its from hulucrafts.co.uk they offer a fantastic service and are very quick. I’ve another easy enough pattern this week which I’ll try out and make another cloth to go along with this one to make a gift set. My cousin fell in love with these after I gave her some for her new home and has requested some more.

Now I do have a question and who better to ask than my yop buddies. When crocheting potholders whats the best yarn for these..cotton or wool ?

I’ve also been working on my Hermiones Everyday Socks they are not on as far as I’d like but hey progress has been made. I’ve done 15 pattern repeats on the leg as I felt the 18 was going to be to long and am now finished the heel and gusset so now its just the instep and toe to do and if I can get that done this week I’ll be pleased.

Hermiones Everyday Socks

This leads me onto another question, seems I’m full of them this week. What are your favourite yarns to use for socks ? What’s a good luxury one and good value for money one and also what ones are really best stayed clear of, in your opinion’s of course.

You may recall the white beanie I knit just before Christmas and the lovely Natural Malabrigo yarn I used. I had been saying how I couldn’t locate somewhere on this side of the Atlantic that sold it well I found a US company who ships international and stocks it and many more ! I’m delighted with this as it is often cheaper for me to purchase from the US than from the UK, I get a better conversion rate on Euro to Dollar than Euro to Pound.

I had to order some needles for a hat I want to knit and naturally some yarn was purchased, my will power is not all that strong and its been quite sometime since I purchased. Here are the goodies.

The needles, one circular a two crochet hooks on the right and on the left some dpn’s (I love using dpn’s for socks and hats, more than circulars). The DPN’s are the Knit Pro Dreamz (I love knit pro), my other set of dpn’s are always in use, normally with a hat so might be handy to have some for socks, especially as I’m slower at those.

I’ve stocked up on some cotton for cloths and for crochet. These ones are for cloths, I want some citrus inspired cloths for my kitchen.

This is the cotton for crochet, I am playing around with the idea of bunting or a garland of some sort for the girls bedroom, I’m waiting on a sky blue to come into stock and may team these up with that and a lemon and mint green.

Back again on Wednesday and Friday assuming I’ve something to report.


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17 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Faith says:

    Oooh, all that lovely yarn….I love cotton, especially for crochet as it shows off the stitches so well….I will look up that site for the Lilys yarn, I've always liked the look of it. I lovely fellow blogger bought me a knit-pro circular and it is a dream to work on….it's the only one I have, so I must look at buying some more….not sure I get your love for DPNs, so far they scare me!When you say potholders, do you mean something that a pot sits on? I'm guessing that cotton at least hasn't got anything that may melt if a pot is hot, and it doesn't stretch the same as other yarns, so if I've understood, I'm guessing that cotton (for me) would work better.I've found this week a total blur, littlest boy has gone full time and I've done things in fits or starts, but to be honest, not as much knitting/crochet as I normally do, but then I've enjoyed the routine back, even if I'm still in upside down mode! Have a good week!

  2. Never done a potholder so I can't answer that. As for sock yarn I've got all sorts of experience there! There aren't many I don't like … I do ALWAYS look for nylon content … hand knit socks are a lot of work and I want them to last.I avoid alpaca content because I find socks knits with alpaca are TOO WARM.I also shy away from silk, cotton and bamboo blends for socks because they are often slippery, splitty and don't have the springiness of wool.A little bit of cashmere content makes the yarn very soft, but I don't find the stitch definition as good nor do I find that these wear as well over time.As for strongly variegated yarns, I'm cautious. They always look so pretty in the skein but it can be hard to predict how they'll knit up and many can entirely overwhelm the pattern.There is quite a bit of variation in sock yarn weights. If the base is on the thin side then you're best to knit something on smaller needles if you want durable socks. Tami's Candy Skein Yummy Fingering yarn is lovely – plan on 2.0mm or 2.25mm needles – similar to Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Wandering Cat Alley Cat and Alley Cat BFL, Studio June's Sydney Sock and many other hand-dyed yarns. I'm also a big fan of Wollemeise – it's not as soft as some of the others but it knits up beautifully and wears like iron. For commercial yarns I've had good success with Regia and Kroy. The Regia 6ply is very nice if you want a thicker sock knit on larger needles.So it's largely a matter of choice and then a matter of matching the yarn to the right pattern and needle size. There are only a few yarns I wouldn't buy again. One is Koigu PPPM which I found to be hard on my feet. Another is Noro because I don't like the thick/thin unevenness and the coarseness. As well, I've never had good luck with Paton's stretch sock … it's scratchy and it never seems to stretch in the direction I want it to.Too much information? Cute Hermoine's socks. Once you've turned the heel I find the rest of the sock goes very quickly.

  3. Nice job on your projects…I'm still a novice sock knitter, but I see Stitches has answered some of your questions…I've also made three pairs of socks with Opal yarn…I've made a couple of dishcloths/kitchen cloths and always used cotton.

  4. Gorgeous yarn!I am loving your socks – those are very elegant although not over-the-top lacy (from what I can see). I may have to find that pattern or something similar. I have only ever made 1 pair of socks before and I'd like to make some more.

