Update and Dishcloth Challenge.

Afternoon bloggers!

Today the children had a half day for their Easter holidays so I am doing one little happy dance. I can safely turn off the alarm and although I will be awake at the same time I just won’t be woken to the buzzzzzz of it, have I mentioned before I really really dislike my alarm clock lol.

Pull up a chair and grab a large mug of tea, a cup will never last the length of this post lol.

I am a day late in doing my dishcloth challenge update as yesterday evening we had Caoimhe’s first Confession.
Here is Caoimhe before we left for Church.

Here is Caoimhe making her Confession, for their first time the children all go up to the priest one at a time on the altar.

This is Caoimhe on the way down and is by far my favourite photo of the night, just look at that smile ! beautiful.

Here is Ruairí in the church with my Dad, as you can see for the special occasion it was he wanted to wear his tie ! The fact he was wearing his favourite rugby top didn’t seem to matter to him lol. It was one of those mastercard moments….priceless.

We had a party afterwards which the children all enjoyed with cakes and buns and it just made the evening that little bit more memorable.
Nicola asked if on her communion I’d share some photos and of course I will, she has the most wonderful dress even if I do say so myself and I know its not about the dress but at the same time when will a little girl get to be so dressed it, it all adds to the specialness.

This blog it seems has becoming a diary of sorts with events happening in our lives as well as stitching and knitting and I’m liking the direction its taking. I guess it was only natural as the children take up 90% of what I do on a daily basis…I like to think I have that other 10% to myself but who am I kidding rofl…

I’ve been in the garden of late and looking at today the weather has cooled and dulled a bit but not before I’ve gotten the lawns trimmed and the flower beds done.
Here is my wheelbarrow I fill each year with bedding plants, this is whats in it this year, some pansies and last years ones lasted the entire summer they were excellent value for money lol.

This is my flower bed where I put some bedding plants into, its very much a work in progress, the bags behind are mulch to put on when I’ve finished planting in it this year. This needs to come on another bit so I’ll take another picture later in the season.

Ruairí and Elizabeth were enjoying the fine weather the other day in their play area.

Now I did say I had a dishcloth update as well lol. I finished Dominic’s cloth which was a Wimbourne  Wasp one, a quidditch team featured in the Harry Potter books. He wanted a black and yellow colourway.

All the Harry Potter patterns I’ve used are all free downloads on Ravelry, if you just in this case search Wimbourne Wasp you’ll locate it as with all of the previous ones. I’ve one more cloth to knit for Caoimhe and then they all have their picks knitted up so I’m free to pick some plainish ones for myself and I do have a gift set to knit up.

Well I think that’s long enough, if you’ve reached this far I’m guessing you need a refill lol.

Sunday will be a YOP update and Monday I’ll have a stitching update.
Until then,
Happy knitting,

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8 Responses to Update and Dishcloth Challenge.

  1. Vickie says:

    Oh wow! Where do I start? How about with Caoimhe? Ruth, I truly don't know what is wrong with me. I was so moved by your pics of her and the priest, and in church with that smile, I cried. Weirdo maybe. I think I was taking a trip to my own first confession maybe. You have some most excellent photos in this post! Your father and the boys, it is PRICELESS! And just look at the little trouble makeres in that circle!! Give them a squeeze for me would you? Such detail on that wasp, I am impressed Ruth. And you know I love the pansies, my favorite!!♥

  2. Carin says:

    Beautiful pictures of the children and your daughters smile says it all, doesn't it?I also love the pictures of Ruairí, what a little man that is… he is enjoying, you can see that… i think he has a great humor don't he?Love your pansies… I just put some in my pots in the garden, love the colors of the flowers !

  3. Faith says:

    How lovely, Caoimhe looks very happy, it's lovely to have your blog to journal these special moments.it's been lovely with the sun shining, i'v got a few jobs done, although I must admit I felt it a lot chillier today, so don't feel so keen to garden!Your dishcloth is brilliant, it looks very complicated!Have a good weekend.x

  4. Stacy says:

    Yea, congratulations on your daughter's First Communion. What a glorious event. I love your garden and now, I will have to put that dishcloth in my Ravelry que. Love reading your updates.

  5. Kim says:

    What a sweet girl–that last picture of her with her hands folded captures the moment perfectly. What a lovely time for your whole family.I wish I cold say that I have been working on my garden, but that would be lying. 😉 After the soaking rain we received yesterday, on top of all the other March rain, we are now the 5th rainiest March on record for our area–boo!Still no dishcloth for me yet—I am hoping to get on track real soon–but then again, I have been saying that for weeks!I hope you have a lovely weekend–*smiles*

  6. Linda says:

    They truly are precious moments to have captured and they seem so happy too.Well done on the dishcloth – I bought some cotton the other day and thought I might have a go at a plainer one as you have inspired me so much.The garden will look beautiful as you've already made such a wonderful start on it.Have a great weekend.

  7. Mouse says:

    ohhhh just love the photos you got …. her face says it all at the end 🙂 and the wee man and his tie as you say priceless …. gorgeous dishcloth tooand great play photos and your gardening is coming along lovely too … not done much to mine yet :(love mouse xxxxx

  8. Thoeria says:

    Beautiful photo's Ruth 🙂 I say it again – you have such gorgeous kiddies! I love pansies – reminds me of the flowers in Alice in Wonderland 🙂

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