To Be Read (TBR) Reading Challenge

I’ve had a swap around of reading challenges and am doing the Whats in a Name 6 along with this To Be Read Reading Challenge hosted by Patricia at planetpooks

I am aiming for the bronze medal in this challenge and that is to read 12 books that lie in my to be read pile from before Jan 1st, this is no hardship believe me finding them, reading 12 of them now that is the challenge!

I have stated just this week the first for this challenge and have hauled out

I’ve finished my previous Kathy Reichs book and will be back on Friday for a run down of it and update for this week on the challenges.

Happy Reading,

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2 Responses to To Be Read (TBR) Reading Challenge

  1. Kepanie says:

    See a stack of books makes me wanna drag the big chair over to the window and boil up some hot cocoa and curl up with a book!

  2. I love to read and I am trying to read my books of which there are hundreds! I've stopped buying them….pretty much and just list the ones I want to read someday on paper until I get through the ones I have. I need to join that challenge! You have so many wonderful interests….like me! LOL!

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