YOP Update

 Morning Bloggers !

Its been a couple of weeks since I updated for the year of projects but the second half of this month has been unbelievably busy, even by my busy standards. It has left little to no room for knitting at all.

I have done some more on the toe up socks and I am as far as the gusset and heel on the second now. A little further on than this picture. The second one went better with the cast on so a bit more practise and I may just get to like toe up socks.

I am a couple of weeks behind on the dishcloth challenge but when I get this pair of socks finished I’m going to have a knitting dishcloth catch up lol get myself back on track.

We are also having a second year of the year of projects so I’m gathering together a list and there will be some surprises on there. I am thinking in not making it so detailed as in picking specific patterns now but instead listing what I want to make ie. hats socks, cloths etc and when I reach that part of the list then picking the pattern.

Happy Knitting,

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7 Responses to YOP Update

  1. Faith says:

    Great socks, like the grey, that looks familiar is it your lidl's stuff, as my grey looks like that.I joined this years YOP about a month in, and not realising everyone chose specific patterns, the main of mine was just items, although there were some must dos on there. I think I would be inclined to do the same again, so I keep up.Hope your busy weekend went well!

  2. Vickie says:

    Look like very nice socks. I know you, you'll be caught up very soon. Sounds like a good idea on the yop.

  3. Some people absolutely swear by toe-up construction. I use it when I want to make sure to use every last inch of yarn, but otherwise, I suppose I still prefer cuff down. It does get easier with practice though, doesn't it?I should get organized on a few dishcloths too. Can't wait to see the pattern(s) you pick!

  4. Sandy says:

    Love the colors in your socks. Sounds like you'll be a pro in no time. Nice new template here on your blog. What dish cloth challenge are you involved with?

  5. Marsha says:

    Love the color. Glad you are giving toe up a chance. They are great fun to do and you can do them 2 at a time also on magic loop (If you want to give that a try sometime)

  6. Tricia says:

    Ruth fab projects as always and you'll catch up in no time.

  7. kate says:

    It really doesn't feel like a year since picking out the current projects, does it? I'm thinking about being a little less specific with projects but more ambitious with quantity.Lovely socks. I think I'll stick with cuff down for the moment.

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