A Small Finish and some SAL’s

Morning Bloggers,

The hard frosts have hit us here early in Ireland and our mornings look like the fronts of Christmas cards, unusual as we are still normally quite mild and damp but they sure do make for bright sunny days !

I finished off the teddy the children wanted for the new baby, imagine just 14 days left, it could happen any day now, to say we are excited is an under statement. If you were reading Sundays post thank you for the words and tips, moving onwards and upwards and forgetting the whole business, lots more important and happier things to concentrate on.

The children for their teddy chose a theme of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star so that’s what I went with. This is one of those DMC stitch a teddy’s.

close up of stitching piece
The stitched teddy

I’ve two hats to finish knitting for the upcoming Christmas period and when these are done I’m returning to the stitched piece I designed myself earlier in the year. I’ve the main part done but it just didn’t seem finished to me and then I lost my stitching bug and have only recently thought of what the piece needs to finish it off, so that is next on the list.

As its coming towards the end of the year, thoughts begin to turn to what I want to do stitching wise next year, although I made great headway into the crazy challenge this year I did not complete all 15 projects, not that there was a deadline for me anyway. I won’t be able to start something new each day of January as with a new baby in the house it just won’t be practical and to say I’ll have the time is just well crazy lol. So I’ve come up with my own personal challenge.

Beside my stitching chair I have wip’s and other projects to start that have been gathered up in folders waiting their turn, these are ones I’ve picked out from my stash as ones I want to get started or completed next so I’m going to work on just whats in these folders…believe me there is enough in the folders to keep me going for this year if not the following year…so next year shall be my FOLDER FOLLY year, I have no deadlines I’m just going to pick a project or two from folders and work on those until I feel like switching. This coming year I’m taking a more relaxed laid back approach.

With this in mind I’ve spotted two SAL’s in blog land that caught my attention and fit in with next years approach..

The first is Nicola’s Scarlet Letter Year, here are the details from Nicola’s blog Stitching By a Cornish Sea Shore this is perfect for me as I can work on one sampler and still take part. The sampler I’ve been looking at for this is  Elizabeth Simon . I’m going to sort this out ready to start sometime all going well early January.

The second SAL I’ve seen is this Turtle Trot SAL over at BAP Attack . This one is extremely simple with no deadlines, whatsoever…love it. By January 13th pick 13 unfinished projects (I’ve way more than that!) and take a picture of them and then by the 13th of each month post a progress pic of whatever ones you have, now you can’t ask for anything any more simple than that I don’t think.

Later in December or early January I’ll post again about both these SAL’s , when I’ve charts and projects picked out.

Happy stitching,

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6 Responses to A Small Finish and some SAL’s

  1. stitcheranon says:

    I just read your last post and I agree completely. A crafty blog should be about craft and whatever you want on it; it is your blog, your property and your perogative. Congrats on the little bear, he is gorgeous. Wow..week 38..so could come anytime then lol. I wish you the best of luck and look forwards to the birth announcement. What an exciting time for you! Yes, the sunshine is gorgeous and I am making the most of it that's for sure. Happy stitching!

  2. Nicola says:

    The children's bear for the baby is gorgeous. I am so glad you are taking part in my Scarlet Letter Year. Great minds think alike and I have Elizabeth all kitted up and ready to go.

  3. SoCal Debbie says:

    Oh how exciting, any day now! Have fun with your Folder Folly next year. I'm looking forward to seeing which 13 WIPs you choose for the Turtle Trot! I'm in that one, too!

  4. Kepanie says:

    You are so organized with your crafts and have accomplished so much. 14 days? Oh boy! How exciting!

  5. Linda says:

    What an adorable bear. I don't think those are available in the states. Only 14 days. Yeah – how exciting. Just seems like yesterday when you told us you were expecting. So happy to see you joined the Turtle Trot SAL. I have changed my mind a dozen times as to what 13 I want to work on. Probably won't decide until Jan. 12th. lolLinda

  6. Karoline says:

    Congratulations on finishing the bear, it's very cuteI hope it's smooth going for the end of your pregnancy, it's gone very quickly!

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