Exchange finishes and Changes.

Happy Halloween !

I’ve not much to show you this past week as I was finishing my shawl, which is further down in my first knitting post on here and then I came down with a horrible cold. I’m slowly getting over it and as ever when do I or any of us have time for being ill lol.

Thank you all for your lovely comments from last week and I’m glad to hear you’d all like to hear what else I’m up to. I’ve made some of the changes already and will fill in more this week and indeed over the coming weeks.
The name I’ve changed to Ruth’s Little Leprechauns which for me has a couple of meanings lol. 1. My children consider themselves my little leprechauns. 2. I’ve always had a fascination with fairies and leprechauns. I always tell the children how they live at the bottom of the garden….a little bit of magic is good for the soul 🙂

Well as I’ve been ill over the weekend I’ve not got a lot more done on Lukes wedding sampler and I’m very sorry to think I won’t have it done in time this week. I fear I will be taking advantage of him going on his honeymoon but whats to be done ?

One of my last exchanges I was in I was sending to my very best friend Lucie, she’s coming to see me again at the end of November :-), anyway this is what I stitched for her, oh it was a Halloween theme, but I’d say you’ll have guessed from the picture lol

And this is what I received from Joan 🙂

That’s all on the stitching front for this week. Our children are off this whole week for mid term…did I tell you.. how wonderful is that 🙂 so this week I may manage to get in some baking and get back to you with something there and even what I’m reading…stay tuned…

Happy stitching,

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8 Responses to Exchange finishes and Changes.

  1. both pieces are very nice.

  2. Thoeria says:

    I like the new name Ruth – suites you 🙂 …. is that a good thing ?? :-PNice little stitching done there and I'm sure your brother's head is going to be so busy with everything going on the day of the wedding, that giving it to him when his back from his honeymoon may just be a very good idea!

  3. cucki says:

    wow very sweet finish..and the cutest gift from for you xxx

  4. Mouse says:

    love the name … sorry to hear you've been ill too 😦 save a bun for me if you get some baking done :)love mouse xxxxx

  5. Kate says:

    Cute stitching.Enjoy the break with your children on holidays from school.

  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I agree with Thoeria, your brother and his wife will gladly receive the sampler upon their return. Enjoy the kids this week.

  7. Lucie says:

    Thank you Ruth, I just love my owl, how did you know I liked owls :p25 more sleeps – how exciting, can I start packing yet!!L xxx

  8. MaryT says:

    Ruth really cute stitching:)Mary Louise in IN

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