YOP Update

Morning bloggers!

This week was busy and hectic with not a lot of sleep, some of the smaller ones had very disturbed nights, luckily its not a cold or flu they are coming down with and I’m hoping we have turned the corner on that…knitting time was sketchy this week as any of you who have been following my stitching side of things as well will know about my crazy challenge in that..

I did however get some more done on One Row Lace Scarf . I lay this aside to work on the Harry Potter scarves and I’ve forgotten how much I’m enjoying this pattern and the Noro yarn is such a delight to work with..I’ve been debating since I started it whether it was going to be a present or for my own use and I’ve decided its going to be a present and I’ll knit it again for myself.

One Row Lace Scarf

 I will get a closer picture next week of the stitch as I forgot that this week!

Thank you all for your hints and tips on socks…sorry Faith but crocheting them still fills me with terror, perhaps after I manage to knit a pair I’ll try doing my crochet and see how I get on but be warned I’ll be full of questions ! Anyway I’ve ordered dpns as I think I may prefer this method over the magic loop but we will see and I ordered some yarn also so hopefully those will arrive this week…I love new yarn coming in the post..

I did order some more cotton for dishcloths and for the Victorian Scarf . I chose a rose colour for this as it looked like an antique pink and I’m opting for cotton in this scarf as I think this will give it the stitch definition I’m after with this one. Once the One row lace scarf is finished I’ll cast this on.

New Cotton!
Bamboo Cotton in Rose Pink

I have some new needles to knit the Harry Potter hats on order also as I hadn’t the proper size and the children have also put in orders for dishcloths in specific colours but more of that in my dishcloth challenge during the week…

Looking forward to catching up with you all and seeing what’s on your needles and I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments last week, I really did appreciate them.

Happy knitting,

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15 Responses to YOP Update

  1. The one row lace scarf looks really nice Ruth, I like the yarn. Wow the Victorian Scarf is fabulous! My goodness that looks complicated to me. Lovey choice in colors I might add!

  2. Rita says:

    I love the scarf and the yarns are so pretty!

  3. Bamboo and cotton sounds like a lovely blend and you've picked some gorgeous colours. I only hope the yarn isn't splitty and that it doesn't stretch too much. Love the Noro scarf!

  4. Faith says:

    I Love cotton too, just for the same reason as you to see the definition in the stitches, how exciting to see all that arrive in the post. D'you have a local knitting shop? Ours is about 20 mins away and they are lovely there, but it isn't huge and stock is fairly limited, so it's nice to see other people's things. I must get some of that Noro as evertime I see it, I am impressed with the rich colours.

  5. Kim says:

    I have yet to order yarn by mail–but what a lovely thing to receive on a cloudy winter day! I a joining in with you on the dishcloth a week challenge, but personally I am giving myself 2 weeks to get one done–in between all my other knitting projects. (That 40 hour a week job sure takes away knitting time!)I have not used bamboo for dishcloths before. What is that yarn brand and how much is bamboo and how much is cotton? I have always used Sugar and Cream but am always open to other options! I adore your new colors and your dishcloth mentioned in an earlier post. It is definitely going onto my list of to-do's.*smiles*

  6. Tricia says:

    As usual Ruth fab work from you. And I love new wool absolutely fab.

  7. The colors are beautiful, and I love the way your scarf is coming along.

  8. What a pretty scarf!I'm a big fan of bamboo, though I have yet to knit or crochet anything in it. Isn't it weird that you can knit bamboo yarn on bamboo needles? It's a remarkable fibre though – really absorbent and also anti-bacterial for a good time too (says the cloth nappy geek).Good luck with the dpns, I love them.

  9. What gorgeous colour yarn you're using for your scarf!

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. All the new yarn you got is great. Love the colors. I just love the lace scarf and was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pattern.Linda

  11. Dorothy says:

    That one row lace scarf pattern is perfect for the Noro yarn and your scarf is coming along beautifully. Look forward to seeing the finished pic.

  12. There was me asking for some pictures of your knitting and as I worked my way through Google Reader what did I find.

  13. Pretty scarf!!!! I am also about to embark on the first pair of socks *crosses fingers* good luck!

  14. Kepanie says:

    What fun to knit up that one row lace scarf in that Noro! The colorway is just so awesome.I like the look of those multi-colored cotton! I think it's sweet how your children put in their own dishcloth orders.

  15. Keri says:

    The scarf is coming along beautifully. I can see why you are gifting it to yourself. I am curious about this dishcloth challenge you speak of……running off to see if I can find more info.

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