YOP Year 2 Update

Morning bloggers,

Hope you are all keeping well and many of you have had a good Thanksgiving Holiday.

We are all over the bug thank goodness and thank you all for your good wishes. Everything is on track and prepared now for the baby and we are just waiting now and the excitement is building. There have been irksome matters going on in the background this couple of months which came to ahead this week and I will be adding a side note to the bottom of this post and the one other stitching post I’ll make this week. Read if you wish to or do please feel free to gloss over it also.

Knitting wise I finished the dishcloth set I was working on for my Mother. These are the remaining two in her set. I used the pattern Scrubby Dishcloth and I love this pattern. I will be working some of these for my own kitchen I think. I still have a few remaining to catch up on for the year but I’m not going to bad on what was a personal challenge.

Scrubby Dishcloth

This here is the complete set.

Complete Gift Set

I’ve also been working on James Beanie for his Christmas box. The Olympics this past summer inspired his colour choice and can you guess what in particular in those Olympics ? The pattern is Basic Beanie . Today should finish this off as I’m nearly at the decreasing stage and that leaves two remaining beanies which I will hopefully be working on this week. How fantastic to get both of those done this week!

Basic Beanie

I won’t post how the list is looking again this week as its quite large, i.e. the list lol so I’ll work away on it for another couple of weeks and then post an update on it.

Please gloss over now if you wish:

I set my blog up just over two years ago as a personal way to keep track of my pastimes. I very much enjoy blogging and have only ever set out to use it as a way for me to keep track of projects and events. I love reading my followers comments and enjoy them immensely. I do not expect each and every follower to comment on every post just as I’m sure the majority of blogs I follow don’t expect the same.
   You may have noticed I have removed both the email info and the facebook badge link from my blog, both of which I doubt I will replace. I will continue to blog as long as I’m enjoying it. I email people when and if I can. We all know I have a young family with another addition on the way, these are my ONE AND ONLY priority. I do not have extra hours in the day to spend it emailing or blogging constantly and I do recall I said this many times in posts. If I gave my time over to blogging and emailing then I would have no extra time for actually doing the hobbies I like to blog about !!
    I do enjoy reading peoples emails and they should feel free to email me but you must accept that I don’t have free time always to answer immediately and I may check my mails once or twice a week if even that ! I will not answer emails that contain rants on Religion, Abortion or any other topic like this, they are a hot bed for trouble. Do not take my silence on these matters as me having the same opinion as yourself, you may be surprised to find out my actual opinion on such things.
   Like everybody we all have opinions on things and I respect that, I just don’t hand out my opinion. The one other matter with regarding me is do not email me DEMANDING explanations as to why I’m commenting on some blogs and not on others. I DO NOT offer explanations as to what I do to anyone either.
   I’m sorry if this offends anyone, I’m normally a very accepting person of anything and everything and although I may not agree with your point of view I very much accept you are entitled to it but don’t think by my silence I agree, I merely do not wish to discuss it. As I said it has been going on for months and has become irksome now and has come to ahead. I don’t mean to offend anyone but this is how I am and I make NO APOLOGIES FOR HOW I AM. I am in blog land to blog about my favourite pastimes and any spare time I have is spent doing those pastimes, after all if I don’t actually do those pastimes then I have nothing to blog about.

Happy knitting,

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16 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. I think your attitude to your blog is quite right! It's a fun thing to do to share things you enjoy, not a chore. Blogger does have facilities to block certain people from reading your blog, if you wanted to use them?And love the beanie, it's very cute!

  2. Nicola says:

    Good for you Ruth, I agree with you.BIG HUGS for you and the little one, he/she wont be long now. XXX

  3. Scrubby dishcloth looks very practical – those ridges must certainly help with scrubbing. I do like the way you've combined all the colours in patterns into a set :)As for the trolls… I don't include my email or facebook info on my blog. Like you I barely have enough time to live my life, play at my hobbies and blog as I choose. The internet attracts all kinds; I hope your experience isn't wrecked by a few wrong-headed sorts.

  4. Renee Anne says:

    Woo-hoo! Get on with your bad self! As for the irksome things going on, don't worry about it. My blog reading list is quite long and if I spent time commenting on each and every one, I wouldn't have time to blog for myself, play with Little Man, or wipe my tush after a visit to the loo. Also, the phrase, "it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to" comes to mind 🙂

  5. cleancup says:

    I love that dish cloth set! I may aim for something similar next year, and I love the colors you've chosen– I can imagine them cheering up a kitchen on a rainy day (which is totally is here, today, so it's on my mind!)I am sorry you've run into internet trouble-makers; they seem to pop up for a number of people, and while I have no specific advise on how to hide your posts (I'm not particularly computer savvy), I will say that you are absolutely right– this is your corner of the internet to run as you please, and that includes not engaging when it wouldn't benefit you. I don't comment much, but I love seeing your projects roll off the needles, and I hope that a bad apple or two won't discourage you from sharing with the rest of us. That being said, if it stops being enjoyable for you, then really, it makes sense to stop blogging for awhile– it's a hobby, after all.Good luck, and count me as someone who likes to hear from you exactly as often as you choose to post, and on the subjects that you cover in this blog.

