Dishcloth Challenge Update

Afternoon Everyone 🙂

This week Ruairí’s name was pulled from the tub so he got his cloth knitted up for him. His Harry Potter themed dishcloth was the Elixir of Euphoria and he wanted red and black for his colours and he was most adamant where he wanted them and there would be no persuading lol.

Harry Potter Elixir of Euphoria

I used again the King Cole Bamboo for this in red and black and I used a smaller needle 3.5mm for a tighter knit. These cloths do need a blocking but there is no way I’d be given that much time to do it, they are taken as soon as they come off the needles and put in the bathroom for use immediately lol. So you will have to excuse the pictures.

Harry Potter Elixir of Euphoria

Harry Potter Elixir of Euphoria

This pattern was a free Ravelry download and can be found HERE

When all the children are home from school later another name shall be drawn, all I can tell you is it will be another Harry Potter theme lol. Have you gotten the idea that the children especially James are Harry Potter mad 🙂

As I said last week Benjamin does not appear in front of the lens of the camera to often but I did manage to capture two photos of him this week, only two though mmmm..
This one he posed for

This one which is my favourite I caught him on the hop

As always thank you for your lovely and wonderful comments I enjoy reading them very much.

Happy knitting,

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12 Responses to Dishcloth Challenge Update

  1. Lucie says:

    The cloth is really think they will be allowed to be blocked! Silly Mummy :-p Benjamin is just such a cutie and in those photos he is so much like Ian!L x

  2. Vickie says:

    oooooooo! Little Benjamin! What a darling little boy he is. 🙂 Beautiful work on your facecloth as usual Ruth. ♥

  3. Topcho says:

    Oh, I love your HP cloths! After seeing them here I had to dust off my ravelry account so I can save them there with the hope to knit them someday!

  4. Nicola says:

    I love how the children are studying the toy section of a catalogue. When my son was young he used to call the Argos catalogue his Christmas book.

  5. Thoeria says:

    Would never have guessed the kids were Potter mad 🙂 Lovely cloth – I'm sure it's been put to use already! Benjamin is just too cute for words! Actually all your kids are!

  6. Another wonderful cloth!! I suppose since it's going to get wet immediately, anyway, there's not much point in blocking. =)

  7. Linda says:

    Another great cloth. Congrats. Benjamin is a cutie.Linda

  8. RuthB says:

    Blocking… yeah, like they would stand still for that. lol Congratulations on a brilliant scheme to get little ones fascinated by needling 🙂

  9. Carin says:

    What a great dishcloth !!!

  10. Jennifer M. says:

    I love Harry Potter! Great dishcloth. I actually want to knit a dishcloth too only cause I haven't knitted in over a year. Wouldn't you know…I forgot how to cast on the first stitches and had to you tube the instructions to remember. LOLYour baby is cutie too. :)Jen

  11. Shannon says:

    I love that they all have their own personalized cloths – that's great 🙂

  12. Tricia says:

    Well done ruth on great finishes, Love the pic of benjamin caught on the hop,

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