Another finish and frame and some dancing :)

Morning bloggers !

Stitching update this week sees another crazy finish and some work on a wip.

After last weeks update I was ready to work on the Horses picture for Caoimhe’s birthday, not expecting it to be finished in this rotation I was thrilled to put the last stitch in. I managed to fnid a cheap enough frame and the kit came with a horsey mount of its own. I can’t recall the name of the kit but I did replace the aida with antique white evenweave and used the threads from the kit.

Horses Kit close up
Horses all framed up

This is the fourth crazy piece finished and framed so I’m pleased with that.
After finishing the horses I hauled out the Taj Mahal piece I worked on last year and did a 10 hour rotation on this. I like the simplicity of a couple of colours used to effect. I may do some more next time round or I may leave it for when I feel the need to work on an uncomplicated piece.

Taj Mahal – before

Taj Mahal – after

I’m now half way through the rotation on my Dad’s birthday piece, a fishing picture. So updates on that next week along with the next project or two.
This weekend is IHSW so you know what that means, clear the calender and settle yourself down to a weekend of stitching. To join in the fun pop over to to Joysze’s blog HERE and sign up.

I leave you now with a photo of Benjamin and Elizabeth dancing 🙂
They had been dancing round the sitting room as I knitted the other day and posed perfectly for the snap lol.

Benjamin and Elizabeth

Happy stitching,

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18 Responses to Another finish and frame and some dancing :)

  1. Vickie says:

    Squee! Too cute! Benjamin and Elizabeth are darling. So glad you have Caoimhe's Horses done already. 🙂 ♥

  2. Shirlee says:

    Benjamin & Elizabeth are so cute! Nice finish & nice WIP : )

  3. Renee Anne says:

    I love when little kids dance together, even if it's just holding hands and swaying back and forth. They're adorable when they do that. Little Man just shakes his own booty…I'm not sure that he'd let anyone else dance with him. Hmmm…

  4. McKenna C. says:

    Congratulations on the finish! It's beautiful! Oh I LOVE children, and they are adorable!! Can't wait to see more of the Taj Mahal…..~McKenna

  5. Linda says:

    Such a beautiful photo of your children – very sweet.Love your horse finish it looks great all framed up and well done on pulling out another old WIP.

  6. Caoimhe is really lucky, the horses are gorgeous congratulations :DGreat progress on Taj Mahal 😀 I loved seeing this picture on the mag so I can't wait to see more of your progress :)And Benjamin and Elizabeth are so cute 🙂

  7. Linda says:

    Congrats on another finish Ruth. It turned out great. Your kids are so adorable. You can sure tell their related.Linda

  8. Ewa says:

    So I'm going to be blatantly honest. I don't really like kids – could take them or leave them honestly and would be perfectly happy if I never had any. BUT OMG THAT IS THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER! I'm glad you shared it 🙂

  9. Sarah Beth says:

    Love the horses finish. Its just gorgeous.

  10. SoCal Debbie says:

    Oh what a fantastic photo of your children! Congrats on the horse picture finish and framed already too! Taj Mahal looks great!

  11. Carol says:

    The horses are so handsome, Ruth, but your children–oh, I just want to hug them!! What little darlings 🙂

  12. Awww the kiddies are so cute!Great job on the horse piece! TajMahal is going to be lovely!

  13. milly says:

    HelloI love your horse finish it looks great in the frame you chose.Lovely start on the Taj Mahal.Benjamin and Elizabeth are so cute!

  14. I love the blue fabric you are using for Taj Mahal, and your horse piece looks wonderful 🙂

  15. love the pics….cute kids too…

  16. Joysze says:

    Awwwww…. Benjamin and Elizabeth are darling!!!! Goodness…. look at those smiles. :DThe horsies look amazing and Taj is looking great. 😀

  17. Valentina says:

    Congrats for finishing horses! Your children are super cute!

  18. Mangogirl says:

    gorgeous finish 😀 the kids are so cute!

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