  6. Debby says:

    Ruth,Your mother's dishcloth set is gorgeous – such a lucky mom she is!!! I have always loved seeing your knitting and your stitching and so totally admire all that you get done with the little ones you have the blessing to raise. While nothing really surprises me about people anymore, I still find it disgusting that people hassle you (or anyone else for that matter). I love to comment on people's posts when I have a chance, but I'm usually so far behind on my blog reading that most of the time, it's long past time for a comment or I just love keeping up with virtual friends and their needlework and no comment is necessary. Keep up the great work, love those precious young ones of yours (I'm sure the older ones would not like being called "little ones"!!!!) and I prayer for a safe and healthy delivery and baby in the very near future. I will enjoy seeing a picture once that time has come for you.Bless you.

  7. Kepanie says:

    Ruth, on your behalf, I'm like WTF? The fact that you had to deal w/stupid emails about how you comment on some but not others and whatnot is absolutely ridiculous! Like seriously?You are a mum of a large ohana and are not just a mum but a wife and homemaker as well. It's so obvious you put your ohana first and blogging is fun for you when you have time. I hope you told off those dummies and blocked their e-mails.Hugs to you and what you've got goin' on is wonderful. What you do mean by Christmas box? Present?

  8. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. I love reading your blog. Don't let a few stupid people stop you from blogging and giving us the enjoyment of your crafts and family. I don't always comment on blogs, especially if I've gotten behind, but I do read them. Love the dishclothe set for your mom. Your kids pick the neatest colors for their beanies. I'm impressed. I'm missing our SAL, but maybe next year when things settle down. Come visit me when you have the time.Linda

  9. You Go Girlfriend!!! You blog for the same reasons I do but we all have real lives beyond the blogosphere too. I'm so sorry someone has been rude and disrespectful to you. I've found that many times jealousy is the cause….sad but true. I love your blog and all your projects are so inspiring! Your Mom is going to love those cloths! Such pretty colors too. My YOP for next year is going to include a lot of your projects from this year! LOL! You keep me motivated to keep working on that lonely sock so maybe someday I can knit as well as you! I am the same too when you say silence does not necessarily mean agreement. I went through that on Facebook with the politics this year over here. My Mother used to say"if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all". Well, I try but if someone really pushes me I will speak up but most times I walk away and I'm done with them especially if it happens more than once. Take care and how are we going to know when the baby arrives? Is there someone close to you who will post and tell us? I hope you feel great and everything goes smoothly. Take care!

  10. SoCal Debbie says:

    More wonderful knitting, Ruth! Your family is so lucky to enjoy your talents. I'm glad you share with the world through your blog and of course you need time for your crafts and your family or you won't have anything to show us!

  11. Margaret says:

    I like to read your blog and catch up on all your doings, so please keep at it! It's a long way from New Zealand to Ireland and your blog is probably the only way i will get to visit 🙂 Great dishcloths. Your mother wull be pleased.

  12. Stacy66 says:

    I gave my mom some scrubby dish clothes in a lovely terracotta color with some fig jam for Thanksgiving. She always appreciates my dish clothes and I love how simple the pattern is. I'm so sorry for other people's poor behavioral choices. Heaven's to Betsy, my kids are older, I work full time and I barely have time to do my hobbies, let alone demand things from others. I can't imagine having a young family again and having to put up with those kinds of shenanigans.Take care. Can't wait for the baby…

  13. Such lovely gift set, Ruth – they all look so nice together. As for your irksome issue, well I agree with what the others have said before me, you are right to do as you wish, it's a shame that something has happened which has resulted in you feeling the need to spell this out and I hope you can put it all behind you now. There are lots more lovely and exciting things to put your mind to. Hope you have a great week xxx

  14. nauget bluff says:

    I love a good rant…I'll just say "ditto" to what the gang has already replied.. OK..can't figure out what sport had garnered James's attention during the olympics…all I get is those are Jamaca's colors..???Tomas and Sophia??

  15. Kim says:

    Hi Ruth!! I have missed visiting you during my unexpected and unplanned blogging break–but am so happy to read you are doing well and still getting those projects done. Your cloths are wonderful and are a great gift for mums–and the beanie? Perfect fro a boy!As far as the troll/s, I say, good riddance. I agree with everyone else and blog for the same reasons–for enjoyment and not obligation. There are just not enough hours in a day–and good grief, the cheek to be trying to engage you in such personal topics! My thoughts are with you as you count down the days until Bebe arrives–I can hardly wait to see pictures and find out the name.*smiles and hugs*

  16. Belated support here!!I don't always have time to comment either but try my best. I certainly don't get cross with peeps who don't have time. It's enough that you blog at all. Although obviously I do demand at least one cute baby photo!!FB can be great, can be a nightmare. I've blocked a few stitching friends from my newsfeed because of their (to me) offensive posts. But I still love their stitching posts so keep up with them in the groups we belong to.

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