Morning Bloggers !

Its early and I’ve been up awhile but I have a reason which I’ll get to as part of my exciting news this post !

First off stitching or lack there of, my bug is gone on holidays !
I think its sitting in a lounger beside the sea relaxing and enjoying itself as it sure isn’t here with me !

I am supposed to be working on Hogwarts Crest to get it done in time for James birthday but that’s just not going to happen, sad but hey that’s sometimes how things go. I have cast on a beanie hat for him which he’s into wearing at the moment so he will be getting a handmade gift, just not the one originally planned.

This is where I am at with Hogwarts at the moment.

Hogwarts Crest where it stands at the moment.

I also mentioned last week a piece I was designing myself from a quote from a movie. Well I can show you what I have done so far, its not quite finished and needs a little more added to it.
Its a quote from the 2005 movie of Pride and Prejudice (now you can’t be surprised by that ! )

Pride and Prejudice Movie Quote

I’ve stitched this on 28 ct flax with Belle Soie Cranberry and I’ve done it in a style to match in with my other pieces on my Pride and Prejudice wall. Not even this exciting piece is enough to tempt my bug back so I shall give it a holiday and hopefully it will come back plenty rested and ready to go again. In the meantime I am knitting and knitting lots so I shall have updates, hopefully not to boring.

Now I did mention something about exciting news didn’t I ! … mmm this year has been eventful to say the least as some of you know and then you get thrown a curve ball and it turns out to be most exciting. Sometimes things happen for a reason and because they are needed even if you don’t think you need them !

OH yes the news, I guess you want to know now don’t you…or maybe you don’t lol..

We are expecting a baby !

Wow what a surprise this was but a most wonderful surprise and blessing. All is good thankfully and we will continue to pray that it is. We have had our scan and we have seen the baby. No we won’t be finding out if we are having a boy or girl, we didn’t with the others so we are not going to change that we will wait for the surprise at the end. The whole house seems to be so much lighter and happier now in spirit than it has been so far this year ! The children are excited and it is quite infectious.

Oh yes due date, we have the coolest date ever ! I know babies don’t come on their expected date but I sure am going to enjoy saying this due date, baby is due on the 12/12/12…told you it was cool !

Ok I think that’s enough news for now lol, Sunday I’ll be back with a YOP project post and I do have lots for my week to show everyone, so check back in then, even if your not a knitter lol.

Happy stitching,

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25 Responses to EXCITING NEWS !!

  1. Julie says:

    That's brilliant news,congrats to you and hubby and the rest of the family.I would definitely be ready for that date.DD came on the day. 🙂

  2. Lucie says:

    Congratulations to you all 🙂 It is the most exciting news ever and I can't wait to see the little bundle of joy :)Such brilliant news :):) Did I say it was brilliant ;-p

  3. Melissa says:

    Congratulations Ruth!!!! SO happy for you 🙂 We'll be looking forward to some cute baby pic's in the future!In the mean time I hope the stitching bug bites again soon! I just love your stitching. Melissa

  4. Vickie says:

    Hooray! Hooray! What a blessing! I am excited right along with your group! 🙂 I love the little Baby Count Down up top. Such fun we will have counting down.♥

  5. Congrats on your fantastic news!

  6. Wow! A HUGE congrats to you! I hope you have a hassle free pregnancy! I wish you all the best and happiness!Hogwarts is looking great sometimes projects just don't want to be finished on time and that's the way of things.Love the quote you've stitched up!

  7. Kathy A. says:

    Congratulations Ruth. That is wonderful news!

  8. Vickie says:

    00000 Ruth! TAG! YOU are it! Come see! http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  9. McKenna C. says:

    Congratulations! That's so exciting!! Awesome date btw. :)~McKenna

  10. Janine says:

    Congratulations to you and your family. Babies are so precious.

  11. SoCal Debbie says:

    Wow! Congratulations! What a fun due date, too! Now you'll probably be looking for a baby announcement to stitch instead of the rest of the CJC designs.

  12. Hely says:

    Congratulations!!! :)) Happpy news, I like these kind of news, heheI wish you all the best *hugs*And yes, I do agree, that is a cool date! Let's hope the baby agrees and decides to be born that day 😀

  13. stitcheranon says:

    Amazing news, many many congratulations!

  14. Kepanie says:

    What fantastic news! A new addition to the ohana. Ho'omaka'i!The crest is lookin' so awesome! Thanks for finding the link for me.

  15. I'm so happy for you and your family. What a blessing. Congratulations!

  16. Renee Anne says:

    Now, while I think you've lost your sanity (what with seven kids and another on the way), I hope things go well and he/she/it is just as fabulous as the other seven (SEVEN?!) are :)Of course, I'm sure that will be the case. But, really, you're going to have EIGHT kids! EIGHT! I can barely handle the one I have….Maybe that's why I didn't do well in daycare…

  17. Yana Hanim says:

    congrats for your pregnancy, I hope you will have an easy and smooth pregnancy :)I love the movie quote so much! soooo sweet and romantic 🙂

  18. Carol says:

    That is, indeed, exciting news, Ruth!! Congratulations to your and your husband 🙂

  19. Gillie says:

    Well, seems entirely appropriate to be congratulating you while making YOUR biscuits! Congratulations, Ruth, keep well.Those biscuits go down a treat at church functions and I am refusing to pass on the recipe until we leave to return to the States, lol! Can't have anyone else bringing them! It is a dreary, rainy Friday in Cheshire but brighter for your news!

  20. Faith says:

    Now how do you expect anyone to comment on your beautiful stitching when you drop that one in on the end of the post?!Brilliant news…..so very pleased for you all!BTW- beautiful stitching!

  21. Karoline says:

    Congratulations, I hope that you have a smooth pregnancy.Your stitching is looking lovely

  22. Kim says:

    Oh Ruth! That is the most exciting news! My 4th was a complete surprise and is such a joy to us. He is almost 17 years old and I keep wondering where my baby went. I wish you good health and for the baby too. A lovely early Christmas present for sure!! It seems a bit anti-climatic to mention your stitching after that happy bit of news, but I have to say that I am in love with your Pride and Prejudice piece. Do you think you will ever share your design. I have not stitched in ages, but I would so like to stitch this one up!*smiles and hugs and cheers send to you*

  23. Ewa says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! Congratulations! That is absolutely wonderful news. I always said I wouldn't have kids and now I find my clock ticking… hmmm…

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