Finishes, Starts, Updates and Gardening

Sorry its been so long since my last update but I’ve been busy in the garden, when we get some dry sunny weather I try to get it tamed and its slowly getting there. I have a picture of a flower bed I got started over the weekend and I’ll show it to you later.

Firstly onto some stitching as I have been managing to do some in the evenings and I can feel my bug returning to full force so yayyyyy !

 Let me show you my finish first. The biscornu that I’ve been going on about this last couple of weeks is finished and I have to say its my favourite in this years basket so far. Its a design by Barbara over at
To Stitch or Not to Stitch . This is one of Barbara’s own designs and I loved it. I never tried any of the rhodes stitches before so I learned how to do those. It was slow going as I wanted them right and I’m glad I perservered. For the back you’ll see I used the border and the centre motif. I didn’t use a button on this as I didn’t want to hide the centre rhodes stitch so I just stitched in the middle of it and I must say I like this better than wrestling with buttons which I sometimes do. Hope you enjoy !

The front

The back

Design ; Barbara at To Stitch or Not to Stitch
Threads ; Belle Soie Tulip and Icing
Fabric ; 28 ct Gold Evenweave

I have another finish as well for you. My dear friend Heathers youngest daughter was 1 this past weekend. Our two daughters were born within 2 weeks of each other and its hard to believe that their first year has gone by…where did it go ??
Here is a little hanger I made for her.


Fabric ; Polstitches Hand Dyed 28ct Marbelled Rose
Thread ; DMC Variation Thread 4210
I started at the weekend a piece for my eldest daughter who turns 7 on the 23rd. I intend to make a cushion out of this design. The pic is only a small piece of what I got done yesterday but I hope I shall have a finished cushion for next weeks update. I shall have to or else I will be late !
Not to leave my youngest daughter out who turns a big 1 on the 26th I will also need to make a cushion for her as well.

I also got a little more done on my LHN Ornament, this has taken a slight back seat to the girls two cushions so I won’t be expecting to get much done on this during the week.
Now I did say I’d been in the garden so I have a small update on a flower bed I’m working on, its very much a work in progress and as I don’t have a clue about gardening I’m well pleased with how it turned out so far. I’ve put some bedding plants in for the moment until I decide what to plant there permanently. Its not a great picture but when the flowers settle in and are in full bloom I’ll take a better one.
Thank you for staying this long and reading. I know I’ve missed a few of your blog updates readers and I hope to get round to them all over this coming week.
Happy stitching,
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13 Responses to Finishes, Starts, Updates and Gardening

  1. You have been very productive! I love how the biscornu turned out. Well worth the struggles. Can't wait to see what you turn out for the girls. And the yard's looking great:)

  2. All of your stitching ig great, good job. Very nice finishing and starts. Your garden looks very nice.

  3. Mouse says:

    the biscornu is gorgeous 🙂 well done on persevering with the Rhodes stitch 🙂 can't wait to see the little ones cushions… nice progress on the LHN and the garden looks lovely 🙂 take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

  4. I love your biscornu!! It's beautiful! And your ornament is coming along! I can't wait to see you cushions for your girls! Remind me to tell you about the cushion I made for my DD sometime!! LOL!Melissa

  5. Busy in my vegetable garden & community flowers too.Enjoyed seeing your projects.Enjoy the summer!Chris

  6. Thoeria says:

    You have been busy Ruth! I totally love your biscornu – stunning! Can't wait to see your girls' pillows! Want to come over and make a start to my vegetable patch for me? 🙂

  7. COUSON says:

    Lovely stitching!Couson

  8. Nikki D says:

    The biscornu is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job on the garden too! I'm looking forward to seeing the cushions for the girls.

  9. Justflo says:

    What a lovely the colours.Look forweard to seeing your daughters cushion completed hope you get them done in time.Your garden is looking good.

  10. Lucie says:

    Wow Ruth – the biscornu is stunning – I may have to sneak it out under my jumper when I come visit in July :DI am sure you will have the cushions done for the girls – you are Mrs Speedy Needles!

  11. Akila says:

    Youw biscornu looks awesome. Very cheerful. Love your other starts as well. Can't wait to see your flowers in full bloom :d

  12. Tracey says:

    Lovely stitching Ruth! And your garden is so pretty!! No worries on the blog reading- I am way behind also!

  13. Brilliant Ruth! I love your flower bed! I cannot believe that the girls first year has flown by. Cannot wait to see the cushions you make!Happy Stitching lovely friendxxxxx

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