Finishes and Christmas

Good morning all !

The rain has stopped momentarily and we have a bright chilly frosty morning but I’m sure the rain will return soon lol.

Last week I put up the Christmas decorations and made mince pies and its all very festive around here now. The advent calendars are out and we are counting down each morning lol.

Here are some of the decorations…
My tree is decorated each year with pine cones and red themed decorations…well red is my favourite colour lol

This is the children’s tree that they decorate each year in the kitchen, they love tinsel lol

And cribs I have nativity sets everywhere lol, here are just a few of my favourite.

The ornament I finished last week I made up with another I finished off over the weekend. This leaves me on my last ornament for the season as a gift. With all I’ve made I forgot to make one for myself lol…on the plus side I’ve an ornament for each gift package I want to give.

This is the little start I made on the last one so I’m hoping for this to be stitched and finished off as I then have to move onto the three younger children’s Christmas presents which I’m stitching…
This last one is LHN’s Frosty Flakes

Welcome to all new followers I hope you enjoy reading and looking round. Thank you for all the lovely comments I did enjoy reading them very much last week.

Happy stitching,

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18 Responses to Finishes and Christmas

  1. Lucie says:

    Oh it looks soooooo festive in your house – I haven't even thought of putting the tree up yet!Your ornies look fab and I am sure the lucky recipients will adore themL xxxx

  2. Cleejoow says:

    you're ornies are just too cute 🙂 nice finishes

  3. Thoeria says:

    Definitely lots of festive cheer in your house Ruth! Love the kiddies tree – I can definitely see that they love tinsel :-)Did little Miss E help to decorate too?Your ornies are going to be a hit in your gift bags for sure!

  4. Your decorations are lovely! And happy dancing for your finishes! They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!Melissa

  5. cucki says:

    beautiful ornies ruth dear and lovely stitching..all the decorations are so beautiful too.keep well and keep in cucki xx

  6. Joysze says:

    Great Christmas decorations in your house, Ruth. 😀 The trees are beautiful.

  7. Linda says:

    Hi Ruth. Your trees look so jolly and the kids do a great job. Love the way you finished the ornament. Is there instructions somewhere?Linda

  8. Vicky L says:

    Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. The ornaments are gorgeous

  9. Akila says:

    It all sounds so much fun. Very cute ornaments. Do you use a special felt cutter to get the finish?

  10. The ornaments look fantastic Ruth. I love the decorations in your home. Festive mood!

  11. Meari says:

    Very festive! Your latest ornaments are adorable.

  12. SoCal Debbie says:

    How fun to have a separate tree for the kids to decorate! It's wonderful that you made an ornament to go with each gift!

  13. Sharyn says:

    Hi, Ruth! Your finished LHN ornies are adorable! Bet your house is very festive at this time of year, and very busy!

  14. Enjoyed the tree, decorations, nativity set, & stitching. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your home is certainly looking festive (more than mine!). Great ornaments!

  16. Faith says:

    How nice you are all christmassy in your house, I add a bit more each day and still haven't finished. I was fairly restrained this year and let the kids decorate the tree, I have been known to reorganise it afterwards, but no, not this year! I lov the things you've been stitching, especially the snowflakes on the last one, will they remain unstitched or will they be filled in? Does that make sense?Well, must away……have a lovely week!

  17. CindyMae says:

    Love the Christmas decor!!! Your ornies are just wonderful and great new start as well!

  18. Nancy M says:

    Your house looks all ready for the season! Love the finishes! I just did Frosty Flakes myself! I finally found some rotary cutters with a wave blade I need to try out on the felt.

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