Crazy Day’s 6 & 7

Here are my starts for days 6 and 7 in the crazy challenge…both starts are small as I’m working on a birthday present for Ruairí, updates of that next week.

For day 6 I chose Caoimhe’s birthday present an Equestrian Duo kit from Dimensions..I’ve switched the aida for a 28ct antique white..well it looks like antique white lol

Small start on Equestrian Duo

For today I chose an Out Fishing piece, it was featured in one of the magazines..details of which elude me at the moment but should anyone want them I will go and search…again a small start, this will be my Fathers birthday present as he is a keen fisherman and he shares his birthday with Caoimhe lol… This is stitched on white 28ct evenweave of that I’m sure and is using Anchor threads.

Small start on Out Fishing

Hope my readers are still enjoying the updates, we are now just on the halfway point of the starts for this challenge and soon the updates will slow down as I work on actually finishing these pieces lol.

I have been at work also today on choosing some pieces to go towards Christmas presents this year !, nothing like starting in time and I am determined to not be rushing last moment.

Happy stitching,

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8 Responses to Crazy Day’s 6 & 7

  1. Mia says:

    Nice stars 🙂 Happy stitching!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. How can you be half done with your starts – your suppose to be starting 31 uh 60 lol with me. I am going to start The Old West today. So what are looking to stitch for xmas gifts? Am so looking forward to our Thursday SAL. Linda

  3. Gosh you are doing well with your starts. I love your children's names.

  4. Lovely starts Ruth 😀 I'll be stalking you for more updates 😀

  5. A greatair of new starts. Yeah I wonder if I'm actually going to finish any of these starts.

  6. Thoeria says:

    Lovely starts Ruth! I know you – you'll have these done in record time and move on to another 15 😀

  7. Tricia says:

    Great starts Ruth ,I too can't believe were half way through. Thankfully I caught up with mine with being a day behind. Also look forward to seeing some of christmas work

  8. Good work on staying on track Ruth. Half to go, not a problem for you my friend. Great plans on not being rushed for Christmas. We will see!!! LOL 😉

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