YOP Year 2 Update

Evening Bloggers,

Hope you are all keeping well. Here we have a slight tummy bug in the two young boys but hoping we are over the worst of it. My head cold is nearly gone although I’m still quite tired so the remains of it are still there. Weather is turning chilly and we are getting quite hard frosts lately, believe me that is odd for Ireland who normally have a mild and wet winter.

Weeks are counting down now and during the last week or so I completed the last of our Christmas shopping, I need to just wrap and write some cards and finish making the knitted presents. I didn’t get any mince pies made this week with feeling slightly under the weather but I’m hoping this week I’ll get them done.

Knitting wise this week I’ve completed Caoimhe’s Christmas Beanie. For the pattern I used this The Gentle Beanie pattern and I worked it in two shades of purple as purple is her favourite colour. I used King Cole Merino wool in a dk weight for this and for all the other beanies I made so far. Its a wonderful wool and is not overly expensive and goes quite a long way. This pattern has some matching fingerless gloves which I’m hoping to do for her but I don’t have one size of dpn so will get some and do them for her, in the meantime I hope to work on the bigger boys beanies and some dishcloths.

Caoimhe’s Christmas Beanie

I also started another dishcloth and this week I’ve gone back to this Scrubby Dishcloth pattern. I loved this pattern and used it for a gift set of cloths for my sister so have gone back to it for some other gift sets. I’m knitting this one in King Cole Bamboo Cotton, I have gone down to a 3.5mm needle for a tighter cloth as the bamboo works better from it. This one is to match the two variegated ones I have just complete and is to blend with them. I’ve only just started it in the wee hours of the morning when I was up with the younger boys.

Purple Scrubby Dishcloth

This week I seem to have had a purple theme going on and the purple will continue in the cloths this week lol. I will be starting on one of the bigger boys Christmas Beanie and hopefully some yarn I ordered for a future project will arrive, I wish I’d have remembered the dpn’s I needed size wise but there you go.

Looking forward to catching up with you all this week.

Happy Knitting,

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11 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Vickie says:

    Oh such progress! Your organization skills are truly paying off Ruth. =) Madeleine's favorite color was purple for a time at Caoimhe's age also. She is back to pink now. 😉 She is still "in love" with Nial by the way! tee hee ;)I have prayed for you, the baby and the household. Take care.♥

  2. Faith says:

    Oh, sickness bugs are the worst, there have been a lot around our village recently and the schools have really suffered, sometimes it feels like you are just waiting to see who gets it next. I do hope you all avoid it totally.The hat is lovely, great colours, your daughter has good taste. The washcloth is nice too, I really must have a go.Hope you have caught up on your zzzzz's. Have a good week.x

  3. SoCal Debbie says:

    I can just imagine you with a needle (cross stitch or knitting) in your hand at all times, Ruth! Even when you're up in the night with your sick boys, you're still knitting away. What a wonder-woman you are!

  4. Linda says:

    Glad your all starting to feel better. Love the purple beanie. And you are an amazing wonder woman. I have no kids don't work and still get nothing done.Linda

  5. There is a very purple theme going on … perhaps I caught it from you? Sorry to hear about everyone being under the weather.Very cute little dishcloth pattern. I'm going to add it to my queue … although I don't think anything queued now is likely to be looked at until the New Year 🙂

  6. nauget bluff says:

    My, hope everyone is on the mend…I know I have looked up the King's Cole brand before..but need to look again as that purple is a lovely shade…Oh well, since I will not get to be your neighbor.. I'll continue with the name game…this week, I like Roisin and Siomon..

  7. That is the most adorable beanie, thank you for linking to it on RAV. I hope all your family are on the mend soon. Still in awe of how much you get done…

  8. Kepanie says:

    I LOVE that beanie in the two purples. I want one!Sorry your boys have a tummy bug; those are never fun. I hope you kick the last of your cold soon. No fun being sick and preggers. Get rest.

  9. Nicola says:

    You put me to shame I haven't even thought about Christmas yet.

  10. sandy says:

    You can't go wrong with purple. Sounds like you've made huge headway on Christmas. I've purchased a few things through the swagbucks and superpoints thing (before superpoints went under), but that's about it. Love the look of the scrunchy and took time to jot down the pattern, thanks for sharing it.

  11. Karoline says:

    The beanie is great, I like the King Cole Merino too especially for the kids things.

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