A Finish

Well I spent most of the weekend working on the sampler and I’m pleased to say I was able to give it to my brother and his new wife today.

The names and date is in a different shade as to the one suggested as they just seemed to fade so after a bit of experimenting with shades  I was pleased with what I ended up with.

This one I framed myself and I must admit I did an okay job on it, my framing is definitely getting better lol.

I’m now working on a little something for my godson, Sebastian so photos and updates of that next week.

Happy stitching,

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16 Responses to A Finish

  1. Deb says:

    Absolutely beautiful!Deb

  2. lanybleu says:

    Stunning, I bet they are both so very pleased.

  3. WOOOW!!! really amazing!! love it!! great job!! kisses!

  4. Faith says:

    Really beautiful, what a truly special gift….good job on the framing. Did you do the mount board yourself? When ever I cut up the 'holes' in mount board there is always lots of swearing going on and it's always so hard to get right.

  5. RuthB says:

    Wow! How lovely — congratulations on a grand finsih!

  6. Meari says:

    It looks absolutely beautiful, Ruth. Congrats on your finish!

  7. beautiful finish! Congratulations!

  8. Thoeria says:

    I'd say your framing is more than just "okay" Ruth! Really beautiful! Your brother and his new wife will definitely love it!

  9. Mouse says:

    oooooooooo well done 🙂 excellent job on the stitching , signing and of course the framing of it … so pleased you got it done on time as well 🙂 love mouse xxxx

  10. Siobhan says:

    Wonderful finish, Ruth! I'm sure they will treasure it. Your framing is gorgeous, too–nice job.

  11. Great job Ruth! Luke and Tara must be so delighted. Wonderful feeling to have that done, isn't it? Well, back to work for you I'm afraid. 😉

  12. Carol says:

    You sure be very, very proud of this finish, Ruth–it is stunning 🙂

  13. Lucie says:

    It is absolutely gorgeous hun, well done on the finish and I hope they love it 🙂

  14. Julie says:

    Great gift,sure they will love it.Nice job on the framing.

  15. Akila says:

    Wow, it is simply awesome Ruth. Love the frame you have selected. Very classy. Congrats 🙂

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