A Finish and A Start

Morning Bloggers !

The weather has indeed cooled so today after this update its time to spring clean the inside, seeing as I’ve the outside all done. What is it with this time of year and the need to dust and clean and wash everything within an inch of its life? lol

Anyway I won’t bore you or myself with the list of proposed jobs for today and will move right onto showing you the finish I have.

Its the hunting picture for Hubby’s birthday. It did indeed take one more round on the rotation and I’m pleased its all done and in lots of time, way to go me (this never happens BTW lol). I’ve not framed this one yet as I’m not sure what frame I’m getting and its an extra expense now that may have to wait a bit but we’ll see. I’m really pleased with how this turned out and thank you all for the encouragement during it. It is not my normal stitching subject matter but I’m pleased I got it done. I wonder if next year hubby would like flowers or something that is my normal lol- I think not !
This was a pattern from a Zweigart Book called The Great Hunting and its book No 114. Its stitched on 28ct Antique White and uses the recommended DMC threads.

Finished – The Hunting Picture

I did work on a birthday present for my best friend Lucie so can’t show you any pictures of that as she’ll see and it has to be a surprise so pictures of that after she receives and opens it.
This I finished on Saturday night and I was then left on Sunday to debate starting the next project on the rotation or the sneaky little pattern I had my eye on….
I did try to resist but its going to be an anniversary gift for our wedding anniversary this May so I figured I had to start it now..well that’s my excuse for squeezing in another project and I’m sticking to it.
Do you want to know what I picked ?
Well ok I’ll tell you lol.
I recently bought The Sampler Girls “My Everything” It takes 3 lines out of the WH Auden Poem “Stop All The Clocks” its also known as Funeral Blues and if you don’t know the poem then you may have seen the film 4 Weddings and a Funeral in which its featured..
This is what I’ve done so far..

I’m stitching this on 28ct Jobelan Dark Red and using my Belle Soie silk Icing Sugar. I have an idea of how I want to finish this piece and I think its going to make a wonderful anniversary gift.

So although I’ve not hit on all my rotation pieces this week I did manage to get in over 22 hours of stitching and with having spent most of my time in the garden I’m pleased with that. It means my stitching bug is back and this is about 10 hours short of what I normally do in a week. Stitching is a stress reliever and gives me some down time.

Replacing the hunting picture is my Dad’s gift of a fisherman, he loves to fish and with so many lakes around us he has ample opportunities. Once the piece “My Everything” is complete and I’m reckoning it will take just a one 10 hour round I’ll move back onto the Hogwarts Crest piece  and carry on from there.

Now I have delayed the spring cleaning long enough and must get to it.
Thursday is dishcloth challenge update where I will have the last Harry Potter cloth and Sundays is YOP update.

Happy stitching,

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18 Responses to A Finish and A Start

  1. Mouse says:

    ohhh my ssshhh re the cleaning will you …well done on the hunting picture finish … and I've just bought the same sampler girl chart too heheheh off to go and put the kettle on and think about stitching erm cleaning ..lol love mouse xxxxx

  2. Linda says:

    Well done on finishing the hunting picture it looks wonderful and a fantastic birthday present. Thinking this picture would suit one of our friends.Wishing you a speedy stitch with your wedding anniversary project.We're lucky here and still enjoying some sunshine, although it was a bit cooler this morning when I got up.Enjoy the spring cleaning. x

  3. Vickie says:

    Enjoyable spring cleaning?? I just don't know about that!! Ian's picture turned out great, hope you are able to get it framed soon. :)♥

  4. Ewa says:

    Congrats on your finish! We're doing spring cleaning here, too. There's so much! It's amazing how things (and dust) pile up!

  5. SoCal Debbie says:

    The hunting picture looks wonderful. What a nice idea for your anniversary gift! Have a happy cleaning day!

  6. McKenna C. says:

    Congrats on your finish!

  7. Linda says:

    Congrats on finishing the Hunter. He turned out great. (Oh you put me to such shame Ruth) lol I spent the last 4 days working on Robin Hood. I really want to get it done this week. Another 4 – 5 days should get it done. I really like the fishing picture your doing for your Dad. Is that in a magazine? Another great start too.Linda

  8. Thoeria says:

    Happy twirls for finishing the hunting pic with time to spare Ruth! And oooo I love that poem 🙂 Lookign forward to seeing how you finish it!

  9. Topcho says:

    Congrats on the finish! It look wonderful. Oh, and now you got me curious about this poem, I don't know it and I haven't seen the movie either, but I really like the beginning so I shold check it!

  10. Lucie says:

    Well done on getting the hunting picture finished – am sure you are not feeling well as this is finished with loads of time and really is not like you!!! ;-pNow, what did you stitch for me?? I won't tell anyone, promise :-pLook forward to seeing your next lot of rotation and the anniversary piece is just gorgeous and red (now there is another surprise :-p) L xx

  11. I'm so glad I found your blog. It's uplifting for me to see all of your projects, read about your projects and inspiring. Although I'm not a stitcher, I do knit and you're making me wonder if I should give it a go with cross stitch. Something to think about.

  12. Mangogirl says:

    lovely finish 🙂

  13. Congrats on the finish! Great birthday present for your hubby. =)

  14. I did a sepia toned fishing piece for Todd, darned near put me to sleep! Actually I do recall at least once falling asleep while I worked on it!Good for you for powering through and getting it done!

  15. Congratulations on your wonderful finish – I cannot wait to see it framed! I like outdoorsy scenes 🙂

  16. Enjoyable Spring, yes. Cleaning, No.Great work on your hunting finish! I am sure your DH will love it!

  17. Karoline says:

    Congratulations on finishing the hunting picture & what a cute new start

  18. Margaret says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your sweet comments. I love what you made for your DH — very pretty! Nice WIP as well.

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