  5. Kate says:

    I still want to make Hermione socks, I shied off them a bit when I saw that the pattern worked them on magic loop but everyone who's blogging about them is using dpns and they look fine. Yours are lovely.Love the Rico cotton yarns, such good value and great colours.Re socks – from my extensive (:D !!) experience – I really liked using Lorna's Laces, though it did get a bit busy as Minding said above. Good yarn though – easy to work, soft, washes well and no knots in the skein I had. I also really liked Trekking XXL – quite inexpensive nice colours and good to work with. Every time I have tried a Rico sock yarn it has ended badly usually with tears. That might just be me though, I typically love any Rico at aran weight or above. Natural Dye Studio and Violet Green have been lovely too though at the opposite end of the budget. I adored the softness of the Knitting Goddess yarn I posted a week or too back but haven't yet made anything with it.

  6. cleancup says:

    Can't add to the dishcloth conversation– I can't crochet at all, and I've only ever knit cotton ones. But I do have some opinions about sock yarn :)I know nylon content in sock yarn makes it last longer (generally), but I really hate knitting with most yarn that has nylon of 20% or more… I feel like it squeaks. This is a very personal preference, and one that has a lot of exceptions, but it has lead to me trying out a number of different options.I like sock yarn that's a BFL base instead of a merino base– that gives it some of the longevity of nylon because BFL has a longer staple length than merino. I don't know what you can get where you are– I buy a lot of indie dyers, and I like Skein and Black Trillium for BFL sock yarn… both of which have "luxury" price tags for my wallet! When I buy merino sock yarn, I like Shibui Sock, and I'm coming to appreciate Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock– again I don't know how readily available these are outside of the states, and they're on what I consider the expensive side of my LYS.In general, I prefer a 2-ply (in the american sense, not the british usage) sock yarn, both because I find it comfortable on my feet and because I like the stitch definition– but again, that's a personal preference. Hope you have fun finding things you like!

  7. Renee Anne says:

    For socks, I look for something that has superwash wool (or other machine washable fiber) and maybe nylon or elastic content. I tend to walk around in sock feet and I don't think I could handwash non-superwash socks well enough to get the ick out (or the stink that would come from my feet). With that said, if you feel like having lovely yarn from America, look up Jeanette at Sun Valley Fibers 🙂 I love her sock yarns! And she's fabulous! As far as commercial sock yarn, Opal has held up well as well though I have plenty of others in my stash 🙂

  8. Linda says:

    Love your new yarn stash Ruth. Can't wait to see what you make out of it.Linda

  9. Well now I'm glad I was late posting and reading because I just gathered a wealth of information from your posters! I use cotton for potholders as they're safer than acrylic around fire or heat. Same reason I use cotton or wool for baby stuff.Your new items are wonderful…I love your tip about Knitpro too.I swear you can't tell you're a beginner in crochet…I think you probably do everything well.I definitely need to order some "supplies" and DPN's also as I want to try using them. I have a whole set of interchangable circulars but the "wire" gets in the way and doesn't "uncurl" so I might try corded circular that doesn't curl like the wire does or just plain DPN's. I learned a lot from your post! Thank you!Did I tell you, I joined your book group too? No, I'm not stalking you! LOL!

  10. I wrote a big long post about how I loved all your info and advice from other bloggers and then I think I deleted it accidently…if not you'll get 2 posts from me! LOL! You crochet better than me and I've been crocheting for years!

  11. Kim says:

    Lovely yarns Ruth! I laugh a little with you guys "over the pond" fascination with Lily's cotton. It is considered a cheap yarn over here and can be bought in any old fabric store, or box store like Walmart. In fact the independent yarn stores in my area don't even cary it. I drool over some of the choices you have where you are–such lovely and affordable wools at your fingertips! 🙂 I will say that Lily's makes great little dishcloths though. 🙂 I wish I could chime in regarding sock yarn recommendations, but alas, socks have still not been attempted yet this year. I sure love your Hermoine ones though!Have a super week,and give little bebe a hug from her fan in Seattle!*smiles*

  12. Margaret says:

    I love the socks and have downloaded the pattern. We are mid summer here in New Zealand so it will be some time before I feel like knitting!

  13. nauget bluff says:

    Hi Ruth..Thanks for asking about the sock yarn question..I have had that question in my head forever..and thanks to everyone who answered here..I've noted all the suggestions..I use cotton for everything..we have a few people in my family with wool allergies..I have a few special fibers set aside for projects for me..but I can't even leave yarn with a tiny amount of wool around..people start scratching and yelling!Now that you are back to being a working hard mom…I hope you are finding some time for an extra nap or rest time for yourself…very important!

  14. I have the knit pro circular needles sets – they are so lovely to work with (and they smell nice – seriously). I love your crocheted dishcloth and the yarns you've chosen are gorgeous. have a great monday xx

  15. Keri says:

    Glad to hear your getting back into the swing of things. For socks Indigodragonfly or Koigu. I find the later does wear a little better.

  16. The socks look great. I'll be repeating what others have said about sock yarn, but superwash always! I agree with Renee, I love Sun Valley Fibers! Also, Regia is REALLY hard wearing, I knitted socks for my Dad with it, and they've lasted through all his maltreatment of them,including very hot washes.I like to buy special sock yarn from places I visit. A lot of LYSs tend to have a local dyer's sock yarn, and it's so easy to pick up a commemorative skein.

  17. Kepanie says:

    You pick terrific colors, Ruth. I love Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I think for a luxury sock yarn, something with cashmere in it.

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