Dishcloth Challenge

This weeks dishcloth is one of my favourite without doubt I found it on Ravelry while having a search through some dishcloths,  its called Celtic Cables Dishcloth . Now if you know me you’ll know of my love for all things Celtic, see I’m not all about p + p lol.

Celtic Cables Dishcloth

I worked this yarn in plain and simple white so as to set off the design. I used Debbie Bliss cotton again for this and the one ball was plenty with some left over. Just hit the link above for the pattern.
Its been some time since I worked on cables, I think not since my Mum taught me many years ago so it was good getting back to what I remembered and it turned out to be a lovely stitch as well as my favourite design.

First pattern repeat

Second pattern repeat

Celtic Cables Dishcloth finished.

Close up of cables

The group Keri and I set up for anyone wanting to set their own dishcloth challenge is on Ravelry and you’ll find it here Super Scrubbers 2012 Dishcloth Challenge come on over and join in the fun, no pressure, no set patterns, you set your own personal challenge and pick the patterns that appeal to you.

Keri’s from whendidibecomeaknitter has worked on the cutest waving frog dishcloth. Its in a lovely green yarn and is so cute. She gives the link to the pattern on her blog.

Kim from Page after Page has been knitting up a ballband cloth and she has done it in a super colourway and its a fun knit.

I’m not sure what next weeks cloth shall be, I may root through some more patterns and see what takes my fancy. At the weekend I shall be ordering the cotton for the children’s Harry Potter themed cloths so after this and possibly next week you shall be seeing those !

Tomorrow will be a catch up with the SAL’s from during the week.

Happy knitting,

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9 Responses to Dishcloth Challenge

  1. Lucie says:

    I just love that cloth, you are so very, very clever 🙂

  2. Wow! Isn't that just beautiful!♥ What a great job. I must say, I couldn't even use it. It is too pretty. Catch you tomorrow. =)

  3. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. I love the dishcloth. It's too pretty to use. You mentioned Harry Potter themed clothes. Where do you get the patterns for those. Also, would love the patterns for your Harry Potter scarves.Linda

  4. Thoeria says:

    Love this one too! Can see why it's your favourite 🙂

  5. SoCal Debbie says:

    Hi Ruth, this is a really beautiful dish cloth!

  6. Faith says:

    I couldn't understand first of all if was postage and packaging you were into then I caught on!Your cables are lovely, really pretty pattern.

  7. I love it and I know a friend who would love it too!

  8. Oooo, I love that dishcloth! I love doing cables cables cables…I know I am weird! =)

  9. Tricia says:

    love it love it love it Ruth, will have to make an attempt on this one at some stage .

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