Changes and Updates

Morning all !

This is the first morning that has a real touch of Autumn about it so in keeping with this I’ve changed my blog to show that. I love this time of year, it is my favourite season of all. The greens, browns, reds and golds of this time of year are just stunning.
I’ve also changed my heading picture. This is a local Abbey to us about 3 miles away that the children and I went to over the summer. The children had a great time climbing round the ruins and we had a picnic when we were finished. A lovely day out it had been.

Now for some stitching news.
As of this morning none of the exchanges have been received I can’t show you those yet. I was also working on a biscornu for a summer exchange and can’t show you that either…. Oh my there seems to be a lot of what I can’t show you lol

Here is something I can show you. My Aunt turns 60 this week and came home from Canada for her birthday, very last minute so I naturally had to stitch something to give her. She loves Celtic designs, I do believe more than myself if thats possible lol. So what better theme to go with than Celtic.
Out of my collection of Celtic patterns I used the claddagh ring, some trinity knots and a knot style backstitched border. The claddagh ring is her wedding band so is something she loves and I just love the meaning behind it. The hands on the ring are for friendship, the hear for love and the crown is a symbol of loyalty so all in all makes a lovely ring. I used reds and golds for the design as these are two colours found in traditional Celtic designs and I think the red and gold felt and gold ribbon finish it off nicely. I hope she likes it, I know I do !

I also got some new stash during the week. I know I know it looks a lot but honestly some of it is for Christmas presents ! lol

Well ok maybe 1 of the patterns is for myself  😉
My mother has requested a small wedding sampler and how could I refuse her. She is heartedly welcome to my needle and thread so this week I shall be working on that and hopefully will get most of it complete as I do need to press on with my brothers wedding sampler and Christmas presents…oh my the list is long….

That is all I do have for you this week and I’m sorry I don’t have more to show you, hopefully next week all shall be received and I can show you some pictures. Thank you for all your lovely comments I do so enjoy reading them.

Happy stitching,

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13 Responses to Changes and Updates

  1. Lucie says:

    I love the change to your blog, the colours are just fab :)The ornie for your Aunt is just lovely and I am sure she will love it. Very jealous of your stash!!

  2. So that's what you have been up to! The celtic ornament for your aunt is great. How thoughtful of you. We are not quite ready for fall in my area yet. But the look on your blog is wonderful.

  3. Wagapapa says:

    I love Autumn too, is my favourite season after spring.The gift you made for your aunt is great, she will like it a lot.

  4. Your site is always beautiful my only question is what is a Pendeloque? Love your stashKaren V

  5. lanybleu says:

    I am jealous of your stash, all that new stitching..Thanks for entering my giveaway.lanybleu

  6. Teresa says:

    Love the fall also but will have to wait at least another month here in CA for it to arrive.Enjoy all the new fun stash.Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. Deb says:

    Ditto on the love of fall! We will be melting in Texas for another month. Love the Abbey. It is very beautiful. You collection of new projects, to stitch, is very nice selection. Love the Tatty Bears! Deb

  8. Pam says:

    Ok, your stash has me green with envy. lol The ornament that you made for you aunt, now lovely… She had to just adore it. The autumn theme, like you fall is my favorite time of year, I love your new theme..All the very best,Pam

  9. Akila says:

    Love the new autumn'y look. It's a lovely ornament, the colors work very well.Wow, soooo much stash!! Congrats 🙂

  10. Tricia says:

    Wow Ruth love the new look, oh as for the stash the postman was very nice to you :P.

  11. Carol says:

    I think we are all autumn lovers here, Ruth! Your new photo is wonderful at the top of your blog–how nice it would be to live near such ancient buildings. Love your gift for your aunt's 60th birthday and lucky you on that wonderful pile of charts and threads–enjoy 🙂

  12. Meari says:

    Congrats on your finish! Nice stashing 🙂

  13. Ruth, what a lovely little piece you stitched up for your Aunt! I'm sure she just loved it.Wow that does look like a lot of stash!As for my ort jar looking so full, its cumulative from the last year that's not a month's worth of orts!

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