IHSW and catch up

Morning Bloggers !

You better grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair its a long one this morning.

Last week I left you starting off the rotation on the fishing project for my Dads birthday.
This is being stitched on 28ct white evenweave (I know rare for me to use it, its very bright ! lol) and I’m using Anchor threads on this one.
This is where I left it after its crazy start back in January.

Fishing Picture – Before

This is where I left it after its 10 hour rotation. Now its not a great pic but I actually got most of the centre of the first page done and all to right of the green is really light shades of blue in half stitches some with two and some with one thread. Its a bit confusing sorting out the different symbols and remembering whether I’m doing half or full stitches and using one or two threads but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

Fishing Picture – after

After this I moved onto the Hogwarts Crest for James Birthday.
I’m still filling in a lot of black and have already used one skein on this so far lol.

Hogwarts Crest – before

I’m pleased with how far I’ve gotten on this in this rotation and have a little black left to do and then its colour fill in and thats the first page done.

Hogwarts Crest – after

Then with bil passing away and all going on I forgot about starting my sal with Linda over at Stitchin with my Furbabies on Thursday night but remembered this weekend which happened to be IHSW. I didn’t get much done on Saturday but was able to get some time on Sunday and so I stitched on our LHN The Old West piece and I promise Linda I will remember this Thursday.

This I’m stitching on 28ct mocha something evenweave. Now don’t ask me what I know its 28ct and its a mottled mocha colour and all I do know is I purchased it from willow fabrics but they don’t come with the colour of fabric on them so for someone like me thats a total disaster as I can’t ever remember. I am using DMC threads on this piece and when complete this chart will be up for a giveaway also so watch this space.

Here is where I left it after its crazy January start.

The Old West – before
The Old West – after

Nearly there now I promise lol.
I also did some crochet at the weekend and if you check out the post before this you’ll be able to see some pictures of it.
Now it was my best friend Lucie’s birthday during the week and she was going away for a holiday for her birthday and I did post her parcel before she left but it didn’t get there in time and in fact I forgot the chocolate and charts I’d bought her so in fact I only sent half her present lol… she’s used to me by now
Anyway she got it thankfully when she got back and it arrived all in one piece a miracle I’d say as I took the chance on sending her a framed picture. Its a Lizzie Kate piece and she’s crazy about Lizzie Kate and tea in fact lol.

I also made this cute little pincushion from the Primitive Hare it was a freebie on their blog.

I did remember to post on the rest of her present lol.

That is all I have for you this week on the stitching front this week, not bad considering all that was going on.
The rotation is back round again to the fishing picture so I will press on with that later today, first the dreaded shopping must be done as there wasn’t a chance before that and then pre school work with the small children and then some stitching time this evening I hope after meals, bedtimes and big peoples homeworks.

Happy stitching,

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19 Responses to IHSW and catch up

  1. dulcinella says:

    Well you sure have some interesting projects going on. I like the colors on your dad's fishing present very much! And I guess your friend was very happy with your presents. If you send only half of them in the first place, well, she got twice a present which is even better!Hope things will calm down for you starting for today and you'll have lots of stitching time.

  2. stitcheranon says:

    Goodness, a lot going on! I love the 'Please enter your pin' cushion. Very witty. And I never, ever remember what fabrics are what so you are not alone!

  3. Tricia says:

    Ruth you sure did get some catch up, loving the crest and cant wait to see more of your dads project.Lucie present is fab I was happy to hear it arrived in one piece.

  4. Vickie says:

    This rotation program is continuing to work very well for you. Everything looks great! I have to write down all fabric colors and names. I just need to keep track of the small notes!! ♥

  5. Lucie says:

    Phew! I go away for a week and there you go flying with your needle :)I loved my presents – so very me, you know me too well :p and it will extend my birthday even further waiting for the next installment – can you keep that going for the whole of the year ;-pAll of your projects are looking fab and can't wait for the next installment xx

  6. I wish rotation could work for me but then I get really into one project and who cares about the others lol. I never remember the name of my fabrics and I think I only know 3 by looking at them, white, waterlily and potato lol

  7. Julie says:

    The crest is really coming along,so to is Fishing.Sorry to hear about BIL.

  8. Joysze says:

    Ruth, you've been busy. WIPs look great, and the pin cushion cracked me up. Too cute!!

  9. McKenna C. says:

    Your stitching is beautiful! I love all of the pieces! The Lizzie*Kate especially. :)~McKenna

  10. Sandy says:

    Tea for two is darling and I'm loving the fishing one for your Dad. Been out of town and missed several yop posts, but being part of a weekly blog thing am making my rounds.

  11. Linda says:

    Great progress on all you pieces Ruth. I love the LK you did for your friend.Linda

  12. You have gotten a lot accomplished! Love your LK framed piece for your friend! I'll bet she was just tickled!

  13. Bea says:

    You got in some excellent progress. Aren't IHSW weekends wonderful?

  14. Anne says:

    Your needles have been smokin'!!! Great job on all your WIP's! I love the Tea for Two! That frame is perfect!!

  15. Ewa says:

    Nice job! You ought to be proud of yourself with that progress

  16. ♥ Nia says:

    So many wips!! 🙂 Good progress!!

  17. Melissa says:

    Great job on all your projects! I am looking forward to seeing more of The Old West 🙂

  18. Marcy says:

    Love the 'pin' cushion — it made me chuckle. Your other pieces are coming along nicely.

  19. milly says:

    HelloYour projects are looking lovely.Your Please Enter Your Pin is so sweet and your L*K framed piece is just great.Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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