YOP Year 2 Update

Evening Bloggers!

How are you all keeping ? I realised half way through the week that last Sunday completely went past and I never posted an update! can’t think what I was thinking. I know time is short and precious but I’m still doing some knitting, even though I’m not on the computer much now as the spare time I do have I’m knitting lol.

Everyone is settling in well into school and we are in the full swing of the routine now and its jam packed with school and pick ups and drop offs and guitar, piano, tin whistle and swimming activities also going on, but this is what its all about and I’m enjoying it once I’m organised with jobs at home so its early up and early to bed.

I’m keeping well 28 1/2 weeks so into the final trimester now..where did that go! Lets hope the last weeks go that fast, you know how they just love to slow down nearer your due date. Dr is pleased with how things are going and once I remember to rest (very hard to do! ) I pleased to say I’m still flying round at my normal pace. Kim I’m not forgetting that you want a picture and I will get one posted, not sure if the screen will be big enough as I’m not very tall and always end up as wide as I’m tall lol.

In other news, you’ll remember I had a second SIL due her baby this month, well I’m pleased to say Friday morning my brother and Sil welcomed a healthy baby girl a little sister to the little girl they have already. I will hopefully be going for a little cuddle and I can’t wait, visiting in the hospital is very restricted so I shall be waiting until they come home and I’m sure after seeing her I will be all the more anxious for December to get here.

Getting organised for Xmas now early with cards and presents and baking and that leads me onto the children’s Xmas gifts, you will remember that the last time I posted I did say I was ordering yarn, well I got it ordered, took a couple of days but it got done and arrived very quickly and promptly, I love using Deramores its got all I need on the one site and the service is excellent.
This here is the yarn I ordered with the buttons needed for the baby items I’ve done.

New yarn!

I also found a tutorial on some crochet Xmas trees to make into a garland, I promise I will give details when I start it as I’m not sure where I put the tutorial and I may have to go searching again! I did pick up some extra white yarn. The one on the left has got a sparkle to it which is not so obvious in the picture and the one on the right is just a regular white yarn.

White yarn for tree garland.

For the baby I started a Garter Stitch Baby Kimono, it wasn’t on the list but I came across some lovely 4ply lemon in my stash and decided to use it for this. I did change around the pattern a bit and I’m happy with the end result but I do intend to knit it again in the next bigger size and make further changes that I want to do lol.

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono

This is where it was last week, I changed how I knit up the sides differently and for the armholes you can see where I put two stitches on some waste yarn rather than cast off. When decreasing the sides I did a SL1 k2tog Sl1 K1 PSSO, I found it gave me a more rounded decrease that just the stated cast off edge on the pattern. Along the neck I also did a cord binding for a more rounded edge and I loved it that much I did it along the bottom as well. For the shoulders rather than cast off and join I did a three needle bind off for a neater finish. This is the end result before blocking,

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono

This I managed to get blocked today with the Demne so hopefully by next weekend I’ll have buttons attached and can show you the sleepsuits they’ve been knit to go over.

I am hoping to get to you all and see what you have been doing this week and last week.

Happy Knitting,

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12 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. I love the garter stitch baby kimono, it looks so soft and very sweet. And loving the new yarn!

  2. Mouse says:

    hmmmm think I must have missed something or forgotten …. another wee one on the way ..lol love that tint kimono cardi … glad your SIL little one arrived safely … I have been having cuddles tonight with my new "niece" I am an honoury aunt ..loltake care and rest as much as you can 🙂 love mouse xxxx

  3. Linda says:

    Great sweater Ruth and I love the new yarn.Linda

  4. Kim says:

    I am so excited for you Ruth–You might have missed my announcement a couple of weeks ago, but I am going to be a Mimi again–so my total number of Grands will be up to 3! I can't wait to cuddle a new little bebe, in May. Your Cardi is so sweet and I can't think how you have time to be knitting a Christmas Tree garland! You amaze me. :)*smiles and a hug*

  5. Nicola says:

    I am always amazed at how much you manage to acheive. Congratulations on your pregnancy. My grandson in December and we are very excited.I normally buy my wool from Demaroses but have found another company Dragon Yarns. They are worth trying.

  6. All About Me says:

    Oh Ruth time is sure flying by, I remember you telling me in person of your pregancy and before I know it your new bundle will be here :-).Love the Kimono, and look forward to seeing your new knits with the wool you ordered.

  7. Vickie says:

    The kimono is adorable. Well done. The sparkle yarn looks fab. Take good care now.♥

  8. Kepanie says:

    Your clever thinkin' is so interesting how you were able to figure all that out. I love the baby kimono. It's precious. My gosh, I can't believe you have 79 days left! I'm so drawn to the purples and greens of your new yarn.

  9. Love the kimono, Ruth, and so very glad your niece arrived safe and sound…You truly amaze me at how many projects you are able to get done! Do you speed knit? Do you knit in the continental style? I am just curious…Looking forward to the new photos…take good care of yourself and love your new yarn, simply fab! Have fun catching up, and have a great week!

  10. yay for new babies. I love having a nephew the same age as my little peanut. It's so nice. I love your cardi. I adore getting yarn in the mail.

  11. Wow I'm sure it was just only yesterday you announced you were pregnant! How time flies!It sounds like family life and knitting are sure keeping you busy!

  12. nauget bluff says:

    I had to fav the kimono..it is wonderful.. Yeah..another trimester..time is flying..big belly bump? Love your new background, fall is wonderful

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