Theme-a-licious and Goal Setting

Its time to catch up on Theme-a-licious for March and take a look at whats going to be happening in April both with a new theme and goal wise.

First off March’s theme was March Madness.

I figured I could work on enough projects in March through knitting and stitching that it would be Madness lol. oh boy how little did I know, it was my whole personal life that took a Madness turn and although calming down it certainly was a curve ball.
I did manage to get in some knitting finishes, socks, beanie’s and dishcloths to name a few and stitching wise well some got done.

Finished Socks

One of this months 5 cloths

Finished Topograph Cowl

Finished and Framed themed piece

April’s theme is

Amazon April

Dip your needle into the vast swath of fabric dedicated to your BIGGEST projects!

Well I have finished hubby’s hunting picture (update on that on Monday with pics) so I can add in a new project into my rotation.
Three of the projects now in the rotation are big.

1. Fishing Picture for my Dad ( I seem to have a sport thing going on for the men lol)
2. Hogwarts Crest
3. Horses – this is the smallest of the projects
4. Sanctuary of Knowledge.

Sanctuary of Knowledge would be my biggest project by far and with my rotation I’m hoping to get 20 hours put in on it this month.
If you want to read up or join in on any of the theme’s this year check out Geeky Heather’s blog at
It’s Geek to Me

Now last month I set goals for March which some were met and some weren’t and with the month I had I’m pleased with what I did get done, lets take a look.

March Goals –

  • Complete hubby’s hunting picture. DONE
  • Make good progress on both the Hogwarts Crest and the Fishing picture both birthday presents for later in the year and are being added to the rotation this month. SORT OF DONE- Hogwarts was worked on but not the fishing picture.
  • Complete Caoimhe’s horse picture for her birthday. HALF DONE
  • Complete an ornament for March.NOT DONE
  • Knit 4 dishcloths. DONE
  • Finish February’s scarf and complete a scarf for March. NEARLY DONE- February’s scarf is done and March’s is half done.
  • Knit a Slytherin Beanie.NOT DONE – started but not finished.
  • Finish Caoimhe’s socks and get another cast on. DONE
  • Knit my cowl pattern. DONE

 As I said before this monthly goal setting was not my original idea, Dani at Black Belt Stitching Wizard is the one who encouraged all her readers at the start of the year to try this and after trying it I fell in love with the whole process.

So Aprils goals are going to be.

April Goals –

  • Get 20 hours of stitching in on each of the following, Fishing Picture, Hogwarts Crest and Sanctuary of Knowledge
  • Finish Caoimhe’s Horses Picture
  • Knit 4 Dishcloths
  • Finish March’s scarf and cast on another for April
  • Finish the Slytherin Beanie and cast on the Hufflepuff one.
  • Cast on another pair of socks.

Not to ambitious but something to work towards.

Have you tried out goal setting, how’s it working out for you ?
Tomorrow is quick update for YOP projects and Monday a stitching update for this weeks stitching.

Happy stitching,

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9 Responses to Theme-a-licious and Goal Setting

  1. Vickie says:

    I think you did excellent Ruth, all things considered this month! I do set goals for myself, but they look teensy, tiny compared to yours! 😦 Oh well!

  2. Tricia says:

    Ruth a big well done on achieving so much in March, once back from Edinburgh think Im going to have set my goals for April.

  3. Sherrie says:

    Hi!Great job! Love those socks! Have a great day!SherrieFood for Thought

  4. Otter says:

    I love seeing your knitting project. I remember my mother and grandmother knitting, I never had the coordination to keep good tension when I tried so I stuck with cross stitching. I've often wondered how I'd do now, but I don't have anyone to re-teach me, and I'm a do-er. I may need to start setting some goals to help keep me focused. I get pretty scattered sometimes. With all you were going through last month I think you did great toward your goals.Cindy

  5. Hi, returning the following!Great work on the Theme-a-licious this month.

  6. Thoeria says:

    Considering the month you've had I think you've done great on your goals Ruth! I've given it a try this month – will be posting about it tomorrow as I am just too lazy right now 🙂

  7. Such lovely knitting this month, and you managed a lot of finishes! I can't wait to see progress pictures for your Amazon April projects!

  8. TeresaB says:

    You managed to get a lot done! Such beautiful knitting projects. Looking forward to seeing your April projects.

  9. Shannon says:

    You've been really productive! Your Harry Potter cloths have been to fun to see – great colors and patterns!

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