Catching Up and Forest Walking

Afternoon bloggers,

I only realised today that I hadn’t updated my stitching this week. See this is what happens on holidays, our days are started when we wake, not to the awful alarm clock, there is no rushing to get out the door on time, if we get it done great if not well thats just great to lol. The only down side so far has been the terrible rain so far. The children are off a week and apart from an hour here or there outside they have been indoors so this afternoon we piled into the car to take advantage of the dry afternoon and we headed to the forest for a walk and to get rid of some built up energy.

We headed out to Mullaghmeen ( mull – a – mean ) which is just outside our town and happens to be the largest planted beech forest in Europe. Here is a link to some more info on it Mullaghmeen Forest

Here are a couple of photos from our afternoon, everyone enjoyed tramping around among the trees and mud and I had lots of happy tired faces on returning to the car !

Here we are at the start, we were doing the yellow trail today.

Princess Elizabeth decided to have a sit down for some of the way.

The boys walked it all and Elizabeth a good bit at the start and end, here they are having a rest at the end.

Alan and Caoimhe at the end.

Dominic and James checking out the other routes for the next day.

No doubt we’ll have more trips to the forest on other days, some of the longer trails will need the smaller ones staying at home but they should be good also.

I have been stitching this past week also in case you were wondering. I have been working on the Hogwarts Crest over the weekend and I have a small amount to fill in on the first page. Here is what it looks like.

Hogwarts Crest

On Saturday night I watched a movie and there was a quote in it I loved and decided on Sunday morning to try and chart it out for myself. I have to say this was totally enjoyable and I spent most of Sunday after mass and chores quiet happily with graph paper and pencil in my hand. I may be tempted to try doing more charting of things and ideas myself !
I won’t reveal a picture just yet, I’m currently doing out the stitching of it, I get to be my own sample stitcher rofl !
But I will reveal it next week if I get it all done. Once its done I will be going back to work on Hogwarts as James birthday is in August and I just don’t know will it get complete.

Happy stitching,

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10 Responses to Catching Up and Forest Walking

  1. CalamityJr says:

    What a fun outing! I'm looking forward to see the quote that made such an impact.

  2. Tricia says:

    I bet they had loads of fun Ruth. and Im sure you will get the crest finish which is turning out beautifully.

  3. Mouse says:

    oooo that looks a fun day out :)love the hogwarts crest and coooooo you've been designing can't wait to see it :)love mouse xxxx

  4. Thoeria says:

    So you followed the yellow brick road did you 🙂 And ofcourse Princess Elizabeth can have a ride….she is a princess you know! Love the stitching and can't wait to see what you've been designing!

  5. Vickie says:

    Hooray for designing! That's fun. Will be watching.What a wonderful forest trip. So nice that Elizabeth is able to walk a lot of it. 🙂

  6. Linda says:

    Great progress on Hogwarts. I really like that piece. Looks like your walk was alot of fun.Linda

  7. Silverlotus says:

    What a lovely (and cool) way to spend the day.The Hogwarts Crest is looking great.

  8. Kepanie says:

    You are such a fun one, Ruth! I adore you even though I have yet to meet you in person.Your stitching is so dynamic! Where did you find that kit?

  9. SoCal Debbie says:

    I love seeing the pics of all your happy children! How nice that you live close enough to a forest to have a walk. I'm sure you'll get the Hogwarts Crest finished and framed in time for James' birthday!

  10. Kim says:

    Hey busy mama–great job getting those dish cloths caught up. I am counting my 5 for the challenge I am doing, but still have 10 to do to get caught up–agh! Your children, as usual are adorable and I have to say that I like the way your Elizabeth thinks–totally how I would like to hike. I am sure you will get your crest done, as I am not sure I have seen you miss a deadline yet in the year I have known you!*smiles and cheery thoughts you way*

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