YOP Year 2 Update

Evening Bloggers !

How are we all keeping ? I’ve been trying all day to get this post done up and now just before last minute jobs before bedtime I manage it lol! This week has been like that, so so busy at one stage I think I met myself I was going round that much and boy am I tired ! Some evenings I’ve not even had the energy to knit. I think now as the weeks go on less and less will be done so its good I got a good start in.

Children are all settling in well and are enjoying their new school, that has taken a load off. We now start into this terms after school activities as well..so its back to piano, swimming, library runs (well they are year long lol) and now this year some guitar and that’s just to start with, there could be more lol. Here are the biggest 6 all ready for heading to school and playschool last Monday morning.

Ready for School.

Knitting wise as I said this week its been pretty slow. It took a whole week to knit this one little dishcloth and it wasn’t even a difficult pattern lol.


I did also manage to get the Owlie Sack finished and its looking pretty cute I must say!

Owlie Sack

Thank you all for your lovely comments last week, they were lovely to read and I’m so glad some of you liked the no captcha, I know I can’t read them, the spam is lessening and I may play around with blocking anonymous on the blog and see if that helps then I can go back to my original settings which I was pleased with before all this spam! Well here’s hoping! I am hoping to get round to you all this week, I missed seeing what everyone was up to last week so now I need to play catch up.

This is how the list looks now.
Year of Projects List 2012/2013

Hats :-  0/6
Harry Potter Hufflepuff Beanie – just one left to complete the collection
Strib Hat– I have yarn to knit three of these for the three younger children – Started
Spring Beret
Hermione Hearts Ron
Slouched Tuva Hat

Scarves :-  0/6
Strangling Vine Lace Scarf
Lace Ribbon Scarf
Scrunchable Scarf
Springtime Bandit
Stolen Moments Wrap
Branching Out – this is started and just needs finishing off

Cowls :-  0/1
These are a few of the patterns I like but I’ve not picked which one or indeed how many of them I will knit, that is to be decided when I start on a cowl.
Eirin Cowl – these also have a pattern for fingerless gloves which I love also
Rhosyn Cowl – these also come with a pair of matching fingerless gloves and a headband
Pendleton Cowl – I love the colourwork in this one

Fingerless Gloves :-  0/1
I want to make one pair of fingerless gloves this year, more if I get the time. Again these are some of the patterns I have in mind but I’m undecided on which one.
Brontes Mitts
Victoria Fingerless Mittens
Susie’s Reading Mitts
Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Gloves

Socks :-  0/1
I would love to knit a good few pairs of socks but that not may be possible so I shall aim to knit this pair anyway and anything over that shall be a bonus.
Hermiones Everyday Socks

Dishcloths :-  9/25
My aim is to continue knitting one a week until the end of December. This post I’m moving here to a Sunday and I’m making it part of the projects as it will be something I’m doing. – Weekly Challenge

Advent Garland :-  20/24
Smitten A Holiday Garland – this I fell in love with and as family who love an advent calendar I thought this might be different and fun this year, especially if I fill each mitten with a little piece of chocolate for each of the children. – Started

Items for Baby :-
Bibs 0/4
Demne 1/1 Complete
Christmas-y Baby Hat 1/1Complete
Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat 0/1
Cute Noggin Baby Hat 1/1 Complete
Owlie Sleep Sack1/1 Complete
Owlie Hat0/1
Pinwheel Baby Blanket 0/1Complete
Crochet squares to make a baby blanket (I’m aiming to make 48 squares so I can see if that is big enough) 0/48
Burp Cloths 1/4
Wash Cloths 4/4 Complete
Baby Mitts 1/1 Complete

Items for the children :-
Beanies 1 Jacques Cousteau HatComplete
Baby gifts of Mittens, Hat and Bunny Blanket Buddy’s  Complete

Happy knitting,

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14 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. I can only imagine getting that many kids organized for a new school year must be a herculean feat. It's a cute little dishcloth 🙂

  2. The kids all look darling! I don't know how you ever find time to stitch or knit!I turned off my word verification but with all the spam email awaiting blog owner approval, I have got to turn it back on. What a pain!

  3. Linda says:

    Congrats on the finishes Ruth. They both turned out great. Your kids look adorable all decked out for school.Linda

  4. Love to see such an ambitious list, especially when you have that many kids to take care of!

  5. Kim says:

    Your kids are adorable and I am pretty sure getting them ready for a new term was a monumental task–I can just imagine the hub-bub of the night before the first day, in your home!Your owlie sack is so cute–isn't it a cute pattern? Baby will be so snuggled up in it.Take it easy on yourself, now more than ever–those next 94 days will be over in a flash!*smiles and a hug*

  6. Faith says:

    I'm not surprised you're tired, all your lot, school runs, after school activities, knitting and you're six(?) months pregnant? I'm tired just thinking of it all!Your dishcloth is another tick even if you feel you haven't done lots and the owlie sack is gorgeous.Hope you find your stride a bit better this week and a bit of rest between jobs.x

  7. Tricia says:

    Beautiful picture of the gang Ruth, I hardly recognised James with the hair cut, suits him though.Your knitting progress is great. Im so dis-organised this year in every aspect of crafts and even updating my own blog just seen how long since I updated it ooops :/.Hope you yourself is keeping well and I'll be in touch soon.

  8. Lucie says:

    I cannot believe how much they have all grown Ruth – look how tall James is – have you put him in the manure over the Summer??? They all look super smart in their uniforms and glad to hear they are enjoying their new school.The owlie sack is uber cute and baby will be snug as a bug in a rug in it 🙂

  9. Wow – I think you should cut yourself a little slack though! You're hardly lazing around doing nothing after all. I'm amazed by how much work it was getting one 4 year old ready for school (not helped by the inability of the uniform shop to get a cardi to fit her, but never mind). Anyway, your knitting is lovely but nowhere near as lovely as your children. Go get a cuppa and put your feet up 🙂

  10. Vickie says:

    Oh there you are dear Ruth. I did miss you! Lovely knitting. You are still getting it done! My, oh my! James! How tall! He looks just wonderful in that hair cut. Oh and little Benjamin, now included! Hooray! Such a big boy! What a great photo of you and that rascal Ruairi on your facebook. ♥ Do take care.

  11. nauget bluff says:

    the owlie sac is all ready and the kids look healthy and happy!

  12. Your kids are so cute, but you must be superwoman getting them all to school dressed, fed and on time! And the owlie sack is adorable!

  13. Nicole says:

    Such a lovely picture of the kids! Thanks for sharing it 🙂 Yay for finishing the owlie sack, it's adorable!

  14. Karoline says:

    Glad to hear everyone is settling into school, great photo.Your finishes are lovely

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