Weekend Happenings

Morning Bloggers from a cool and foggy Ireland, as yet we have not had the snow that has hit most of Europe  and the Uk as of yet we are snow free. Seems both sides of us Europe and the US are being hit with it, makes me think how long we can last with getting none!

Thank you all for the get well wishes I am feeling a whole lot better which is better for everyone as I’m a terrible patient lol. Most of the children are over their colds although Elizabeth’s is lingering and Ruairí has come down with a tummy bug, poor wee man…

The cold and tiredness of it made me sit still in one spot at the weekend long enough to make progress on my projects…

Friday and Saturday nights was the turn of the hunting picture..I think I will stick with this until its complete and then move onto some of the summer birthday projects I have. The hunting picture is coming on but the stitching is so bit here and bit there it can be a tad frustrating!

Hunting Picture – Before

Hunting Picture – After

Saturday and Sunday I worked on the PS Santa Ornie that Benjamin picked out, this was last months ornie and I have it complete now. I stitched this during the day and put it together on Sunday during the Ireland v Wales rugby match. Note to self, attaching beads while screaming at the lads on the tv is does not lead to the best results as was evident by the spilled beads all over the couch and then we lost by 2 points 😦 bummer  !
The other children picked out an ornie each in this series and I stitched Benjamin’s name on the back with the year so it can be remembered by him.

The finished PS Santa Ornie

The dreaded beads lol

Name with year

Sunday nights sees me stitching on a piece that is just for myself, so naturally I took out Mrs Darcy, this piece is part of my theme a licious piece this month along with one other Darcy piece which I will kit up over the next week or so. I’m coming on just close to the half way point with this sampler and later tonight shall think about a frame for it while ordering one for Robin Hood. Then they are here when I’m ready to frame.

Mrs Darcy – Before

Mrs Darcy – After

Yesterday while watching the rugby, the children were getting into it and had a good ole run around. This is Ruairí afterwards completely pooped and several hours before his bug hit, no wonder he got pooped so quickly, poor pet…

He is now hopefully over the worst of it and will hopefully not spread it to any others !

I’m off now to take my brown bread out of the oven, it may be cool for lunch time if not the fresh made scones I made before the bread will be !

Happy stitching,

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13 Responses to Weekend Happenings

  1. Thoeria says:

    Oh Ruth…that is just cruel – freshly baked bread and scones and none for me :)You're making some great progress on your projects – the hunt is surely coming along nicely! Hope little Ruairí is feeling better and able to enjoy all those yummy home baked goodies!

  2. Jo says:

    lovely stitching Ruth, adore the Mrs Darcy piece.

  3. Lucie says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better but poor Ruairi looks wiped out in that photo 😦 hope he is on the mend soon. We have avoided the snow here too thankfully!Good progress on all of your weekend pieces xx

  4. Gillie says:

    Oh yikes, do hope all the bugs vanish soon! Your biscuit recipe has travelled to Wyoming and was much enjoyed!

  5. Nice stitching Ruth. So sorry about all the illness. 😦

  6. Hi Ruth we havent had any snow in Scotland yet either, or at least the part I am in anyway lol.Great progress on your stitching

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear. Ruth, I just came across your site from crazy 15.I enjoy it very much, especially the cross stitch. Your sons' cap also is very cute. I'm in sunny California where yesterday the weather was 70+. I try to stitch everyday but is not always possible.how do you do it with 7 children? My best, Debbie

  8. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. Great progress on Hunting. Don't give up, your hubby will love it. Love the PS ornie. Have that one in my stash also. Hope your son feels better soon.Linda

  9. Topcho says:

    The before and after of the Hunting picture is pretty awesome! I love seeing how the picture comes to life with every stitch!

  10. Mouse says:

    gee ta re the fresh bread and scones …. I wasn't hungry till I read that ..lol … hope all the bugs have gone and mmmmm beads and footie don't match do they ..lol… nice ornament though 😉 love mouse xxxxxx

  11. Deb says:

    Really like the hunting project. Very pretty and unusual. Beautiful stitching on the PS Santa ornament. Hopefully all bugs will be stomped out very soon and family will be back to normal.Deb

  12. Nicola says:

    It was a good match, both sides played very well. We are Welsh although we live in Cornwall so DH was shouting and cheering too.DH also supports Ireland in the Six Nations, he never forgets the wonderful welcome received on rugby trips to Ireland.

  13. SoCal Debbie says:

    It's so amazing how you get so much stitching done! I love watching your progress!

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