YOP Year 2 Update

Evening all!

I have lit the first open fire of the winter and its lovely and toasty warm. I got my husband to clean out the chimneys during the week when I was on a mad spree of house cleaning. I’m now tired but oh so happy that every corner in every room has been cleaned  and scrubbed and I don’t need to worry so much over the coming weeks about getting it done with a hectic school routine. The children are back to school tomorrow after their weeks mid term and the next holidays is Christmas and its scary to think that we may have the baby by then, of course we may not but we can but hope we won’t be kept waiting to long.

The Christmas baking is complete, I made the last Christmas cake and made four puddings and boiled them. I forgot to take pictures of the cake and will when I take them out of storage where they are maturing at the moment.
These are the puddings all ready for boiling, I got 3 3pint bowl fulls and 1 2pint bowl of mixture and as you can see I don’t use the lids but rather paper and string to make handles like my Mum and her Mum and I suspect her Mum before that did, that’s about how old my recipe is also for these.

Puddings all ready.

I don’t steam mine but boil them, the small 2 pint one was boiled for 8 hours and the large 3 pints ones were boiled for 12 hours each and it may seem like a long time but it results in a gorgeous black plum pudding like this…

Plum Pudding

These are now wrapped and in storage maturing as well until Christmas… This week I’m making and freezing some mince pies so I have some for gifts and for when people call near to Christmas, I normally make them fresh but even I have to admit there is only so much I can do with a newborn in the house lol.

Knitting I know this post is about knitting lol but I’m getting there, I did hope to get RuairĂ­’s hat and mittens done and yes they were completed, I’m so pleased as this is another present done and ready for wrapping, something I need to do also before November is out !

Strib Beanie and Childrens Mittens Set

This is it for the knitting this week but I’m hoping now that I’ve some major jobs out of the way I’ll get more done this week. I’ll be moving onto Caoimhe’s hat this week and hopefully some dishcloths.

Looking forward to checking in with you all.
Happy Knitting,

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14 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Vickie says:

    I find this post very interesting Ruth. I will admit to you, I have never, ever had a plum pudding or a Christmas pudding.What a nice set you have knit for Ruairi.I miss you. Please email me. =)

  2. Kepanie says:

    You are so amazing, Ruth! Nesting away and my gosh, the baking! Love that great, bright set. I wish I could pop over and hang out in your kitchen. XO

  3. Faith says:

    Go you! Your puddings look yummy….I love Christmas baking, the anticipation of Christmas, the smell of the spices, knowing all the good family and friend get togethers that will be had….all so perfect. I have made my cake, but not puddings yet….it turns out as of a new discovery this afternoon, our Christmas day may be bigger than I thought before, we have an increasing amount of possible guests, but it's all good, I love Christmas! Your set for Ruairi is great….somehow I've started another blanket….oooops, but it is a Christmas emergency!Have a good week….back to school, goodness where did last week go!

  4. Mouse says:

    ooooo those puddings look yummy and well done for getting the cleaning done and out of the way too … congrats on getting the knitting done and won't be long now before the little on arrives :)take care and rest too !! love mouse xxxx

  5. Linda says:

    Congrats on finishing the set. I love the red. I too, wish I could come and spend the day with you.Linda

  6. Stacy66 says:

    Such beautiful puddings. I'm impressed with all you've done, plus scrubbing your home. I just made the Strib hat and may have to complete some more for Christmas gifts. I hope you're feeling well.

  7. Stacy66 says:

    My, it sounds as if you are nesting. I love it. I just finished a Strib hat this morning and am pleased with how easy the pattern is. Will have to make some more for Christmas gifts. Hope you're feeling well.

  8. SoCal Debbie says:

    How nice that you keep the family recipe going! I wondered why you were baking so many weeks before Christmas. I had no idea about "maturing" cakes and puddings.

  9. Hmmm, Christmas baking. You may need to bake some extra for us, as the oven stopped working yesterday. Cut hat and mitts. You're really motoring through your list!

  10. Super Nesting! Your puddings look terrific, do you put a silver sixpence into each?Lovely little knitted set too.

  11. My husband would love for me to make those puddings, but I can't stand the smell or the taste so he has to make do with one from the supermarket! (He is the only person in the house who likes them.) Love the knitting – the colours look so perfect for this time of year xxx

  12. Nicola says:

    You are amazing Ruth, you achieve so much.

  13. nauget bluff says:

    Do you think one of your neighbors would sell their house to me? I could just sit in your kitchen and enjoy te cooking aroma's..I'd babysit..I promise..how about Niall and/or Neila for names?

  14. My Christmas pudding recipe came from my great-great-great grandma, the traditional ones are always the best at Christmas! And love the hat and mittens set, they look great!

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