YOP Update

Morning bloggers !

I’m doing a little happy dance today as I’ve had two finishes this week off my yop list.

First off I finished the Ravenclaw beanie so now its all ready for Alan’s birthday on Tuesday. This just leave the Slytherin and Hufflepuff beanies left to be knit. Slytherin is being cast on this week.

Ravenclaw Beanie

I know I said this week I’d cast on the cowl but I decided to finish off my Victorian Spring Scarf first and get March’s scarf ready to cast on. I added more repeats until I was at a length I was happy with and its currently blocking so here is a picture of it finished but unblocked. This HERE is the pattern.

Victorian Spring Scarf

March’s scarf is a Branching Out scarf. This HERE is the pattern and here’s a picture of the pattern and yarn. This will be cast on this week.

I also worked on Caoimhe’s sock and its now as far as the heel. The plan this week is to do the heel and as much of the foot part as I can.

I leave you now with a picture of Elizabeth she wanted to pose for this picture with her poodle cardigan on lol.

Happy Knitting

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20 Responses to YOP Update

  1. Vickie says:

    Oh Elizabeth! Now you KNOW I LOVE that little sweater, don't you Ruth?! Perfect and sweet. ā™„ The Victorian Spring Scarf is excellent. I see you are going for it with another challenging beauty, the Branching Out Scarf. So glad Alan's beanie is done in plenty of time. šŸ™‚

  2. Renee Anne says:

    She's got a little sass in her face (which I love). I think once upon a time, I had both those scarves in my queue. Then I realized they weren't for me. Oh well. Maybe someday…

  3. Thoeria says:

    Oh Ruth…little Miss 'Lizabeth looks only too cute! Love your scarf and so pleased that you've got Alan's beanie all done – no late night knitting for you to get this one done :)Your March scarf project is divine – looks very complicated!

  4. Linda says:

    Doesn't she look sweet in her jumper. Love the look of your scarves – you amaze me with all your challenges.

  5. Sandy says:

    She is soooooooo cute. Love the colors in the socks, your scarf is awesome, very pretty and great hat. You've been busy….well done.

  6. Lucie says:

    Well doesn't Little Miss Elizabeth look adorable in her cardigan – I can see why she wanted to show it off šŸ™‚ I cannot believe how much she has grown and she is the spit of Ruairi!Well done on your completions – the scarf if fab and I love the green colour for the next one. Keep hopping Caiomhe – your second sock is nearly done :-p

  7. Kate says:

    What a sweetheart! Beautiful scarf, and looking forward to seeing the socks as a pair! Do you have any more planned?I have to own up and say that I have squidged that exact colourway of Manos many, many times. I can't wait to see how it works up! kx

  8. Cris says:

    You are doing a fab job on your list. I really like that scarf – the color and design are really nice.

  9. Keri says:

    What a busy week! I love the scarf.

  10. Goodness, you've got lots accomplished this week. The beanie is really cute and the scarf pattern is also lovely. Looks like you've got the perfect yarn for a spring start to Branching Out.

  11. Tricia says:

    Oh ruth thew scarf is fab and I ;ove the colour, as for little miss Elizabeth, like Lucie I cant believe how much she grown and have to agree with lucie on how much she and Ruairi are alike :0)

  12. Faith says:

    Well done you to get scarf and hat done, hat done in perfect timing too….how satisfying. The sock is looking good, how do you do it all!Your daughter is a little star, bless her.Have a great week.x

  13. Your knitting work is amazing Ruth! I am in love with your socks (now that's not something you hear everyday, is it? *lol)

  14. Kim says:

    Hi Ruth!What a great thing to be excited about–finished objects! Everything looks great, and I predict Alan will be over the moon with his special hat. :)I just took a peek at Branching Out, and love it–as well as your newly finished one. You do a beautiful job with all you do and amaze me with how much you accomplish with so many little people in your life!I hope to have a dishcloth done this week, but it might not be until the weekend, versus this upcoming Thursday. *smiles*

  15. Beautiful finishes. I love the scarf, it's absolutely gorgeous

  16. AndiSocial says:

    Excellent job knocking out those WIPs!

  17. Liz says:

    You've been really busy! The hat and the scarf look great. Good luck with Branching Out – I was going to do that one, but I couldn't get my cast on loose enough and the bottom kept curving – but I think the problem was the yarn I was using more than anything else šŸ™‚ The sock is looking good and Elizabeth is so cute in her cardi!

  18. Joysze says:

    Love the knitting and Elizabeth is adorable!!!

  19. Congrats on the finishes! I did that Branching Out scarf, and I have to say the "chart" for the lace left much to be desired. I made a new one, so if you're planning on stitching from the chart, let me know and I'll dig it up and email you a copy. I couldn't tell, for instance, what two stitches were being k2tog'ed, so it was impossible to find/fix a mistake a couple rows back.

  20. Kepanie says:

    You have such great projects. I really like that Ravenclaw beanie. Can't wait to see the Victorian scarf after blocking.

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