Stands and Starts

Oh my the tail end of Hurricane Katia has now hit Ireland…we have high winds and lashing rain. Nothing to what was experienced when it first hit the US but scary to think we are feeling the tail end of it all the way over here !
Anyway it is a great reason to stay indoors and stitch and knit lol.

I’ve been making progress over on MY KNITTING BLOG for anyone who wants to take a peek lol.

Well onto stitching and this past week saw the arrival of my new stitching stand. I’ve this past month or more been getting a sore elbow after sessions of stitching and I was starting to do less and that’s never good lol. So I looked into a stand and saw various ones and debated the pros and cons of many of them and decided what I wanted most from it was to have a good angle so I could still use my favourite armchair for stitching and I would really like it to hold my q snaps as I just didn’t want to change frames. It came down to the Lowry and the Daylight Company’s Stitchsmart. Well I’m vain enough to say the Lowry just didn’t look that attractive but the Stitchsmart had no info on whether it held a q snap. I emailed a couple of different vendors to see if it did indeed hold one and got one response saying no it didn’t and one saying yes it did ! Well with no other frames I liked in my budget range I decided I’d try it out and took the chance and ordered it. It arrived very quickly this week and was really simple to set up and was up in minutes ready for me to use and YEAH it held my q snap !! I was delighted and started into getting the hang of two handed stitching. I think I’m there with that now so I don’t have lots of progress to show you for this week but hoping next week I will.

This looks like a review but I promise it isn’t. I think if others are in the market for a stand its nice to have all the info, its a lot of money to set aside into one thing and you want to get it right !.

Well if your not bored to tears already I’ll show you some pics lol

I did start another LHN Ornament and here is my progress on this so  far. This ornament is called Snowy Pines

By the middle of the week I’d finally decided on which project to start. My brothers wedding sampler or my Mum’s Christmas gift. Well I opted for my Mum’s Christmas Gift and here is the progress so far on this, not much but still progress is progress !

Well I hope I’ve not bored to many of you to sleep lol.
Looking forward to reading all your lovely comments and welcome to my new followers.

Happy stitching,

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6 Responses to Stands and Starts

  1. Thoeria says:

    Love the new stand Ruth! You're right – when you set aside such a large sum then the more information you have the better! How are you finding the 2 handed stitching though? Great starts and can't wait to see what your Mum's present is going to "grow" into 🙂

  2. Mouse says:

    think you've sent the wind etc over here now and well done on getting a stand and info about it before hand is very useful … glad you getting the hang of two handed stitching 🙂 and great progress on your starts too 🙂 love mouse xxxx

  3. lanybleu says:

    All the very best Ruth with your new stand.You were the winner of my giveway so I sent you an email with all the details.CongratsElaine

  4. I am glad the stand is what you wanted. Good for you with two handed stitching, I do believe you will be zipping along! Is that Pope John Paul's hand?

  5. Lucie says:

    The stand looks great and you should be super speedy now you are two handed stitching :-p Great starts and look forward to seeing more progress on your starts

  6. Meari says:

    Congrats on your new stand. I've never seen one like that.And new WIPs to boot. Lookin good!

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