Finally Designed, Finished and Framed !

Afternoon greetings from what is a cold and chilly December day here in Ireland!

You will remember during the latter part of this summer I started to work on a design of my own.
A quote from the Pride and Prejudice film featuring Kiera Knightley. Now I’m normally a fan of the longer BBC version starring Colin Firth but as it is over 6 hours long I don’t get that much free time all that often so I have to watch the shorter version. This is a quote from that shorter version and its the only line in the film that really captures my attention and indeed for me is a swoon worthy line !

The Quote itself.

I stitched the main piece but felt the whole design a little bare but yet didn’t want to add to much and detract from the line itself so with a combination of loosing my stitching bug and thinking on what I wanted I laid it aside and a couple of weeks back the idea just out of nowhere came to me so out it came and I charted it up and stitched it and only now this week got around to the framing of it!

I stitched this on 28ct but I’m not sure what shade and I used Belle Soie Cranberry for the stitching. I’m relatively pleased with how it came out. For a first effort at designing and laying out things its not to bad.

It is now ready to hang on what I’m calling my Pride and Prejudice wall, I’m calling it this as it has some pieces already designed by The Sampler Girl from the book on it and in time I suspect it will turn into a Jane Austen Wall lol.

I’m now gathering up projects for next year and with doing two challenges for definite next year I think that’s enough for now.

First I’m doing Nicolas Scarlet Letter Year and I’m going to do the Elizabeth Simon Sampler, the pale pastel shades attracted me to this piece!

Second I’m doing the Turtle Trot SAL, I need to decide on the final 13 projects that I need for this one. I have some wip’s I want to do first but will most likely include a new start or two here with these and I can take as long as I like with these.

All projects next year are for my own walls, having spent the last good few years stitching and framing and giving away as presents, something I do enjoy, I’d rather see some of my work go onto my own walls now for a change. So this year I’m going to stitch a lot more projects with my taste in mind.

Happy Stitching,

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11 Responses to Finally Designed, Finished and Framed !

  1. Silverlotus says:

    I think it is lovely. And I love that line too. πŸ˜€

  2. SoCal Debbie says:

    Your design and framing is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your entire Jane Austen wall! The Turtle Trot SAL will be fun too, since we can take our time!

  3. Mouse says:

    oooo that's lovely πŸ™‚ well done you … looks great in that frame and isn't it nice to do something for yourself once in while too πŸ™‚ love mouse xxxxx

  4. Linda says:

    Congrats on the finish and framing Ruth. You did a fantastic job on both. I am very excited about the Turtle Trot SAL and my 31 Jan. starts.Linda

  5. Nicola says:

    I think that someone has a gift for designing ….. !!!!Well done Ruth it is exquisite and poignant.Give Miss Evelyn Alice a cuddle and a kiss from me.

  6. EvalinaMaria says:

    Love your little heart boarder. Suits the saying very much.

  7. Margaret says:

    Lovely – I really like this. Hoping everything is going well with you and your "new addition"

  8. Yana Hanim says:

    I love the quote and your stitching is lovely. congrats πŸ™‚

  9. OMG Ruth your daughter is just precious! Congratulations!What a beautiful, unique finish.

  10. Kepanie says:

    Evelyn must be one good sleeper for her mum to get lots done. How do you do it?I loved Kiera's movie version of Pride and Prejudice, so much more than the book. What a lovely quote.

  11. You do beautiful work no matter what you do! It is gorgeous and framed just perfectly for it. You did a great job designing your own. What is the Turtle SAL…with the word "turtle" it sounds like a great stitch along? Is it online for cross stitch? You always motivate and inspire me! I can't wait to hear about your next planned projects for 2013! Give Evelyn Alice a little hug and kiss for me…what a beautiful family you have.

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