Great New Food Blog and some cake ;-)

As the title would suggest I’ve a new blog to tell you about. My brother has started up a new blog called Salthill Food Blogger (just hit on the title to bring you to his blog).
He is a professional chef by trade and has a cv that some chefs are envious of. I don’t mind bragging about him because he is a terrifically talented chef.
His blog has reviews of restaurants and some are off the beaten track hidden gems, now I know some of my readers are not here in Ireland but always handy to know if you ever visit. He is also doing lots of other posts foody related and will have recipes up on there to make your mouth water and will give ideas on menu’s if you ask him. So really a foody blog for anyone who loves food and recipes and if you want ideas. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed and give him a welcome to the land of blogging !

As you know earlier this week was Miss Elizabeth’s 2nd birthday and we made a cake. Now her favourite colour is pink so naturally we had to incorporate this into her cake !
Check it out, a pink swiss roll filled with pink cream and strawberry jam, decorated with more pink cream and sugar flowers in white and pink with pink sprinkles !! A feast of pinkness!!

Thank you all for the compliments of her bubble wrap dress, she had great fun in it and I think it could be the next fashion hit !! lol

School holidays have hit and I’m so glad, as some of you know this past six months has been tough going at times and with the children finishing school it marks the end of this period. They start in a new school in September and we will put behind us the behaviour of others and move on. My silence was not an acceptance of bad conduct directed towards us that was both illegal and immoral but rather a matter of getting us to this point where I would no longer have to have contact with such people. I tried to rise above it for the sake of the children and to make their passage to their school holidays as eventless as possible. 
I have remained quiet towards the people involved but I have a long memory and I’m fairly certain that when they look at me they will be reminded each time of how they behaved in such low down disgusting manner. Anyway it is behind us and we move onwards and upwards to better things, but I did just want to thank you all for your support and encouraging posts.

I’ll be back on Sunday with a YOP post for the first of our second year of the project so new list will be revealed then.
Also next week will be an update on some stitching, which I’m off now to try and get some done now that my days are more relaxed.

Happy Stitching/Knitting

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7 Responses to Great New Food Blog and some cake ;-)

  1. Lucie says:

    Onwards and upwards chick 🙂 The next 6 months will bring happiness and lots of new memories to be made! Those who were responsible for this upset will get what they deserve – it make time some time but it will come!!As for Eoin's blog – how can I resist the temptation of food!! It is my second love after stitching!I hope Miss Elizabeth had the most wonderful birthday and I am very, very, very jealous of her pink cake!!!L x

  2. Vickie says:

    A feast of pinkness! My kind of cake. Apparently Madeleine's also, she has told me she wants a pink cake coming up soon. :)I checked out your brother's new blog. It was interesting to read all about the food,me being all the way over here in the U.S. I voted on his blog too. Looks like he will be reviewing close to your home next!

  3. Thoeria says:

    You're such a lady, Ruth 🙂 I don't think I could be so calm and reserved!Loved Elizabeth's bubble dress…..I'd want one too but just the thought of my behind in one scares me :DThe cake looks delish….pink is just the perfect colour! Will be visitng your brother's blog too… a blog about food…how can I *not* go visit!

  4. Kepanie says:

    So sorry your ohana had to experience crap like that. KARMA!Moving on…I LOVE how you go all out in cakes! Such a sweet and pretty one this pink one is.

  5. Faith says:

    I'm glad the hols have finally come around for you, looking forward is much better than looking back, I'm sure it will be onwards and upwards!That cake looks gorgeous, you know me and cakes, especially if they're pink, why can't my boys request a pink cake?I will definitely check out your brother's blog, I am a foody through and through! We were watching a tv programme last night set at an old country house called Bantry (?) house and they started a pop-up restaurant with a famous Irish chef whose name now escapes me, it was lovely, plus they went to Balymaloe which I have a cook book from….I'm probably talking about places which are hundreds of miles away from you, you know we Welsh get it too….'oh, your from Wales, do you know Mrs. Jones?' lol.

  6. Silverlotus says:

    Yum, the cake looks fabulous! If it wasn't for the heat, I'd be doing some baking today because now I need a cake. lol!I'm sorry you and your children had a hard time. Good for you for rising above it, and I sincerely hope everything will be much,much better at their new school.

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