Reviewing, progressing and starting.

Well this past week I’ve had a productive week, lots done. I love a productive week both in the house and in my crafts.
This is going to be a long post so pull up a chair and grab your cuppa !

I’ve had some finishes and starts in my knitting and they are HERE on my knitting blog for anyone with an interest in knitting.

This week in the garden I’ve gotten lots of jobs done and have the outside of the house ready to be painted, now all I need is some dry weather!

Stitching wise I’ve made progress in the SAL pieces, I finished my first ornie and just have to make it up. I got a small amount done on Liberty Lane and Home of a Needleworker, not much as I was working on James my eldest son’s birthday present. Its a surprise so has to be worked on in secret.
Photos of all that to come.

I mentioned a review didn’t I. As some of you know I was the lucky recipient of a daylight lamp from the DAYLIGHT COMPANY.
Well after working with it non stop for the last 2 – 3 weeks I think now is the time for the review.

I just LOVE it. I can’t say anything bad about it. It is just fantastic and is as vital to my stitching now as fabric, needle and floss !

This is the lamp sitting here beside my stitching chair (my obsolete one now in the background)
This is the Ultimate Table Top Lamp  in antique brass. As you can see it comes with a chart holder and magnifier and the base of the lamp has handy little slots for storage, so handy !
The chart holder clip has a fabulous strong clip and my working copies never moved or budged an inch.
The magnifier is just brilliant and I found I never had to stop to count spaces or stitches. I could see everything so clearly and precisely. It even comes with its own little bag to cover the lens up when your finished to keep the dust off !
Both the chart holder and magnifier swivel round so you can push them aside when you need to.
This care and attention to the extras on the lamp are just wonderful and were extremely well thought out and planned.

My wonderful new Daylight Lamp

The light part itself is just magnificient. I thought I had good lighting before, boy was I wrong !!!
Late in the evening I could see quite clearly and plainly the fabric. I had no slight eye strain whatsoever and stitched for longer, better and quicker in the evenings. This is when I do the bulk of my stitching. I found myself enjoying my stitching more !
I even sorted threads from a kit late one night without a problem and you stitchers know what a dreadful job this is to try and do not in daylight. I breezed through it and it had several shades of purple all fairly similar

Here are some pictures of my ornie I finished on Friday night.
This first picture is of my stitching under the daylight lamp. This was taken at about 11pm !

Ornie under the Daylight Lamp

I turned off my lamp and then took another picture of it under what was my previous lighting.

Under ordinary lighting

As you can see there is a huge difference!

I can’t recommend stitchers or crafters in general, as I used this while knitting as well and it was equally as fabulous, having one of these. I as a stitcher spend so much of my spare time stitching and purchasing stash that I never thought of good lighting and that was a mistake ! Since receiving my daylight lamp my stitching has been so much more enjoyable and I now regret not purchasing one sooner ! With this in hand I may even get through my endless list of projects in this lifetime ! lol

You will find the DAYLIGHT COMPANY a pleasure to do business with, I know I did. They have a quick and efficient service and are able to help you choose a lamp to your needs and the staff are helpful in anyway they can. No more than the well thought out extras on the lamp, good service is always appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the lamp and I hope it will make you consider your lighting.

The rest of my weekends sitching I’ve taken under the lighting as well.

As I say I made just a little bit of progress on Liberty Lane and Home of a Needleworker

Liberty Lane

Home of a Needleworker

This is a picture of James present. The one I’m doing in secret so shhhh ! lol

James secret present

If you have stuck with me till now, I thank you very much, its been a long one lol.
I do appreciate your comments and do read every one and love doing so, do feel free to comment away.
Till next week
Happy stitching,

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16 Responses to Reviewing, progressing and starting.

  1. Lucie says:

    Well done on your SAL and James' project – it's great to see your progress!I can agree, the lamp was absolutely brilliant to stitch under even though I was sat a good few feet away from you on the Friday night and I could see perfectly well! It is a fab light

  2. So much progress! Good for you, it's such a happy feeling isn't it? Looks like a lot of late nights coming up for you. I just stitched up and finished a birthday present for my daughter. So hard to work on secretly when they are home with us in the summer;)

  3. Congrats on the new lamp! It is so much better with good lighting! And all your stitching is wonderful! Glad you are getting more done!Melissa

  4. CalamityJr says:

    Ruth, I couldn't agree more about the light, as my husband was kind enough to get mine as a birthday gift. Just want you to know, though, that the dust cover for the magnifier is much more than that – it keeps the sun from shining through if you're near a window (maybe other indoor lighting if it's strong enough) and starting a fire in your home. Remember when we were kids playing with a magnifying glass outside? Anyway, please don't get careless and leave it off – don't want you ever coming home to an unexpected, unwanted surprise.

  5. Tracey says:

    Beautiful finish and a great review! I know just what you mean because a couple of years ago I got an Ott-lite, and what a difference!

  6. Tricia says:

    well done Rith on such a review I might have to save for awhile but it is on my wishlist after seeing yours :0)

  7. Teresa says:

    Glad you are enjoying your new lamp. You are doing some fun new projects. I like doing Liberty Lane.Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  8. Akila says:

    Loved reading your review of the daylight. The pictures look great under the extra lighting. What a difference between the two!! Great progress on your WIPs

  9. SoCal Debbie says:

    Very good review, Ruth! My daughter bought me an Ott light for Christmas and I love it! I am also stitching her a secret present, just like you are for your son.

  10. Kate says:

    Congratulations on your finish. I'm glad you like the light, I've have the floor model for several years and I've never used anything else. Good luck with your son's present.

  11. Meari says:

    Glad to hear you like the lamp so much. Can't beat good lighting!Your WIPs look great.

  12. Justflo says:

    Love progress on your WIP's as well as your James' secret present. I have a Daylight lamp and think it's great… It certainly made a difference to how well you could see your stitching.My only problem with it is…I wish the magnifying arm was a little longer.

  13. Rita says:

    Beautiful stitching!I'm glad you're enjoying your new lamp. I have a tabletop OTT lamp that I like too.

  14. I've had an Ott Lite for over 10 years now and its a VITAL stitching tool as I work full time most of my stitching happens at night, I usually will sit up and stitch until midnight. If I didn't have a good natural daylight lamp I would of given up a long time ago.I'm glad you've fallen in love with your lamp and that you find it helps you stitch even more!That's a cute little ornament finish and your WIPs are coming along nicely.

  15. Thoeria says:

    Great progress on the SAL and the secret pressie Ruth!And I must say I am actually amazed at the difference in your pics under hte 2 lights!

  16. RuthB says:

    Hi Ruth… from Ruth 🙂 I couldn't resist. Congrats on Daylight happiness. I loved mine to pieces up until the on-off button shorted out. One day it'll get fixed, and I'll be blissful again.Beautiful stitching! I promise not to tell James about his surprise.

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