YOP Update

Morning Bloggers !

I am a day late with this post and its not where I’ve been knitting a whole lot because in fact I’ve not picked up my knitting in just over two weeks, I don’t know where my knitting bug is gone, perhaps its lying on a beach somewhere in the sun but it sure ain’t here with me ! lol

In the mean time I have been looking over whats left on my list and thinking about what I want to do for next year so apart from 1 item which I’ll be removing I’m keeping the rest and adding one or two more items, I’m also going to loosely group things together so instead of picking particular patterns at the start I’m going to just list them i.e hats, socks, scarves etc and a rough number as to how many I’m hoping to complete.

I’m also 6 weeks behind on my cloths so this week I’m going to aim to get 2 cloths knit and hope that my bug will return with that, something nice and small might do the trick !

I’ve no pictures this week so I won’t bore you with a long post.

Happy knitting,

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6 Responses to YOP Update

  1. Vickie says:

    Hi Ruth! Don't be too hard on yourself. Nice weather only comes so often. And you do have SEVEN children!! Enjoy your week, I am sure you will get your 2 cloths done.♥

  2. Something small usually does do the trick for me! I just go with the flow – some weeks I knit a lot, some weeks not so much. See you next week!

  3. Thoeria says:

    I think it's the weather Ruth – I always find that I have no interest in knitting when spring and summer comes knocking on my door! Now that it's winter though, I am finding the idea of knitting so very appealing!

  4. Hi Ruth, thanks so much for you comment, you are so lovely. I love Jane Austen too :-)))You can purchase the pattern just sending me an e mail.Thanks so much!

  5. I love the idea of your knitting having fun in the sun. It seems that as the end of Year 1 approaches, a lot of us are shifting projects to our Year 2 list…

  6. Kim says:

    I am sure your knitting is enjoying a nice little vacation but will return soon enough. I like the way you are thinking of grouping your YOP list for next year.I am considering the same thing. This year helped show me what is realistic for me to plan. *smiles*

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