YOP Update

Can you believe how quick the weeks are going !
So much to do and so little time!

Thankfully this week I seemed to be back to my normal speed, which I liked much better than last weeks sluggish speed, I guess I like to hurtle along at speed lol.

Last weeks aims were fairly simple to finish the first sock of Caoimhe’s and cast on the next. I’m pleased to say I managed this and the first fits perfectly, woo hoo way to go me lol. I’ll show a picture of Caoimhe’s happy feet when I have both socks complete.

Caoimhe’s finished sock and next one started.

I meant to say I learned the Old Norwegian cast on when I started this pair of socks as it said it had a very elastic foundation row and I have to say I like it. I’d be interested to hear how you all cast on or other good cast on methods for socks. I’m hoping to get well on with this second sock this week as there is a queue now for some 🙂

The second aim of the week was to cast on the Slytherin Beanie for Dominic but he kindly gave up his spot so I could knit the Ravenclaw one for Alan in time for his birthday. Alan assumes I’m working on the Dominic’s and we have not corrected his assumption as it will be a surprise for  him then. This I am hoping to finish this week and then move onto Dominic’s.

Ravenclaw Beanie

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week, as ever they make me smile.
Kepanie, I will look into that Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting book. I have seen there is a new release upcoming of Folk Socks, I’m liking the look of this to so we shall see. You see what started with one itty bitty pair of socks .. An Addiction ! lol
Sandy all the children are at home my eldest is aged 11 and then its a step formation down to the baby who is 19 months. I have a few more years of them at home around me and I’m doing a Scarlett O Hara and just not thinking about when they start to move from home…I’ll think about that tomorrow lol.

I’m so glad some of you were also able to get some of the sock yarn from Lidl, I to would not have know about it but for my friend Tricia.
We have a new yarn store open in the next town to mine and its lovely to go in and browse the yarn in person as most of my yarn I have to get online so I suppose I’m not doing to bad when I pick it out and as of yet have not gotten something I’ve disliked, but it does take me forever to pick yarn out lol.

I’ve been looking at my list and I know I’m not going to get all complete this year (list is under the tab Knitting Year of Projects at the top). I have socks I need to add to the list but I just can’t decide what to take off for this year and add to next years list. Perhaps I’ll just work away at the list and move over what is not complete.

Looking forward to catching up with all of your projects this week.

Happy knitting,

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24 Responses to YOP Update

  1. Looking good! I'm sure he'll love the surprise. And I know I won't get my list finished, it's just going to roll over to next year!

  2. What a good boy Dominic is. Great looking sock for Caoimhe. Looking forward to getting you caught up. 🙂

  3. Tonya says:

    My plan is to do the roll over thing too. I keep adding things to my list!

  4. Nice little sock! The sock I've got on needles right now has a double start, double thread Estonian cast on. It makes a nice effect, but it's not stretchy and would perhaps be more suitable for mittens.Working through your list however you choose and shifting the rest to the next year makes perfect sense to me!

  5. Faith says:

    Well done on being where you aimed to be this week……I haven't gotten back to speed properly since all my Christmas chaotic crochet! Maybe I need to have a word with myself!

  6. Shirlee says:

    That's a lovely sock you've got there : ) I'd be interested in knowing different ways to cast them on too. What is the Old Norwegian cast on method? Blessings, Shirlee

  7. Renee Anne says:

    Perhaps I cheat but the one thing I do when CO for socks is I hold two needles together or take a set of larger DPNs and CO to those. It doesn't seem to matter what CO I do; it's always too tight. Another thing I've done is that I'll CO more stitches than what the pattern calls for and decrease once I join (this doesn't always work, though).

  8. McKenna C. says:

    The sock looks great! I can't wait to see the finished beanie!~McKennahttp://chiccrafting.blogspot.com/

  9. The sock and sock-to-be look great. Love your yarn choices!

  10. Keri says:

    I plan to carry things over. I have to say, with how busy you are I find it amazing that you knit anything, ever! As for sock, I use long tail cast on most often. Sometimes I go up a 1/2 size for more give.

  11. Sandy says:

    Awesome and congrats on learning the new cast on, and meeting your sock goals for the week, loving the colors….go go go, looking forward to seeing happy feet next time round.

  12. Kim says:

    Oh! I bet your daughter is jumping up and down in anticipation of getting to wear her lovely socks. And definitely a big, "yeah you!" for your accomplishment and newly learned skills. :)I don't know what the Norwegian cast on is, but I learned a German twisted cast on when I knit my blue fingerless mittens last month for the KAL–the link to a video of it is here:http://knitpurlhunter.com/blog/?p=142It is very stretchy and I am planning to use it as my cast on of choice for gloves (and socks if they ever happen for me) It took me a few viewing of the video but then it clicked and really flows off the needles.Good news for you on a new shop to visit–I have yet to order yarn on line that I have not touched and squished somewhere previously. I am thinking of ordering some KnitPiks kitchen cotton though, as I have heard it is lovely to work with, and my Lily's Sugar and Cream is a bit stiff to work with and sometimes I find my shoulder aching while knitting with it. Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog this morning-hopefully that yellow yarn will become a dishcloth by Thursday. ;)*smiles*

  13. Caoimhe's socks look great – I would love to have a pair that look like this. Pink and purple go so well together, and congratulations on your finish 🙂

  14. Thoeria says:

    You're definitely back to speedy needles Ruth! Oh why am I not surprised that you've read Gone With the Wind 🙂 I loved it…read it way back when I was 14/15 and loved it!

  15. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. Love the sock and beanie. Did you work on Robin Hood this week? I'm ashamed to say that I have not.Linda

  16. Lucie says:

    The socks are looking great and I bet Caiomhe can't wait to get them on her feet! I am sure you will get Alan's beanie done on time for his birthday – good boy Dominic for letting Alan jump the queue :)Look forward to seeing next weeks knitting progress – you have me addicted to dishcloths now!

  17. Kepanie says:

    It's SO sweet how he gave up his spot so you could knit for Alan in time for his b-day. What a great son you have.I love how you're a sock junkie now! It's a good book, that Teach Yourself Visually, but I really like Ann Budd's book a lot more.

  18. Tricia says:

    Socks look fab ruth, bet Caoimhe cant wait to try them on.Oh I can imagine Alans Face when he recieves his beanie :0),

  19. Liz says:

    Everything looks great! It's so nice of Dominic to let Alex go first. 🙂 I'm definitely going to have to roll things over – I keep adding things to my list!

  20. Lisa says:

    Those socks are really pretty. I love the colors.

  21. AndiSocial says:

    Looking great so far!

  22. Beautiful socks! And what a considerate young man Dominic is.

  23. Beautiful socks! And what a considerate young man Dominic is.

  24. Beautiful socks! And what a considerate young man Dominic is.

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