Progress At Last !

This past week I’ve been working on Enchanting Lairs Celtic Wedding Blessing and I finally see the end and feel like I made good progress. As you know this is for my sister and needs to be ready to return to Australia with her on the 26th of this month so I need to push on now.

Here’s a pic as it was at the end of last week.

Last week

And this is the progress I’ve made on it this week.

This week

I’ve just one long border to do and then some crosses in the corners done in either beads or kreinik metallics. I’m not sure which and if you want to throw your bit into the mix just let me know in the comment box.
The choice is purple and white beads or purple and white metallic threads.

My one other update is on my biscornu or what will be one when I get it finished. Its only a small update on last week. I’m really loving this one. I’ve used Belle Soie silks by Crescent Threads. Tulip and Icing to be exact and I’m stitching on a gold linen, not sure which as I’ve lost the package but will find and let you know.

Biscornu so far

Thats it for this week.

Happy stitching,

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15 Responses to Progress At Last !

  1. Lucie says:

    The sampler is looking amazing – you have made excellent progress 🙂 Personally I would use purple and white thread on the sampler

  2. Kathy A. says:

    Your sampler is looking beautiful. What a lovely wedding gift it will be.Silk threads are just so delicious aren't they!

  3. Know your sister will love the beatiful piece. Great stitching.

  4. Joy says:

    So beautiful. Love the colors on both pieces.

  5. Good for you.Chris B

  6. What great progress! The wedding sampler is going to be lovely! Just my two cents worth, but I like the idea of beads! And I can't wait to see more of your biscornu!Melissa

  7. Jo says:

    The wedding sampler is wonderful and I'm sure you'll get it done well in time. The biscornu is looking lovely, can't wait to see how it finishes.

  8. Xeihua says:

    Lovely progress on both projets, for sure you'll finish the sampler way before the 26thI'm loving the stitches you're doing on the biscornu; can't wait to see it finished 🙂

  9. Tricia says:

    Wow some progress you have made ruth,Im sure you'll have the sampler finished on time knowing you :0)

  10. Bridgette says:

    Great progress!! It is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the the biscornu come to life.

  11. Meari says:

    Nice progress on your sampler. You'll be done in no time!

  12. Akila says:

    Lovely progress and it looks so beautiful. Personally, I would go with beads as that might make it a bit "dressy" considering this is a wedding sampler :)The biscornu is coming up great too.

  13. Lizzy says:

    It's lovely visiting your blog, Ruth! I do love your Celtic Wedding Blessings Sampler. It's so beautiful and I know your sister will love it! My son and his fiancé are getting married in September and this is just the thing I have been thinking of stitching for them. I can't wait to see yours finished. Your biscornu is coming along beautifully… I love Belle Soie Tulip ~ such a lovely shade of red! Blessings always in stitches…Lizzy

  14. Justflo says:

    Lovely progress on your WIPs. I'm sure your wedding sampler will be finished in time.

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