Stitching Finishes

Good morning won’t be surprised to hear me say its raining here lol it has also gotten extremely windy, the perfect day for staying in and stitching I think.

Last week I’d made a start on my last LHN ornament I needed for a gift. I got that finished and made up and I have some pictures of all the ornaments I made for gifts this year. These ornaments will be accompanied by a dishcloth set and some mince pies.

LHN Frosty Flakes

LHN 2010 Ornaments

Some more ornaments

With the ornaments out of the way I decided to crack on with getting the stitched pictures I had in mind for presents for the three younger children. With the older ones getting knitted Harry Potter scarves they needed something so I chose three of the CCN Nursery Rhyme Series, Little Boy Blue, Jack and Jill and Little Miss Muffet. With under two weeks to go to get these stitched and framed I’m cutting it fine, but that’s hardly strange to you fellow bloggers either lol. I always seem to be working down to the wire. I say I’ll change and be more organised but I never am, perhaps that can be a new years resolution! lol

Anyway this here is the progress so far on Little Boy Blue. I have the frames already gotten so now I just need to stitch stitch stitch, wish me luck !

Little Boy Blue

This weekend is IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend ) why don’t you head on over to and check it out.

While browsing blogs Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher was talking about some SAL’s she starting and is in so I checked them out and yes..I bet you can guess what happened…I signed up for some SAL’s.
I’m not doing exchanges next year and thought these would be a good way to still get involved with fellow stitchers… these are the ones I’ve signed on for so far, they are no rules, stitch at your own pace ones..check them out for the new series of CCN Cottages for the Prairie Schooler ABC range for the new LHN Elizabeth Hancock sampler being released this month.

I think with these, my crazy challenge and my knitting challenges and goals next year is going to be equally as busy, so much for the resolution..I didn’t even make it through Jan 1st with that one ! lol

Linda at Stitchin with my Furbabies is doing a couple of the same patterns in her crazy challenge so we’ve decided to do SAL’s along to these pieces, a way to encourage each other to finish. We will be starting with LHN’s Robin Hood and then moving onto LHN’s The Wild West and then onto some Bothy Cut Thru’s. Progress of these as we start in January lol, if Linda can wait that long.

I’m off now to make mince pies for Dominics music teacher this is his last lesson before Christmas, he has stitched her an ornament of his own and pictures of that next week.

Happy stitching,

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18 Responses to Stitching Finishes

  1. Ruth, the ornaments are lovely. Can't believe how many you have stitched. They certainly make a lovely gift. Good luck with the rest of the stitching you are doing for gifts :o)

  2. Lucie says:

    Oh wow, you have been super busy and I know you can get the other three things stitched in time for Christmas. I love the ornie you stitched for me – it had pride of place on my ornie tree this year.L xx

  3. pam says:

    Ornaments look great. look forward to your progress on the PS SAL. I'm starting it in Jan too.

  4. Such an accomplishment! Doesn't that feel good? 🙂 Hooray for Dominic! He has learned from his mum how nice it is to give a handmade gift! Good for you Dominic! 🙂

  5. Rita says:

    Great jobs on the ornaments!

  6. What lovely finishes! And I can't wait to see your next finishes! Thanks for sharing!Melissa J.

  7. Measi says:

    Hi Ruth!I saw your messages on the Crazy January Challenge yahoo group and wanted to stop by. I'm also in the challenge and looking forward to my starts in January.Happy stitching!

  8. Thoeria says:

    Lovely work on the ornies Ruth – they're going to be a hit I'm sure! Any chance of a mince pie making it's way over to SA :-PWay to go Dominic! You're a clever boy!Sounds like 2012 is going to be ultra busy for you Ruth! Look forward to seeing all those creations come to life!

  9. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. Your ornaments are gorgeous. I love the way you finished them. Can you give me your finishing instructions?Linda

  10. socialsue says:

    Great job on your ornaments! Wishing you luck on your stitching projects for your 3 littlest ones. You are very busy with 7 kids! Amazing!!!

  11. Nancy M says:

    Don't they just look so wonderful all together?? Great group of finishes and gifts! Hope you get the rest of your things done in time!

  12. Carol says:

    Such a lovely collection of ornaments–your friends will be thrilled to receive these gorgeous gifts 🙂

  13. Joysze says:

    Ruth, I love those ornaments, and the accompaniment of meat pie has me salivating. 😀

  14. Laurita Hall says:

    Those ornaments are so cute!!!

  15. Meari says:

    Your ornaments are adorable!!Good luck with the SAL's.It's been raining her since before 3:00am. 1-2" they're calling for, but 50F temps! That's like a heatwave here for the middle of December.

  16. Faith says:

    We have the rain too, and some almighty hail storms, my littlest boy was quite taken aback when we were sat in the car an down the came with such a racket!Your stitching is beautiful, how clever are you?! I am just like you and I'm afraid I probably work better when time is limited! I am so often shouting to hubby,yep, I'm just sewing the ends in, you go start the car! I have tried to do things differently but I always end up in the same panic a the end.I think that's lovely that your boy made a present too, clever laddy, what a lucky music teacher, did you say what he played, I can't remember? I will when I hit send probably!

  17. Even though we are an ocean a part, we've got the rain here, too…and cold. Yuck! Oh, well, like you say, it gives us a chance to stay in and stitch. :)Your ornaments are beautiful. Wow, you have been a very busy lady. :)Thanks for visiting me over on my blog. It's always so nice to get comments. Blessings to you and yours, and may the rain drops dry up and become drops of bright sunlight to fill your day with warmth. 🙂

  18. Lisa says:

    Beautiful Ornaments, really like how you finished themhave fun joiining the sal's, it always nice to be stitching along with friends

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